Animalia Chordata Aves Gryphoformes

Gryphoformes (Ghelæ, 2011) or gryphons are chimeric birds with at least four non-wing limbs, based on mythological gryphons and similar creatures. Wingless gryphons exist and one may be referred to as an alce.

  • Axexidae (slender earless gryphons with long knotted tails and long curled feathers emerging from the back of the head)
  • Beehekdatidae (spitting, often toothed gryphons with horns and a beak on at least one jaw, some of which may lack wings)
  • Carrionogryphidae (owl-faced gryphons with prominent horns and reduced forearms)
  • Chirogryphidae (gryphons with membranous, bat- or dragon-like wings)
  • Crucibidae (long-necked toothed gryphons with scythe claws)
  • Cryptocerodontidae (gryphons with toothed beaks, large talons, and domed heads with horn-like structures on them)
  • Dromaeogryphidae (gryphons with dromaeosaur-like heads, wings, and forelimbs)
  • Gryphonidae (gryphons with the head, forelegs/talons, and wings of a bird of prey, usually an eagle; and the hindquarters, tail, and ears of a feline, usually a lion)
  • Hexlimbarostridae (winged gryphons with toothy beakless snouts)
  • Hieracosphinxidae (earless alces with purely cat-like bodies and hawk- or falcon-like faces)
  • Hippogryphidae (often herbivorous gryphons with hooves and horse-like tails)
  • Homogryphonidae (gryphons with six or more non-wing limbs)
  • Jayvoridae (short-tailed toothed gryphons which commonly bear many horns and spikes)
  • Keythongidae (eared alces with spiky bodies)
  • Kouticephalidae (alces with an object or non-head body part in place of the head, which cannot be definitively placed in other alce families)
  • Macrocephalagryphidae (short-legged, short-tailed earless gryphons with large powerful heads and talons on all four feet)
  • Meejeidae (bipedal gryphoformes with mammalian feet, feline ears, tiny membranous wings, and opposable thumbs which are also confused for being carnivorous and herbivorous)
  • Minoanidae (slender, earless gryphons or alces with elaborate feather crests on their heads and necks, which do not have any kind of tuft or knot on their tails)
  • Opinicusidae (usually winged gryphons with short tails, long necks, and no ears)
  • Pipiogryphidae (gryphons resembling songbirds, pigeons, parrots, and other "cute" birds)
  • Pisagryphidae (Chicken-headed gryphons with fat bodies and short or no tail)
  • Rachimytidae (earless, short-tailed or tailless alces with large heads which often have ridges along the top of the beak and little if any other ornamentation)
  • Ramboidae (ape-like gryphons and alces, usually featuring mammary glands on the chest and short or nonexistent tails)
  • Spinogryphidae (aquatic, sail-backed gryphons and alces)
  • Zerdalcidae (fox-like alces with ears and tails ending in tuft)

Cassiaonous Drew (Cassiao drew)

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