Animalia Chordata Mammalia Glires

Glires (Linnaeus, 1758) or rodents and lagomorphs are mammals with continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower parts of the jaws.

  • Bathyergidae (somewhat mole-like burrowing rodents with cylindrical bodies, short limbs, small eyes and ears, and a short tail)
  • Chinchillidae (medium-sized rodents with large ears and fluffy tails, some of which may resemble rabbits with long tails)
  • Cricetidae (a group of rodents which includes hamsters, voles, and lemmings)
  • Dipodidae (mouse-like rodents adapted for jumping, usually making use of long skinny feet and a long tail)
  • Leporidae (lagomorphs with long hind legs, short forelegs, short tails, and elongated ears)
  • Muridae (rodents with slender bodies, long skinny tails and pointed snouts with prominent whiskers)
  • Sciuridae (rodents with large hindlimbs and a soft and silky fur)


Kwaad (Gonidolepus viaios)


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