Stones of Force are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The Stones of Force are followed by Warriors and Knights, and as such they will pay double the price listed, although Knights never appear as NPC empires, and your own empire only pays the normal price regardless of its archetype. The combined value of the Stones of Force is $450,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $4,500,000 instead.

Stone of Force Vol. 1[]

The universe seethes with violence. It came into being in a vast explosion. Giant black holes lurk at the center of galaxies. Supernovas, gamma ray bursters, and pulsars destroy all life within reach.

- Stone of Force Vol. 1

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 2[]

Violence is not an unnatural thing. It is the normal state of being.

- Stone of Force Vol. 2

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 3[]

The physical form is weak. We can be ravaged by disease, broken in an accident, drowned in a bowl of water. Our own bodies can betray us with cancer or organ failure. If we survive a life of accidents, our own bodies break down and kill us.

- Stone of Force Vol. 3

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 4[]

All life betrays itself and dies. To attempt to preserve one's life is pointless. Loyalty must be given to something greater than a single life.

- Stone of Force Vol. 4

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 5[]

We offer total allegiance to our species, as represented by the state. We stand guard against all forms of threat. We do not value our own lives except as they are viewed as extensions of our species as a whole, and we ask nothing of ourselves other than to be able to raise the next generation in security.

- Stone of Force Vol. 5

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 6[]

Our game is a long game. We do not plan for the next year, or the next ten years, or the next budget cycle. We plan for eternity.

- Stone of Force Vol. 6

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 7[]

We do not indulge in casual violence. We do not engage in a War Against All. We fight in defense of our own security, and otherwise choose our targets with care.

- Stone of Force Vol. 7

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 8[]

If you are no threat to us, you have little to fear, unless you are weak- in that case, we may destroy you in order to prevent our rivals from profiting by your destruction.

- Stone of Force Vol. 8

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 9[]

Volume 9.

Collector's Icon.

The Grox are the greatest military challenge on our Horizon. The Grox are a race of machine warriors, armed with powerful weapons unknown to us. They have established a security zone surrounding the center of the galaxy and our intelligence has been unable to determine what goes on behind the blockade.

- Stone of Force Vol. 9

Value: $45,000

Stone of Force Vol. 10[]

Though the Grox are formidable, machines are incapable of warrior spirit. In time, once the technology gap is narrowed, we will prove more than a match for them.

- Stone of Force Vol. 10

Value: $45,000


  • Vol. 8 is not entirely true. They may still attack you if you are strong. But, that may be because they see you as a threat.
  • These are also the only artifacts that are followed by more than one archetype, besides Scrolls of Order.

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