Animalia Arthropoda

Arthropoda (Latreille, 1829) or arthropods are invertebrate animals with chitinous segmented bodies and legs on at least one of those segments, which are usually jointed. They have an exoskeleton and usually many limbs.

  • Arachnida (arthropods with a maximum of two segments, a cephalothorax and an abdomen)
  • Chitenomollusca (arthropods with mollusc traits)
  • Crustacea (armoured arthropods, often with aquatic adaptations)
  • Dinocaridida (ancient, sometimes legless arthropods or arthropod relatives with a shrimp-like appearance)
  • Eurypterida (aquatic arthropods with long flat bodies)
  • Homoarthropoda (a taxon that used to contain all humanoid taxons, but is being cleared at the moment)
  • Insecta (arthropods with six limbs and three main body segments)
  • Maxillopoda (short-bodied arthropods which often lack appendages)
  • Myriapoda (typically long-bodied arthropods with anywhere between ten and several hundred limbs)


Racnid (Anthropomorphus sapiens)


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