The Tamaranian Jelly.

Flyer Closeup

The Tamaranian Flyer.

Tamaran is the name of the main planet featured in the GDC 2005 demo of Spore.

Biology Edit

Tamaran is home to a few groups of creatures including reptiles, arthropods, and mammals which make up the ecosystem of Tamaran

Fauna Edit

As well as being the home planet of the Willosaur, Tamaran is home to a variety of creatures.

Flora Edit

The planet has a warm subtropical climate and is covered in savannahs and seas.

  • Grass, which covers almost all of the land on the planet.
  • Trees, which are uncommon.
  • Seaweed

Geography Edit

Tamaran consists largely of ocean and steppes and low mountains, with some temperate grasslands.

History of Tamaran Edit

Beginning Edit

Tamaran was given life by a wayward comet which impacted on the planet early in its history. At first, the only life was microscopic cellular organisms, which included the ancestor of the Willosaur and a large, slow, green type and a fast, predatory, brown type.

Prehistoric Era Edit

Eventually, the simple cells evolved into complex multi-celluar plants and animals. These included the abundant one-legged Tamaranian Hopper, the large predatory Splodey, and the future dominant species of Tamaran, the three legged Willosaur. It is during this time that the Willosaur's ancestor, a three-eyed mosasaur looking reptile, roamed the oceans of Tamaran, feeding on fish. Eventually it evolved into the modern day Willosaur. The Willosaur was highly successful able to avoid predators like the Splodey and evolve a large brain. This led to the Willosaur becoming sapient.

Tribal Age Edit

The Willosaurs gained Stone Age technology during this age and were divided into small tribes scattered across the planet's surface. The Willosaur tribes grew in size, gathered food, and made war on one another. Weapons like the spear played large roles in tribal warfare, and musical instruments like the horn were used in tribal ceremonies. Willosaur culture was extremely rich during this era with dances, large feasts, and musical performances extremely common across the tribes. This era ended with the invention of high technology, but this did not mean the end of tribal rivalry.

The Epoch of Civilization Edit

The Willosaurs, now the uncontested rulers of Tamaran had gone from living in small tribes to congregating in large city-states. One of these nations formed including the whimsical Doctor Seuss-esque city to one with an apparent military-industrial complex. The "Techs", greedy for power and control waged war with the "Seusses". Despite the Seusses attempts for peace, the Techs proceeded to send a regiment of tanks and infantry that soon laid siege to the fun-loving city. However the Seusses society had one hope left: the UFO.

Colonization and Exploration Edit

The Seusses gathered in their UFO and after some testing of it's equipment, left Tamaran. Fleeing the Tech regime, they set off for the outer planet of Frore. Dropping the Splodey to see what would happen the tripedal reptillians were stunned when the powerful arachnid predator exploded due to there being no atmosphere on Frore. The Willosaurs then built a city modeled after their capital on Frore complete with a bubble shield to help the colonists survive. The UFO then, using volcanoes to gradually heat the planet, and with the Genesis Device, terraformed Frore to the point of it being habitable. The UFO, now equipped with faster than light technology, flew out of the Tamaran system. After exploring and investigating several systems, as well as seeing a supernova and a black hole, the Willosaurs discovered radio signals in a nearby system. There, they discovered an intelligent race and put their starship near the planet's capital. After a disasterous first contact in which the UFO's sound and color systems were misinterpreted as aggressive by the natives, the Willosaurs were forced to defend themselves. In a spectacular explosion the entire world was destroyed by the Willosaur's ultimate weapon: the Planet Buster. It is presumed that the Willosaurs returned home after this event.

Trivia Edit