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The Stam-Booster is a captain tool in Spore Galactic Adventures. It is the second part unlocked in the ecologist row of parts, after the Invigorator.


The body is a heart-shaped, armor-like plate with a glowing purple gem in the center.


The Stam-Booster increases maximum/starting Health capacity by 100 points.


It adds 100 hit points to the maximum/starting health of its user. It is the only accessory aside from the Mega Stam-Magnifier that increases the captain's maximum/starting health. Its effect does not stack with other Stam-Boosters, nor will it add to the bonus provided by a Mega Stam-Magnifier.


It is useful if you are fighting against a strong opponent, or multiple opponents over the course of a long mission. If you are prone to taking a lot of damage, the Stam-Booster can provide the health necessary to complete a mission. Its practicality is still minimal, however, especially on missions with less combat, or if the user is also wearing armor parts or has health regeneration.


  • The "Stam" in Stam-Booster could stand for Stamina.
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