A Sporecast is a collection of a person or group's creations which have been gathered together, usually by a specific theme, and made available for other players to subscribe to. Players can instruct Spore to download content based exclusively or primarily on a Sporecast or set of Sporecasts. A set of multiple sporecasts which form a themed set are often referred to as a sporecast collection.

How to Make A Sporecast Edit

In GameEdit

The following in game instructions are a direct quote from the Galactic Handbook instruction booklet:

1. In the left-hand navigation bar, click "MAKE SPORECAST". This only works if you do not have "Buddy Content Only" enabled.

2. The Make Sporecast screen appears. The available creations are displayed. Usually this will be a huge number, such as 50,000, and is sorted by the most recently created.

3. To search for specific creations, enter your search term in the Search bar. Select the type of creation from the Type drop-down. Then, click SEARCH.   The game will normally respond "Unable to connect to Spore server."  If it does manage to work, however, proceed to step 4.

4. To browse the displayed creations, click the Next and Previous buttons.

5. To add a creation to your Sporecast, click "ADD TO SPORECAST". The creation is added to the Sporecast gallery at the bottom of the screen.

6. To remove a creation from your Sporecast, click it in the gallery. Then, click the displayed minus icon. The creation is removed.

7. If you have more than 14 creations in your Sporecast, you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to browse them.

8. To save your Sporecast, enter a name in the Name field. You should add a Description to help users find it. Then, click the accept icon *check icon*.

  • To cancel creation of a Sporecast, make a selection in the left navigation bar.

When you login to the Sporepedia again, your Sporecast is displayed under the Sporecasts tab in the left-hand navigation bar.

  • To edit your Sporecast, click its name.Then, click the edit icon.
  • To delete it, click the delete icon.

Using the Online Sporepedia WebsiteEdit

1. Go to and log in using the link on the upper right.

2. Click the Sporepedia link at the top of the page.

3. Wait a moment or two for all items to load in the blue left-hand column.

4. Find the Sporecasts button. If the arrow next to Sporecasts is pointing to the side, you'll need to click on Sporecasts to display Sporecast related functions. Once you have done that, or if the arrow is pointing down already, you should see the following:

  • All Sporecasts
  • Make Sporecast
  • A list of any Sporecasts you have created
  • A list of any Sporecasts you are subscribed to

5. Click the Make Sporecast button. 6. The Make Sporecast dialog box will appear in the foreground of your window. Give your Sporecast a name and, optionally, a description and click Add to continue. Descriptions will help users find your Sporecast and know what to expect from it.

7. After a moment, your new, empty Sporecast will appear in the list in the left-hand column under Spoerecasts.

8. Now you can start adding creation to your Sporecast. You can search for them as you would search at any other time, or click My Creations to easily view and add to your own creations.

9. To add a creature, left-click, hold, and drag its Sporepedia card icon from the creation list on the right until it hovers over your Sporecast in the left column. The background of the button will change to a dark blue when hovered over. Release the mouse button to drop the creation into your Sporecast. After a moment, the creation count next to the Sporecast name will increase by one to confirm your addition.


  • You can only drag the small icons into a Sporecast. If you are viewing the full-sized Sporepedia card with creation details, you must close that and use the smaller version with only the creation name, creator, and creation image shown.
  • You can edit the description and tags of the Sporecast at any time by clicking its name from the left-hand column and entering the information in the appropriate fields in the dialog box which will appear. Don't forget to press Update after editing each field!
  • To remove a creation from your Sporecast on the website, click the Sporecast name from the left-hand column, then hover over the creation's Sporecard in the dialog box which appears. A small trash can icon will appear in the lower-right hand corner of the Sporecard. Clicking this icon will remove the creation from your Sporecast (but not from the Sporepedia!).
  • To remove a creation from your Sporecast from within the game, visit your in-game Sporepedia. Make sure the little triangle beside the Sporecasts tab in the left hand column is pointing down, displaying a list of all Sporecasts you created and are subscribed to (click it if it is not). Select the Sporecast you wish to edit. Click the edit icon (looks like a little hammer and brush in an "X"). Select the creation you wish to delete from the list of mini-thumbnails which appear along the bottom of the page, and press the minus (-) symbol which will appear.
  • You can delete your Sporecast at any time by clicking the Sporecast name from the left-hand column and selecting "[remove sporecast]" from the dialog box which appears. You cannot undo this, so be sure you really want to delete the Sporecast. Note: Deleting the Sporecast will not delete the creatures within it, only the Sporecast itself.


Sporecasts can earn you certain achievements:

  • Social Engineer - create five sporecasts of fifty items or more
  • Rising Star - have five different sporecasts subscribed to by at least ten different users
  • Front Page News have one of your creations or sporecasts featured on the Spore website

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