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Summons a swarm of meddlesome insects to torment your foes.

- In game description

The Swarm Magnet is a weapon in the Captain Outfitter.


It is coloured gold with a green light, and the tip of the Magnet is white. A stripe between the main body and the tip has the Captain's coat colour.


The Swarm Magnet is a ranged Captain weapon. Like all Shaman weapons, the Swarm Magnet does not need a supply of energy to run and cannot be upgraded to be more powerful.

The Swarm Magnet is the only ranged Shaman part. If you want to lightly injure your foes, then this part is a must, as ranged weapons are recommended and/or necessary to complete many adventures.



The Magnet's "Summon Swarm" summons and controls swarm of insects, apparently by some sort of psychic control. It directs them to the target where they proceed to repeatedly sting it. If the target is a creature, then it will scream and run around and will be damaged more than a building or vehicle would be. Epic creatures stand in place and wave their arms (if it has any) around, trying to get the insects to leave.


The Swarm Magnet consumes no energy, but requires 3 seconds to wind up before the attack is launched. After impact, the swarm distracts creatures for 7 seconds, and does nothing to vehicles or buildings.

  • Impact Damage: 10 (25 to vehicles and buildings)
  • Swarm Damage: 40 (0 to vehicles and buildings)
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds


Along with the Hypnomelder and Icy Band, the Swarm Magnet can be used to keep opponents from attacking the player, as any creature hit by the Summon Swarm will be unable to do anything under their own control (including fighting back) for the duration of the attack. However, unlike the other two parts, the Swarm Magnet's attack also causes direct damage to the opponent, and in the case of creatures they will continually incur damage over a short period of time, much like the Toxic Crystal's Poison Blade attack.


  • When a normal-sized creature with a non-insect mouth gets attacked by the swarm, they might seem to be yelling something that sounds like "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD AAAAAAAH!"
  • If the target has a reptile mouth, they make a high-pitched screaming sound.
  • If the target is an animal creature and has a cell or insect mouth, they seem to say "wreeep" repeatedly. Otherwise, they might say something like "ABDABABABFDFAAA!" or "AAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA WBDGDGDGDGDA AAA!"
  • If the target has cell eyes, they grow to about 3 times their original size, which can be incredibly amusing.
  • There is a glitch where even after the creature died from the Swarm Magnet, the attack animation continues as if they are alive until it is over.
  • Another glitch is that if the victim goes over an edge or cliff whilst being attacked, they may walk on thin air as if they're still on the ground, which can lead to the comedic situation of the affected creature falling when the swarm wears off.
Creature Stage abilities