Sprint allows for a quick burst of speed. Additional sprint parts will extend its duration.

The sprint energy bar.

SporeSprint.png Sprint is an ability available to creatures in the Creature Stage and Adventures in Spore Galactic Adventures, and is granted by certain feet and detail parts, or by the Sprint Pack captain accessory.

This ability allows the creature to move faster (by about +1 to the user's SpeedIcon.png Speed rating) for a short duration, indicated by a depleting energy bar. The sprint energy bar has a separate recharge rate than that of the ability itself, therefore repeated uses of sprint over a short period of time will result in diminishing returns in terms of duration. The higher the level is, the longer Sprint lasts.

Parts granting Sprint[]

Name Type SporeSprint.png Sprint DNA.png DNA
Jet Cell 1 25
Stubbtoe Foot 2 25
Scareclaw Foot 3 75
The Clawman Foot 4 150
Dirtchargers Foot 5 250
Twopaw Foot 1 25
Threepaw Foot 2 75
Fourpaw Foot 3 150
Morepaw Foot 4 250
Clippity Foot 1 25
Cloppity Foot 2 75
Hoppity Foot 3 150
Hippoty Foot 4 250
The Froggening Foot 4 150
Peacrock Detail 1 150
Sporsalfin Detail 1 25
Icky-osaur Detail 2 75
Finneas Detail 3 150
Pool-Party Foul Detail 4 250
Flare Detail 2 25
Adoravisor Detail 3 75
Manestay Detail 4 150
Jeweled Rampart Detail 5 250


  • Using sprint before becoming airborne will improve the distance traveled through the air.
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