Sporeling is the protagonist creature, controlled by the player in game of Spore Hero. It emerged from the good Blue Meteor, and saved its planet from the claws and corruption of the evil Zarkhator.


Meejee's Egg

After it evolved, Meejee flies with the Sporeling's egg in its hand.

The Sporeling was born on the same planet as Zarkhator. It followed Zarkhator throughout the Galaxy, trying to save planets from Zarkhator's corruption. Every planet, however, unfortunately fell to Zarkhator.


The Blue and Red Meteors in the Galaxy.

In one battle between the two beings, meteors of both red and blue spread throughout the galaxy. One blue meteor and one red meteor then crashed on a tropical planet and eastern of Mushroom Valley. Sporeling emerged from the blue meteor in an egg, and after hatching, it started socializing with the inhabitants of the planet.

After an attack by Zarkhator, the Sporeling went on a quest to find all the parts of an ancient idol to try to defeat him. After a some time and a number of attacks by Zarkhator, the Sporeling found all the pieces of the idol.

After getting to Creature Beach, Sporeling chased Zarkhator to the planet's brain, and stopped him. The Sporeling was given the Spore-O'-Mega part by the Ancient Guardian, and once again attacked the demonic Zarkhator, and with the help of the Spore-O'-Mega defeated him. Sporeling devolved Zarkhator into a harmless form (or left him as is but still harmless), and then lived peacefully with Sporeling planet's inhabitants.

Sporeling 2

A customized Sporeling.


The Sporeling goes through evolution with very high speed, but has to go to a nest to actually evolve. All evolutions are player made with the exception of the initial mouthless Sporeling.

First FormEdit

The default form of the Sporeling was the form that hatched from the blue meteor in which it landed on a tropical planet and eastern of Mushroom Valley. It resembles a blue blob with two blinky eyes and hind legs. However, it is not born with a mouth, so it needs to evolve in order to obtain it. The future forms of Sporeling is totally up to the player.

Unique Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Absorbing Blue Crystals
  • High Speed Evolution
  • Evolving Other Creatures
  • Use the Spor-O'-Mega
  • Immune to the Effects of the Red Fragments

Trivia Edit

  • The Sporeling is surprisingly much weaker than Zarkhator in terms of strength. This is shown by Zarkhator being able to throw red Crystal Meteors in his second form. Zarkhator also hatches very quickly upon landing, while the Sporeling only hatched after Meejee carries him to Mushroom Valley. However, the Sporeling managed to defeat Zarkhator with the Stone Idol's Spor-o-mega spit weapon.
  • The Sporeling starts off with a texture that slightly resembles the blue fragments and the egg where he hatched from (but it has white swirls unlike the blue swirls of the crystals), and it's possible to use this texture in the editor in Spore Hero. Zarkhator starts off with a texture similar to it, but with a red color.
  • Sporeling and Zarkhator's conflict is possibly a reference from David Eddings' Tamuli, because of the similarities between Sporeling and Bhelliom, and Zarkhator and Klæl (both fight to gain control of others planets).
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