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A star is a luminous ball of plasma. In Spore there are well over one hundred thousand stars that can be visited (you could never visit all of them). All stars have at least one Planet (not counting the use of a Planet Buster). There are three different types of stars, but it seems to have nothing to do with the number of planets orbiting a star, although it does seem to have an effect on where the planets are, and what spice they produce. Sol can be found somewhere in the Spore Galaxy. Stars are not evenly placed in the galaxy. Some areas are devoid of stars while others are grouped in star clusters particularly near the Galactic Core. Some areas have a lot of the rare Blue Giants, while others are just huge groups of Red Dwarfs.

Issia system

A Yellow Main Sequence that has four planets orbiting it.


Related objects

  • Supernovae are a rare event that occurs in the galaxy, no stars are actually destroyed, as this is just an effect.
  • Compact stars such as pulsars and white dwarfs sometimes appear in Nebulae, however, they are just effects, and disappear when travelled to.
  • A Proto-Planetary Disk is a young star that some believe will form new stars, as most do in real life.

Trivia Edit

  • Stars will never get closer than 1 Parsec to each other (excluding binary systems).
  • Stars will occasionally group into open clusters. Star clusters are great places to colonise, because there are a lot of planets situated in a small area, and the probabilities of finding economical planets are higher. If the player finds a good cluster, the player will not have to travel larger distances for gaining resources.
  • Some stars are in the galactic halo, however these are rare, and are usually situated around the core.
  • A Proto-Planetary Disk is thought to in time become a new star, and that Blue Giants may sometimes burst into supernovas.
  • Occasionally two stars are in a single solar system. In this case one is labeled "system name"-A and "system name"-B.
  • There is no such thing as super-giants, white dwarfs and brown dwarfs in the Spore galaxy.
  • Unlike in space where stars can distend to a larger size, stars in the Spore galaxy remain in their original form for eternity.