Supersizer's icon

"Enlarges a creature to epic proportions."

The Supersizer is a social tool which, when shot at a creature, grows the creature into an Epic Creature. However, there must be an open foodweb slot, because the Epic itself takes up the entire slot. Once the Epic is grown, it will act as a normal Epic and will attack the UFO. This tool is best used when near an enemy city as the Epic will proceed to destroy the city.

You cannot Supersize a sentient species; use of the Supersizer on a sentient species causes it to die.

If you use a Supersizer on a city member that city member will destroy the entire city without leaving a mark on your alliance status with the city's owner empire.

Using a Supersizer on another Epic causes the Epic to duplicate.

If you have a large amount of these and plan to "betray" one of your allies, you can place creatures near their cities and supersize them. Then fly up high, or use the cloak ability, and watch the epics ravage the cities. It may require two or more supersizers to destroy a fully fortified city.

Interestingly, Bard Empires sell this tool for half of your Empire's price - possibly because, according to the Bard Trait description, "the Galaxy is their own personal playground" and the playfulness of Bard Empires means that they would enjoy using this tool for fun, as many players do.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This requires the Zoologist 4 or the Eco Hero 4 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §400,000
Bard Empire : §200,000
Scientist Empire : §200,000
Trader Empire : §260,000
Zealot Empire : §200,000


  • Supersizers may fail and do nothing. This may be a Glitch.