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Chilius is a class G2V yellow dwarf star with 7 planets orbiting it. It is also the home system of the Grimbolsaurians. The star system is about 5 billion years old.


  • Telan- This is the closest planet to Chilius it is an Arid Planet.
  • Thion- A large Gas Giant called a Hot Jupiter because it is 2nd closest to Chilius. It leaves behind a stream of gas.
  • Mirenton- Mirenton home to the Grimbolsaurans.
  • Caphoberok- A terraformed moon of Mirenton. It is also a Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Pegnus- A spiceless planet home to alien plants.
  • Bilmus- The largest gas giant in the system.
  • Loranzer- An unremarkable Ice Planet. However it is currently undergoing a terraforming program.
  • Far Star- A planet sized comet.


  • Diameter: 989,000 miles (1.4 million km).
  • Mass: 1.1 solar masses.
  • Volume: Similar to Sol.
  • Age: 5 billion years
  • Spin/Rotation: 25-35 days
  • Visual brightness: -26.71
  • Temperature: 5778 K
  • Spectral clssification: G2V yellow dwarf
  • Composition: Hydrogen, helium and trace elements*Metallicity: Population 1 star, Z= 0.0177
  • Coordinates: Angle:87.94°, Distance from Core:6,967.44 (PC)

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