Animalia Chordata Reptilia Crocodilia

Crocodilia (Owen, 1842) or crocodilians are carnivorous long-jawed reptiles. The basic crocodilian body plan is a very successful one; modern species closely resemble their Cretaceous ancestors of 84 million years ago.

  • Camptosuchidae (skinny and nimble crocodilians which do not fit real-world taxa)
  • Crocodylidae (usually semiaquatic crocodilians with splayed postures and narrow V-shaped snouts)
  • Dracotyrannidae (usually bipedal crocodilians with long claw-like appendages on top of their shoulders)
  • Korosauridae (bipedal crocodilians that do not fit any real-world taxon)
  • Nagasuchus (serpentine crocodilians with short or missing tails and very long necks)
  • Pristichampsidae (terrestrial crocodilians with long legs, blunt hoof-like claws and, usually, osteoderms on their backs)
  • Rauisuchidae (early crocodiles with massively built skulls and their legs under them, superficially resembling scaly theropods on four legs)
  • Shuvosauridae (non-crocodilian crocodile relatives which stand on two legs and have beaks)
  • Stagonolepididae (herbivorous crocodile relatives with turtle- or armadillo-like armor)

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Teratosaur (Teratosaurus macrocephalus)


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