Squiggly is a Maxis-made cell that appears in the Cell Stage at Level 4. They first appear as Predator-sized, and very rarely, Epic-sized. It resembles the earlier Grubby in that both are green flagella-bearing herbivores with multiple eyes.

Squiggly has a strange behavior for a herbivore: when hurt by your cell, Squiggly will chase you and start biting like a carnivore. However, since it's a herbivore, its bites don't hurt your cell. It can also hurt you with his spikes even when he is bite-sized (similar to Junior, though it is less of a pain since he does not actively try to hurt you). It is preyed upon by all carnivorous cells close to their size group. (Epic Snorf, Junior, Puffish, Predator Megamouth, Predator Paa and Jawhead can attack them; however, Ducky is also just under Squiggly's size group and is carnivorous but can't hunt Squiggly, since it is one size group smaller). Due to a possible glitch, or just to make Squiggly more unique, sometimes Squiggly appears as an epic even on easy mode.

The best way to kill Squiggly is by attacking his rear end with spikes repeatedly.

Abilities harvested from this creatureEdit

  • Spike

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