A Superweapon is an item which can cause massive destruction, or give a player an advantage. Abilities fitting this description exist in Civilization stage and Space stage.

Civilization stage Edit

Global controllers Edit

In Civilization stage, if you have 6 cities, there is an ability that allows you to take all cities.

Space stage Edit

Use these superweapons carefully and wisely. They will all break the Galactic Code. They are all useful tools for allying with the Grox, especially the Planet Buster.

Planet Buster Edit

The Planet Buster is a huge missile that can destroy an entire planet. The term Planet Buster is likely a reference to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, or Ratchet & Clank's PlanetBuster Maximus. Once unlocked by earning Colonist 5 or Conqueror 5, the Planet Buster is available for purchase as an ammo-based weapon. Use of this weapon however, breaks the Galactic Code.

Gravitation Wave Edit

The Scientist Philosophy gains the Gravitation Wave ability upon entering the Space stage. Although it has a high cooldown, use of the Graviton Wave will destroy all cities and tribes on a planet, effectively neutralizing the planet without harming the wildlife (and thus, preserving its T-Score) leaving it open as a prime candidate for colonization. This ability breaks the Galactic Code.

Fanatical Frenzy Edit

The Zealot Philosophy gains the Fanatical Frenzy ability upon entering the Space stage. Although it has a high cooldown (higher than the gravitation wave), use of the Fanatical Frenzy will take over all cities of the planet in one click, but can't be used on a planet where the race is lower than the Space stage. This ability breaks the Galactic Code.