Spore Galactic Edition Box

The Spore Galactic Edition

Spore Galactic Edition (not to be confused with Spore Galactic Adventures, an expansion of the original game) is a special collector's edition of Spore featuring exclusive content, including a normal copy of the game. The limited edition saw very low sales despite its expanse of exclusive content.
Spore- Galactic Edition content

The Spore: Galactic Edition package contents.

Contents Edit

  • Spore Game DVD (PC/Mac compatible).
  • “The Making of Spore” DVD. A behind the scenes documentary on the making of Spore.
  • “How to Build a Better Being” DVD. A 50-minute evolution documentary by the National Geographic Channel featuring Will Wright and Spore. This DVD is missing from Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) and Brazilian versions.
  • “The Art of Spore.” A 128 page hardback book featuring Spore artwork and stories from Maxis’ artists.
  • Exclusive 100-page Galactic Handbook.
  • Exclusive Spore poster.
  • All in a collectible ‘Spore Glyphics’ hard plastic box.


It originally cost $80, twice as much as the regular game, but sales were so low that its price was reduced to be on par with the normal game. It now costs $40, but the price of the basic Spore was later lowered to $30, leaving galactic edition $10 more.

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