Storybook planets are special planets in the Spore Galaxy noteworthy due to terrain modeled in the shape of various commonplace items. Storybook planets are spawned randomly throughout the player's galaxy. No single set of coordinates can be used to find storybook planets because they are randomly generated as the player explores. It is possible to find more than one copy of any given storybook planet, and a storybook planet may also be inhabited by another empire.

Storybook planets do not display beige "rare" signals in solar system view. The player must enter the atmosphere of a planet in order to receive the Wonderland Wanderer badge. The player will receive a message as soon as they are planet side. These planets typically have T3 scores, although they can sometimes be of T2, T1, or even T0 score.

Discovering a new type of storybook planet will reward the player with its message. However, story planets of a type found previously will not give any message.

Some types of storybook planets have another appearance which often mismatches its description. There is no evidence to prove whether they are glitched or a hidden type, but they are undoubtedly true storybook planets.

Crab Legs[]

A Crab formation on the Crab Legs planet

Crab Legs planet GIF

"Looks like crab, tastes like crab, must be crab."


Craters on Craters planet

"Holes are small. Craters are large."

Dill Pickles[]

Dill Pickle monolith on Dill Pickles planet

"A pickle not dilled is just a cucumber."

Gears n Cogs[]

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Cogs n Gears on Gears n Cogs

"Is this where the Antikythera device originated?"


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"What kind of mind could create such a planet? I bet they make good cupcakes."


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Croissant lakes on Pastry

"Is this where the Egyptians learned to make pastries?"


Pineapple planet

"It's always a good idea to peel the pineapple before biting into it."


"This planet really sticks to you."

Tentacles planet type one

Tentacle-shaped rocks on type one

Tentacles planet type two

A tentacle of type two is made of smoke


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Snake rings on Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake Planet gif

"They say rattlesnake tastes like chicken, but that chicken doesn't taste like rattlesnake."

Rock Stack[]

Rock Stack

"Rocks stack, rocks fall, only rocks."

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