Summon Mini-U is the unique ability of the Knight Philosophy.


Ability Ingame Summary Effect
Summon Mini-U
"Summons a Smaller Version of your spaceship to assist you in your adventures."
  • Creates a mini version of your ship with 20% of your total health that will follow you around, acting as an ally. Mini-U health increases as your empire expands.

Actual Effect[]

Creates a mini version of your ship whenever you are on a planet that will follow you around, acting as an ally (it is not destroyed if you exit into space). The duration is equal to the cooldown so you can keep your Mini-U up all of the time, so long as it is not destroyed and you keep using the button.

The amount of health the Mini-U ship has is determined by the size of your empire, in the same way that other imperial ships become stronger as their empire grows.


Ship on right and "Mini-U" ship on left

The power creates another ally for your fleet, effectively adding an ally using an allied ship slot in your fleet capacity. The Mini-U will expire after 2 minutes.

Unfortunately you can only recruit 4 allies to fly with you at best as a Knight instead of the usual 5, since spawning Mini-U will count as the 5th ally. Fortunately however you can always have at least 1 ally ready on hand and his race will never be angry if you abandon him to an early death to save yourself.


Ability Requirements Ship Tools Tab Energy Cost Damage Cooldown
Summon Mini-U Acquire the "Knight" archetype Weapons None None Variable 2 minutes from use


  • The name is a reference to Mini-Me from the Austin Powers trilogy.
  • Pirates have this ability.
  • This is the only ability that can not be granted through unlocking a set of tools in Galactic Adventures.
  • Summon Mini-U could be a reference to a knight-squire kinship, with the player's Mini-U serving as their own personal squire.