SporeWiki is a knowledge database dedicated to Spore, the computer simulation video game developed by Will Wright. Affiliated with Sims Wiki, also developed by Wright, Spore is innovative in technology of the game design, as well as the expansive range of sci-fi game play. SporeWiki has an active community who maintain unique projects such as the Taxonomy project and the SporeWiki Fiction Universe and any registered user is free to join.

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SporeWiki is a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to Spore, the simulation game developed by Will Wright, that anyone can edit! We have 194,176 pages and 57,714 files since January 2006!
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Being useful to the Grox is good for your survival.The Grox

The Grox are a sapient species of cyborg aliens that are undeniably the most hostile race in the galaxy and the main antagonist in Spore. They are feared by every alien with a philosophy and an archetype. Grox control a vast empire with 2,400 star systems and inhabit anywhere near an estimated 2,000 parsecs within the perimeter of the Galactic Core. They are unique as they don't possess any known archetype.


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