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This is the Article of the Albuica Star System home system of the Inferno Dragons anyone who lives in the Albuica System is called a Albuican it is pronounced AL-BUIC-AN or AL-BUIC-ANS

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Below is the Info about The System

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there is 1 Yellow Star in The Albuica Star System

Albuica Edit

The System's Star which is a Yellow Main Sequence which is slightly bigger than the Sun with 1.4 solar masses

Planets Edit

The System has 3 Terrastrial Planets and 1 Gas Giant

Terra Edit

Terra is the System Closest Planet to Albuica and is the only one with a Moon

Aquarmirum Edit

Aquarmirum or Aqua A oringally T1 planet but now is a T3 wildlife Sanctuary

Borix Edit

Borix is A frozen Wasteland and the last Terrastiral Planet in the System and the only one not to be Terraformed or Effected by the Inferno Dragon Empire


The Planet Borix

Icecardo Edit

The System's Gas Giant which is the furtherist Planet from Albuica. Icecardo has A purple Atomsphere and many rings it is the only object in the system not to be explored by the Inferno Dragons. Icecardo is 3 times the size of Jupiter

Moons Edit

The System has Currently 1 Confirmed Moon But It Looks Like Icecardo may have moons hidden in its rings after recent discovery's of black circular spots being spotted with a telescope

Meldon Edit

Terra's Moon a red rock, Meldon or Meldonia is the Base and Birthplace of Inferno Corp

Dwarf Planets Edit

The Dwarf Planets of The System only appear in certain adventures

Mareres Edit

This is a dwarf Planet and is the furtherist colonizable object from Albuica it is less than half the size Meldon. it was the First World to be Colonized by the Inferno Dragons and features in the The First Inferno Dragon Colony Adventure. The Adventure Tells the story of how the Albuicans Found Unlimited Power that could keep Terra running for the rest of time

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Aquarmirum as seen from space before being Terraformed

Planet Terra seen from the Surface of Meldon

Planet Terra As Seen From Meldon

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