Animalia Chordata Hemiinsecta Mandibulosauria

Mandibulosauria (Schnautzr, 2008) or mandibulosaurs are chordates with reptilian and insectoid features.

  • Arthrocephalasauridae (Mandibulosaurs with lizard-like postures and arthropod-like heads)
  • Celeridae (Blind, typically bipedal mandibulosaurs with both jaws and mandibles)
  • Cogoingrediae (mandibulosaurians with jaws)
  • Dinoposturidae (long-tailed mandibulosaurs with one pair of legs placed under their bodies and a theropod- or kangaroo-like posture, which do not fit other taxa better)
  • Drakisectidae (hemiinsects which resemble western dragons with mandibles)
  • Exoskeleweridae (bipedal, short tailed or tailless, exoskeleton-bearing mandibulosaurs which stand more or less upright)
  • Intestisauridae (Mandibulosaurs with long, twisting or tangled limbs)
  • Kyklognathidae (often bipedal, six-limbed hemiinsects with radial jaws and typically an odd number of eyes)
  • Mantisosauridae (Reptile- or beak-headed mandibulosaurs with mantis-like posture, which often have scythe-like forelimbs)
  • Oculinavidae (Upright mandibulosaurs with a single eye placed on the navel)
  • Reptiliocephalidae (Mandibulosaurs with insect-like posture and jawed or reptilian heads (including beaks))
  • Rostrumae (mandibulosaurians with beaks)
  • Scorpiosauridae (Mandibulosaurs with long, arched tails curled over their backs ending in a hand or weapon)
  • Segoingrediae (six-limbed mandibulosaurians which have not been moves elsewhere yet)
  • Sphericosauridae (Mandibulosaurs with very round bodies)
  • Tetrapedidae (four-limbed mandibulosaurs with insect-like mouthparts)
  • Theriosaurisectidae (four-limbed quadrupedal mandibulosaurs with a traditionally mammalian posture--standing with an erect head, and legs placed under the body)
  • Titanochelodae (skinny, winged small-bodied hemiinsects with large, pointed forelimbs which are used as a means of locomotion, hence the name "giant spike" in Latin)
  • Varkoridae (four-limbed mandibulosaurs with teeth-filled maws)
  • Vermanguidae (limbless mandibulosaurians with long, worm-like bodies)
  • Xenomorphidae (creatures inspired by xenomorphs)


Yorchi (Theiiko pyritou)


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