Spore Hero is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo Wii. The game was released on October 5th 2009. It shares some of its characteristics with the creature stage of the original Spore game, though unlike Spore, which revolves around the evolution of a creature from cell to space civilization, Spore Hero revolves around a creature fighting to save a world affected by a malicious creature.




The Crystal Meteors before they hit the planet.

Meteors crash into an unnamed planet, and two eggs pop out of meteors located at Creature Beach and the Mushroom Valley. The red meteors crash upon the planet causing devastation where they land. From the core of the red meteor hatches Zarkhator. The red meteors make creatures become corrupted and lose their minds if they go near them.

Blue Meteor

Meejee inspects the Blue Crystal Meteor.

The blue meteors then crash with little damage. Blue meteors make new parts. A creature called Meejee inspects the blue Crystal Meteor, and touches it. Meejee suddenly evolves from the blue meteor and he grows wings and spikes on his neck. Meejee then takes the egg from the core and takes it to safety, using his newly obtained ability of flight.

Mushroom Valley[]

Your creature finds itself in the Mushroom Valley, where it learns basic living essentials from Meejee and how to fight by another of Meejee's Tribe, Espee. After talking to them, you meet up with the Big Chief of Meejee's Tribe. Before you get a chance to talk to him, Zarkhator appears and attempts to crush you with a red meteor. He misses, but the meteor corrupts the Big Chief. Your creature destroys the meteor, and is rewarded with an ancient idol piece. You are told to take the ancient idol parts to the Sage in the Ancient Grounds, but Meejee won't let you. Meejee tells you to cure the Spikees, a tribe that are friends with Meejee's Tribe, from the influence of the red meteor. After curing them, Meejee allows you to go to the Ancient Grounds. You also have to fight the Spikees so you can use their nest.

Ancient Grounds[]

In the Ancient Grounds, you meet up with the Sage, who tells you to put the piece on an Ancient Idol. After doing that, the Sage tells you to seek the Yeti in the Moonlit Stoneway. You can also do several minigames with the combat master, the dance master, sing master, and pose master. Later in the game, all worlds become accessible from Ancient Grounds.

Moonlit Stoneway[]

On the way to the Stoneway, you are ambushed by Zarkhator, who recalls your previous encounters on other planets. He then attacks you. After defeating him, you continue going to the Stoneway. You are met by a singer called Grub, who requests a Moon Fruit. After giving him one, he lets you pass. The Yeti is trapped in a crystal and Grub requests you to find the other Singers. Two of them are trapped by Critters. When you defeat the Critters, they'll unsuccessfully go back to the nest (One is very weak, and needs a Moon Fruit; the second can't pass in the Tuber Tongue path. The last singer is trapped by bullies, and you'll have to defeat them. When all the singers are safe, they all start singing, and the crystal containing the Yeti cracks open. When you make him happy (by destroying red meteors and giving him a Moon Fruit) he gives you an Idol piece. When you bring it back to Sage (in Ancient Grounds), he gives you wings.

Mushroom Grove[]

You can go to two different worlds from here. When evolving wings, one option is to go back to the Mushroom Valley. Using the wings, your creature flies over a gap, and gains access to the Mushroom Grove, where you are shown how to get through certain plants by a red creature called a Kirikat. The first Kirikat shows you a creature sleeping under a tree, and says all the creatures are too scared to go near it because it appeared when the red meteors appeared. Your creature destroys the red meteor the strange creature is sleeping next to, and the strange creature asks you to find its tribe. It then falls asleep. When your creature destroys all the red meteors (which is hard because the energy from them regrows each other) satyr-like creatures called Varakoz come to the tree. They question the strange creature, called Yacque, about why he is under their sacred tree, and Yacque says to show your creature respect. The Varakoz state they weren't talking to your creature, but to Yacque, who states he is their king. The Varakoz refuse to believe this, and they send Yacque away. Your creature follows him, and starts exploring. An evil-looking Kirikat offers a fruit, but when it's eaten it sends you to sleep. After destroying the red meteors around the new area (which also restore each other), another group of Varakoz confronts Yacque. Yacque states that a red guy changed him into what he is. After exploring, your creature finds a cave painting describing the Varakoz king. You use that information to re-evolve Yacque back into his former self. Then you see the evil Kirikat go behind a tree and then come back out transformed into Zarkhator (the red guy). Yacque then tells you about secret passages to other areas.

Moonlit Caverns[]

Another option is to go to Moonlit Stoneway and enter Moonlit Caverns. Upon entry into the Moonlit Caverns, a Kazamiope named Smurlop will greet you in a small area and advise you to stay back from two red meteors in the area. After the player destroys both meteors (which are not that far from each other), Smurlop will realize who you are, as the Sage told him. Smurlop leads the player out of the cavern to his nest, where the others of his kind are brainwashed by the red meteors. Smurlop will explain that his tribe was drawn to the meteors because of their apparent shininess, and they were brainwashed as a result. The player must then destroy this meteor, and the other meteors that are linked. After this, you have to re-illuminate the nearby crystal trees with special crystal plugs obtained from a large crystal tree to satisfy the Kazamiope tribe's need for shiny objects.

Creature Beach[]

After you collect the Idol Part from each world, the Sage gives you level 2 wings. You then use it to fly to the Pose Master. She then gives you the final Idol part. After you complete the Idol, it grants you access to Creature Beach. Your creature enters the final place in the entire game. You find some scorpion-like creatures who are brainwashed by Red Meteors which Zarkhator puts down there. They attack you. Once you beat both they give you Claw of Courage. Then you give it to the Ancient Guardian. He destroys the odd creature blocking the way. Then he destroys the regenerating red meteors. You must then give a pearl to a creature called Kwakaa. Then pose with him. Go talk to the creature on the large island. He will give you the Feather of Charm. Then you give it to the Ancient Guardian. He opens the creature's mouth but suddenly Critters attack you. Once the critters are defeated, Zarkhator attacks you. Once Zarkhator is defeated, he goes inside the big creature. You then must race him to the brain. Once you win, you get the Ancient Brain. Once the Guardian gets it, he can talk. (Which is shown in a cutscene.) Then he gives you the ultimate weapon known as the Spor-o-mega. Once you defeat Zarkhator three times, you get to change his powers and look, so he is not that much of a threat anymore. Then, the game ends and you win.


In Spore Hero, you control a creature called a Sporeling. Over the course of the game, you gain parts to add to your creature which when added improve the creature's ability to navigate the world and battle with other creatures.


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Creature Creator[]

Spore Hero contains all creature parts from the original Spore and Creepy and Cute, plus 1 new part not found in the PC game, the Spor-o-Mega. The parts are categorized the same way Spore is, except in columns rather than rows.

Most of the parts give an ability to your creature. Like the original Spore, you can find parts by digging up bonepiles, but also by winning fights and impressing creatures. You may also earn parts by kicking creatures until they give you a part, or by giving them fruit.

  • Mouths give your creature the "bite" ability.
  • Hands give the "strike" ability.
  • Feet give the "kick" and the "jump" abilities.
  • Antlers, horns and hooks give the "charge" ability.
  • Bulbs, tubes and clubs give the "spit" ability.
    • Note: Bulbs will fire rocky plates, tubes will fire acid, and clubs will fire spikes.
  • Wings give the "flight" ability.
  • Fins give the "swim" ability.
  • Plates and crystals give more "armor."
  • Decorations give the "regenerate" ability.

Adding high level abilities to your creature increases its power level which affects its total health and defence. Creatures at higher levels have more health than lower leveled creatures.

Also, the names of many parts have been changed in Spore Hero for unknown reasons, such as the "Emptyeye" being renamed "Grumpeye", "Elkegent" being renamed "Cervidae","Rostrum" being renamed "Sauersnout" and the original "Grumpeye" being renamed "Schmuculance".


Mushroom Valley

Mushroom Valley.

Ancient Grounds

Ancient Grounds.

  • Ancient Grounds: The game's delta hub, inhabited by an ancient Sage. A stone guardian is present in the middle of the field. You obtain Ickyosaur, and most flight parts here. It is home to the Sage, the Ancient Guardian, the Combat Master, and a couple of social masters.
Zarkhator vs Sporeling

Moonlit Stoneway is where you will encounter Zarkhator.

  • Moonlit Stoneway: You encounter the game's main antagonist, Zarkhator, here. It introduces Tuber Tongues, annoying creatures that attack you if you get too close. Jump, kick, and sing are also introduced. It is home to Grub's tribe, some moonfruit stealers, Patman, the Bad Neighbors, and the Great Yeti.
Mushroom Grove

Mushroom Grove.

  • Mushroom Grove: Available with flight, introduces linked meteors and meteor affected creatures that will attack you if you get close. It is home to the Kirikats, the Varakoz, and the Cyclotorns.
Moonlit Caverns

Moonlit Caverns.

  • Moonlit Caverns: Requires double jump. A cavern filled with crystals, and meteor controlled creatures. It is home to the Kazamiopes, the Loskikies, the Grawaks, and Goglu.
Creature Beach

Creature Beach.

  • Creature Beach: The final level of the game, it is a tentacle-filled beach with powerful creatures. Introduces posing. It is home to Smooshsmish, the Long-Beaks, and an unnamed strong species.

Heart of the Planet is where you will battle Zarkhator for the fate of your planet.

  • Heart of the Planet: Actually a colossal creature, the Heart of the Planet is where you first race Zarkhator to get to the Ancient Brain. Later, when Zarkhator reaches the Ancient Heart, you go here to have a final battle against him to determine the fate of your planet.



Spore Hero received mostly average reviews, scoring a 6.1 on IGN, a 6.5 Critic Score on GameSpot and 61 on Metacritic. It was generally more well-received by the public, scoring an 8.1 User Score on GameSpot.




Spore Hero Demo Part 1 Fighting


Spore Hero Demo Part 2 Creature Creator and Versus


Spore Hero Launch Trailer

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Easter Eggs[]

Mushroom Valley[]

  • If you kick the Beast enough times its response will become "I'm getting used to all this kicking. It doesn't bother me anymore."
  • If you kick at the Babbit twice, it'll give you a Suwapootoo fruit. But when you eat it, you go to sleep and find yourself back at your nest.
  • If you look closely into the water, little cells will appear out of the water. This could cause the sounds in the Mushroom Valley and the Ancient Grounds.

Ancient Grounds[]

  • There's a hidden waterfall just past the Sing Master. When try to go in, it'll wash you backwards!

Moonlit Stoneway[]

  • If you step on the air vent in the attic, you'll see a Tuber Tongue in the distance.
  • If you listen closely in the basement, you will here Patman's voice all the way from the attic.
  • If you kick the crystal containing Yeti, part of it'll crack open and then disappear!
  • If you feed a fruit to the Fruit Stealers while sleeping, they'll wake up, vomiting.

Mushroom Grove[]

  • If the Sporeling hops into the waterfall in the Ancient Grounds that leads to the grove (before you finish the quest, "Free Passage"), Galak the guard will be turned around, facing you. This only happens in some games if you find a way to go into the waterfall.