Animalia Chordata Draconia Drakia

Drakia (Disgustedorite, 2018) or western dragons are reptile-like dragons typically of western origin. They often have bat-like wings and the ability to breathe fire.


  • Apteridrakidae (western dragons without wings)
  • Hydraidae (wingless, usually snake-like western dragons with multiple heads)

Drakoidea (western dragons with wings which do not fall under the wyvern category)

  • Demonidae (dragons with vaguely primate-like traits, often causing them to look like the devil)
  • Dracomuscidae (four-limbed reptiles with membranous insect-like wings)
  • Drakidae (lithe, cat-like dragons)
  • Drakonocaudidae (western dragons with short or nonexistent tails)
  • Microcheridae (typically bipedal western dragons with small forelimbs)
  • Octodrae (western dragons with six or more non-wing limbs and at least one pair of wings, making a minimum of 8 limbs)
  • Pennipterospinidae (feathered drakes with sails on their backs)
  • Rosterodrakidae (sometimes plant-eating western dragons with beaks)
  • Samaropteridae (western dragons with unmembraned wing limbs tipped with structures resembling samaras)
  • Saurocoxidae (stout, lizard-like dragons with sprawled or splayed postures)
  • Serpentodrakidae (western dragons with long snaky bodies and at least four non-wing limbs)


  • Amphitherae (winged snake-like western dragons)
  • Wyverdae (non-serpentine dragons with a pair of wings and usually one pair of arms or legs)

Pyrovern ful

Pyrovern (Pyrovernus veridicerus)


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