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Spore Creatures is a simulation RPG video game, developed by Foundation 9, and published by Electronic Arts. It is a spin-off of Spore in which a player controls and evolves a creature of their creation. It was released in September 4, 2008 in PAL regions, later on, in September 7, 2008, the North American version has been released.

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Spore Creatures is a more story-based game as the player controls an Oogie. Another Oogie creature is abducted by a UFO piloted by an evil creature named Gar' skuther (a cyborg alien), and your creature is forced to survive in strange continents and islands over the course of five planets.

The spaceship crashes into the ground, causing parts of it to fall on the ground. Oogie pursues the spaceship over planet Tapti, collecting the parts in order to rebuild the spaceship and be able to follow Gar' skuther when he leaves the planet.

When Oogie lands on Pangu, he notices that something is wrong with the native creatures on the planet. Oogie then finds the space alien, named Gar' skuther, who creates a strange hybrid creature and states the cure for Little Oogie's infection is to break his suit.

Creatures Edit

  • Oogie - [description] no Bio-Powers [temperament] [role in story?] [parts?]
  • Striklet - [description] no Bio-Powers [temperament] [role in story?] [parts?]
  • Meeper - [description] [bio power(s)] [temperament] [role in story?] [parts?]
  • Bublebuu - [description] [bio power(s)] [temperament] [role in story?] [parts?]

Gameplay Edit

The game focuses on the Creature Stage of the larger game. Unlike the characters of Spore, the creatures in this game are flat 2D textures, but the environments remain 3D.

The player's creature is created and modified in an editor, using points named "Body Points" earned to give the creature different body parts and skills. The player is given 20 points at the start with which to build their initial creature. By leveling up the player gains more body points up to a maximum of 300.

When the game is completed, the player can play the replay mode, which allows the player to go to any of the six planets in the game. The six planets are: Tapti, Pangu, Baysee, Flubit, Zencrie, and Freezle.

The game focuses on survival, which includes finding food, with mini-games such as cuddling and dancing for befriending creatures. A large part of the game involves collecting items, allowing players to earn 60 badges based on game moments and actions. The players can also perform side quests and play mini-games to unlock skills and 280 hidden creature parts, which are given to the player by other friendly creatures, or taken from creatures through combat. Some parts grant "Bio Powers", such as an in-combat healing ability or flame-breath. Some parts may also allow the player's creature to walk on certain terrain where the player would usually get damaged directly, while with the correct part attached the creature loses energy instead if they have enough energy.

Combat consists of the player initiating the fight with another creature by selecting it to go into a one-on-one combat screen in which the creatures face off against each other. To attack, the player must strike the creature being attacked with the stylus.

Befriending is either cuddling with another creature or dancing with it. In the case of dancing, the player has to touch the flowers when the blue flashes light over them. When you cuddle with a creature, a smile will float from the creature and you must touch it and drag it over the creature being cuddled back and forth. You may cuddle with Sporelings to get them to follow you.


You obtain cheats after finishing the game and defeating Gar'skuther. You have the ability to change the terrain texture, as well as other creatures. Cheats also allow certain parts to be unlocked, including boss parts, making it fun to create creatures.

The list of cheats are:

  • Big Eyes Mode - Turns all creature's eyes big.
  • Big Mouths Mode - Turns all creature's mouths big.
  • Giant Throw Rocks - Turns the throwing rocks into huge throwing boulders.
  • Giant Butterflies - Turns scenery butterflies big.
  • Butterfly Explosion Mode - Butterflies will emerge from the player's creature.
  • Paintball Mode - Paints creatures different colors when battling (?)
  • Giant Sporelings Mode - Turns all Sporelings huge.
  • Scaling Parts Mode - All creature's parts will scale up and down in size.
  • Spinning Parts Mode - All creature's parts will rotate clockwise.
  • Alternate Food - Food will be in alternate forms, e.g. fruits will become bananas or cupcakes, and meat may be pizza.
  • Random Color Mode - All creatures have randomly generated color palettes.
  • Meat Trees Banana Beasts - Trees will have meat on them (ex. Trees may have pizza with the Alternate Food cheat on) while defeated creatures will have fruits (ex. Meat turns into banana cupcakes with the Alternate Food cheat on)
  • All NPCs Are Meepers - All creatures but the player's creature become Meepers.
  • Exploding Sporelings - The Sporelings explode in your mouth and when you throw them (if they are thrown, they drop meat the same way as in killing a regular creature).
  • Always Hard Dance - Dancing with creatures will be harder and will have different music.
  • Alternate Creature Mode - Creatures will be different (excluding the player's creature)
  • Real Animals Mode - Creatures excluding the player's creature will become real-life animals. (ie. Broogus become rabbits)
  • Always Easy Dance - Dancing with creatures will be easier and will have regular easy music.
  • Super Vision - All digging spots may be seen (?)
  • Auto-play Dance - Dancing with creatures will be much easier and it will get all perfect. However, a "CHEATER" system is used. At the end of the dance, text will appear in light blue declaring the player is a "CHEATER". It can be used to outdance Gar' skuther.
  • Super Attack - Raises the creature's attack significantly to around 300/400 per hit.
  • Ignore Poison Terrain - Ignores terrain that causes damage without certain parts.
  • Terraform Mode - Allows the player to change the land textures using a menu.
  • Ignore Body Points - Allows the player to create a creature while ignoring the body points limit. (Players are still limited by the eleven part limit on creatures.)
  • Invincibility - The player will not lose health points (consuming a Flubit Poison Mushroom will still damage the player)

Beating Gar'SkutherEdit

Gar'Skuther is very strong, so make sure your creature is a full bio-power creature. You can also befriend him, though getting the correct timing with his dances is almost impossible to do. It also helps to either have enough badge points to get the Super Attack or Always Easy Dance, depending on the way in which you want to beat Gar'skuther. You can go back and beat him again using the 'Replay' mode after you have beaten the game for the first time. He dies when defeated in battle, but he oddly also dies when befriended. When befriended, Gar'skuther's dialogue implies he may have died because you out-dancing the "greatest dancer in the galaxy" shocks him so much he can't comprehend and dies due to befuddlement or embarrassment.

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  • Unlike in Spore, the type of body a player chooses determines the type of sound the creature makes, not the type of mouth.
  • There are creatures and parts that are missing completely in the species guide. (such as Buffballow, Shadock, Scrop, and many others.)
  • Spore Creatures is rather glitchy, with parts disappearing if there are many creatures around, especially if near a nest. This is the result of too many hex pixels on the screen. This is normal for small detail games such as this, especially if it is played on a less powerful system such as the Nintendo DS.
  • In Spore, there is a rare artifact called the "Tablet of The Tribes," which was written in Oogie blood.
  • Unlike other Spore games, Spore Creatures utilizes a name censorship system which means that creatures with any form of profanity in their name whatsoever will have asterisks in place. This system is highly flawed though, and even creatures that have profanity in their name after the first letter or any name with it (for example, Bass, Spike, Titan, Hello, Button and types of creatures like Whiplies or Eyebungles) will be censored (in this case, B***, ****e, ***an, ****o,****on eye***gles and ****lies), which means that players must choose carefully what to name their creatures. This has caused a lot of controversy. It is possible to change the script the censorship system uses by changing the ingame language, but the creature's name will become censored if you decide to change its name after reverting to the original language.
  • There are hidden sporeling parts in the game (Arclart Sporeling Body, Prunebugs Sporeling Body, Skuzzalope Sporeling eye, ect.) and there is absolutely no way of getting them with playing the normal game.
  • When replay mode is unlocked, the sixth planet becomes available, called Freezle. All your creations and other creations by other players you shared with over Wi-Fi connection(if any) will appear here. This is a good place to earn the Big Bully and Welcome Wagon badges.
  • When dancing while using the cheat "Auto-play Dance", the player will be called a "CHEATER" at the end of dancing when getting all perfect, even if the player did it without using the cheat as an advantage, for example, you dance with a Meepers and manually obtain all perfects (with the cheat on, of course), you will be called a "CHEATER" at the end. This is notable if you are called a "CHEATER" and a cutscene appears, making the text "CHEATER" stay on the screen. You may examine it closely while it is paused, which makes it easier to notice this.
  • A floating part bug when using the "Real Animals" cheat is found where corrupted creatures will have a floating "Placeholder" tentacle. This is most notable with the Koth on the final planet that blocks the entrance to Gar' skuther's lair.
  • Sometimes your own creature may be pollinated. This may be rare, however, and may only happen once.
  • Spore Creatures is also the name of the mobile sequel of Spore Origins. This version (mobile) is unrelated to the DS version as there's no Gar' skuther or even a sight of a single Oogie, and has a topdown/birds eye perspective instead of the full 3D perspective in the Nintendo DS game.
  • A glitch can be preformed with having two creatures following the player. It will only work if the player is using the Oogie body and also having no feet. If the player continues to preform the Dig action, soon the game will glitch, causing the two other creatures to never stop burrowing. This is because the player can dig in shorter time with the Oogie body and the game tries to keep up. A glitchy black box may appear and the burrows won't disappear. Any immediate attempt to dance or battle may cause the game to freeze.
  • There is a glitch where if you complete the game and replay mode is unlocked, all hostile creatures on Tapti, Pangu, and Baysee will not attack you even if you get close to them, unless you start a fight with them.
  • In the Fyrisaba's description at the Species Guide, there is a typo in which the word aggressive is spelled "aggresive".

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