Spore Creature Creator is the name of the stand-alone creature editor released on June 18, 2008 by EA/Maxis prior to the release of the full Spore game. Purchase or download of this stand-alone editor is not required for full functionality of the full Spore game. If you have the full version of Spore, you must uninstall the Spore Creature Creator before you can install the full version of Spore. Conversely, you will not be able to install Spore Creature Creator if you have the full version of Spore installed. However, when you uninstall Spore Creature Creator, all of your creations will be kept in your My Documents (or Documents for Windows Vista TM and Macintosh)\My Spore Creations\Creatures folder, and then you will be able to load them in Spore.

Trial and Full Versions[]

Three varieties of the Creature Creator are available: the paid version for $9.95 (USD), a free trial version downloadable from Spore.com (also bundled for free with the SimCity Box), and the AT&T Edition. The free trial only contains 25% of the creature parts found in the full version.[1]

The AT&T Edition[]

The AT&T Edition was a free download for AT&T customers. It contains 37 more parts/paints than normally come free. Breakdown of these additions to the normal free trial version follows.

Easter Eggs[]

When scrolling between the Load a Creature and Create a Creature buttons, a shining star labeled "View Galaxy" will appear. When click, it allows you to view the spiral galaxy behind the buttons and move it limitedly. However, when you spin the galaxy, a picture of Will Wright's head will spin out and in of the galaxy center.


Immediately upon release of the Creature Creator, the Spore community became active on the official Spore forums and elsewhere. There were many complaints of difficulty downloading the game, but most of these were resolved within the first 48 hours. Since then, the community has been holding informal creature creation contests and staging statistics-based, text only battles among creatures, as well as creating numerous fan sites and fan fan artwork using their creatures and materials found in the Spore fansite kit. Third party businesses have also been staging formal contests, including Yahoo Games and SurveyGizmo.com

Differences between Creature Creator and the final Creature Creator[]

  • The effects of parts do not add up (Example: you put a part with 1 charm when you already have another part with 1 charm, you no longer will get 2 charm.) Because of this, all parts were changed to offer different stats, and because of that, some parts were made cheaper or more expensive.
  • Some mouths (Primate Mouths, Radial Mouths, Herbivorous Bird Mouths, Insect Mouths and Carnivore Mouths) have a different mating call.
  • Different animation is played when showing an example of the creature's gliding ability. Instead of a simple hop without the wings moving (possibly due to the opened-up style of the wings), the creature lifts off the ground and flaps its wings twice, then descends back to the ground.
  • Wings have a different design. Rather than being open at all times, they are now "folded up", and only opened when the creature uses them.
  • Creatures make sounds when jumping in Test Drive mode (press Spacebar)
  • Senses no longer have any effect (besides eyes, which give you sight).
  • Mouths are closed in the editors and thumbnails (although the creatures created in the pre-release editor will still have the old design on the thumbnail)
  • All the social moves, not just Sing, now make sounds and have particle effects. When using Dance, a beat plays in the background, and yellow flashes emanate from the creature's footsteps. Charm makes sparkles and "sparkly" sounds. Pose plays fanfare, and a multitude of flower petals emanate from the creature's hands.