Tips and Tricks[]

  • Its easiest to play on easy as a social creature to get this achievement.
  • Giving your creature wings is a good idea for this achievement, as it allows them to easily run away.
  • Don't get too close to Epics, even if they are guarding a lot of high level bone piles. Do this only if you have the Sneak ability.
  • Remember not to go into the water too far, or you'll get devoured by the Sea Monster.
  • Attempt to avoid any Epics or otherwise hostile Creatures, if you stumble into their immediate area, attempt to run away as fast as possible, or they will begin to chase you. Sprint is useful for the additional speed boost.
  • If you are being chased and have pack members, remember that they are replaceable. You can let them die so that you may live.
  • If you do die, just close the game without saving it. Ensure you save regularly in order to prevent loss of too much progress.
  • Raging Roar or Siren Song can pacify hostile creatures, giving you a chance to escape or deal with them easier.
  • Summon Flock can give you additional offensive or social presence, use this to your advantage against tougher creatures for higher DNA rewards.
  • Members of your nest will immediately come to your aid if you are attacked in your nest.


  • The picture shows a creature marooned on a desert island, much akin to the survivor of a shipwreck.