TX-5000 Super Weapon is the Scientist's campaign adventure in Spore Galactic Adventures.


The C'Servoid are constructing a super weapon under the name of TX-5000 at a secret construction yard, and have enslaved an alien race to build the technological terror.

The empire the player has accepted the mission from has already sent a spy down to investigate, and it is up to the player to infiltrate the base and contact the spy before freeing the slaves and destroying the TX-5000.

Guards and vehicles regularly patrol the construction yard and its perimeters, so it is strongly advised that the player beam down with Bladed Knuckle and Plasma Pulsers in order to ensure that any guards that spot the Captain can be dealt with. Sneak is not a necessity, but makes the mission so much easier it almost seems required, as the patrolling vehicles around the base can deal the player serious damage or even oneshot them, should he/she be spotted entering the base.

The player's contact, Bantuii, has apparently been captured and put in with the other slaves. He cannot accompany the player from behind the barbed wire but instructs the player to locate and deactivate the two reactors linked to the super weapon.

These reactors are closely patrolled by C'Servoid soldiers and sentries who will attack the captain with deadly Lightning Strikers that can severely damage him/her. After the reactors have been rendered inactive, the captain must return to the slaves' quarters and lead Bantuii and his fellows into the C'Servoid armory.

Once the slaves have been armed, the official revolt against the C'Servoid begins. The slaves begin to attack the soldiers and the TX-5000. During this phase, the player must focus his/her attack on the vulnerable superweapon until it explodes, destroying the C'Servoids' work for good.


  • A Spoffit is to the left in the mountain where you start.

Spoffit to very left and base to very right.

  • When the captain is tasked with disabling the second reactor, he/she can run up a scaffolding on the center-left side of the construction yard. From here, the captain can eliminate the soldiers from a safe distance (assuming the captain is equipped with ranged attacks).
  • All of the C'servoids have no eyes.
  • If the player has level 4 or 5 glide or a Jump Jet can fly up the cliff to a high spot so they can glide into the cage with all the captives. This ability can also make it possible to complete the mission in half of the time.
  • Using even level 1 sneak will make the mission much easier, however it is also possible to do this without any kind of weapons or sneak abilities. The C'Servoid awareness range is short, and they cannot see you unless you are extremely close to them.
  • the TX-5000 is highly reminiscent of a Terminator from the film series of the same name, albeit of a much greater size.
  • There are 3 crew slots, meaning that your captain can befriend the Opraast to help fight.
  • There is a chance for a glitch to occur where part of the research base spawns on top of a mountain. A similar glitch can happen in Delicate Negotiations.