RankDescriptionClassified byYear
Aargoniusgenusany insect that is related to the aargon raceSimonLovelace2018
Aartisidaefamilywinged round workers without limbsDisgustedorite2018
Abelisauridaefamilytheropods with small vestigial arms and prominent head or skull ornamentationBonaparte & Novas1985
Acariformesorderoften parasitic arachnids with round bodiesLeach1817
Accipitridaefamilyraptors with sharp vision and strong hooked beaksVieillot1816
Accipitriformesorderbirds of prey which kill their prey with their hooked talonsVieillot1816
Acrididaefamilygrasshoppers, including locusts, which have short and stout antennaeMacLeay1819
Actiniariaordercolorful predatory anthzoans which often resemble odd, tentacled flowers??????
Actiniidaefamilysea anemones with one tentacle per spaceRafinesque1815
Actinopterygiiclassbony fish with webbed fins supported by bony or horny spinesKlein1885
Aerocaulidaefamilyfour-limbed beakless winged entomosalamandransDinoman9722018
Afrikanofidiacladedragons of african origin which resemble eastern dragonsDisgustedorite2019
Agamidaeordera diverse group of insectivorous lizards capable of limited color changeGray1827
Agaricaceaefamilygilled mushrooms with thin gills, round fruiting bodies, a centrally attached stipe and a membrane-like partial veilChevall1826
Agaricalesorderfungi which produce mushrooms distinguished by their "gills"Underw1899
Agaricomycetesclassmostly terrestrial, mushroom-forming fungiDoweld2001
Agnaridaefamilyjawless pelycosaursDark Ridley2009
Agnathadatafamilybipedal salamanders without jawsStarDotJPG2009
Agnathadeaorderjawless mammalsSchnautzr2008
Agnatharthridaefamilybipedal humanoid arthropods without jawsGhelæ2011
Agnathasauridaefamilyjawless reptilesNeini82008
Akriidaorderhemiinsects that do not strongly resemble a single chordate classSkullman992011
Alceoideacladegryphons that do not have wingsDisgustedorite2018
Alimentidaefamilyartificians that resemble foodstuffsGhelæ2013
Alligatoridaefamilyoften freshwater crocodilians with wide, U-shaped snouts and limbs which sprout from the sides of their torsosGray1844
Allocaudadaefamilywillosaurs with no notable features on the end of the tail on their tailDisgustedorite2018
Alphabeticalidaefamilyartificians that resemble lettersDeadMonkey89842013
Alvarezsauridaefamilylong-legged feathered dinosaurs with long beak-like snouts and tiny arms bearing an enlarged first clawBonaparte1991
Amanitaceaefamilygilled mushrooms with tapering stems and a ring below the capE.-J. Gilbert1940
Ambivitaeorderanimal-like floridatesGhelæ2013
Amblypygiorderarachnids resembling spiders with scorpion-like arms or clawsThorell1883
Ambulocetidaefamilysemi-aquatic early cetaceans with webbed feet and large heads, but no flippers, tail fluke, or dorsal finThewissen, Madar & Hussain1996
Ambystomatidaefamilyfour-limbed quadrupedal salamanders with not many special traitsGray1850
Amoebidaefamilythe most famous group of amoebas, which often have naked skin and produce numerous pseudopodsEhrenberg1838
Amoebozoaphyluma group of protists which includes famous amoebas and slime moldsLühe1913
Amolluscusorderhemimolluscs that don't resemble any chordate classes very wellStupo2023
Amperturtidaefamilyjawless reptiliomorphs that vaguely resemble turtles for their shellsSky Gummi2022
Amphibiaclasschordates with smooth skin and usually webbed hands and feetLinnaeus1758
Amphibiowillidaefamilyhand-tailed willosaurs which lack their front limb and their eyesStupo2023
Amphibolurinaefamilylizards with a thorny appearance, such as the bearded dragonWagler1830
Amphipatatidaefamilymouthless frogs with very round bodiesStupo2023
Amphipodaorderlaterally-compressed isopod-like crustaceans without a carapaceLatreille1816
Amphisaurotetrapodidaefamilytetrapodal reptiliomorphsJrpman2009
Amphisbaeniaorderlong-bodied, usually limbless squamates resembling snakes or earthwormsGray1844
Amphitheraefamilywinged snake-like western dragonsDinoman9722018
Amyctantennidaefamilyquadrupedal jawless mammals with an extra pair of arm-like limbs, making them seem mantis-like in postureStupo2023
Anaspideaorderbulky gastropods with internal shells, named and distinguished by their "ears"P. Fischer1883
Anatidaefamilyweb-footed birds adapted for water life and swimmingVigors1825
Anemokinisaefamilycnidarians with locomotory limbsParazrael2017
Anglerpodidaefamilygenerally terrestrial or amphibious anglerfish with limbsDisgustedorite2018
Anguillidaefamilyfreshwater eelsRafinesque1810
Anguilliformesordersnake-like fishL. S. Berg1943
Animaliakingdomthe kingdom consisting of all animalsLinnaeus1758
Ankylosauridaefamilydinosaurs with round bodies and armored backs, reminiscent of a turtle or an armadillo, which usually have clubs at the ends of their tailsBrown1908
Annelidaphyluminvertebrate animals with long segmented bodiesLamarck1809
Anomalocarididaefamilylarge Radiodonts with fin-like tails and a pair of grasping appendages in front of the mouthRaymond1935
Anseriformesorderweb-footed, typically aquatic birds whose beaks are usually broad and flatWagler1831
Anspiculidaefamilyboneless prolixocephalans with a nacre ridge erupting from their backsDisgustedorite2018
Anteosauridaefamilylarge carnivorous therapsids with robust upwards-curving mouthsBoonstra1954
Anthodaefamilyflower-like animalsGhelæ2013
Anthozoaclassanimals such as corals which are attached to the seabed like plants as adultsEhrenberg1834
Anthropomorphafamilyape-like ichthyosaurs that are not necessarily restricted to waterKhirman2018
Anthrowlidaefamilyowls with functional arms in place of wingsDisgustedorite2018
Antlersauridaefamilylithe, sometimes bipedal armored dinosaurs with deer-like antlersDisgustedorite2018
Antropochoerusgenuslarge humanoid suids with large cartoonish eyes, long tusks, ape-like bodies with well-defined pectorals and abdominals and, in the case of females, three pairs of mammaries in place of the absDinoman9722018
Antroponychteridaefamilyhumanoid bats with wings derived from their front limbsDinoman9722018
Anupsidaefamilysynapsids that somewhat possess amphibian featuresSky Gummi2022
Anuraordertailless amphibians with a distinguishable headMerrem1820
Anurognathidaefamilysmall, nocturnal, bat-like rhamphorhynchoideans with short tails and large eyesNopcsa1928
Apidaefamilya group of long-tongued bees which includes bumblebees and honeybeesLatreille1802
AplysiidaefamilySea hares with no visible shellLamarck1809
Aplysinidaefamilysponges that grow into an elongated shape, often resembling a baseball batCarter1875
Apodidaefamilylimbless slugsSchnautzr2008
Apodiformesordersmall birds with naked, scaleless legs unsuitable for walkingPeters1940
Apteridrakidaefamilywestern dragons without wingsDisgustedorite2018
Apteriformesorderwingless birds which do not fall under gryphons or real-world taxaGhelæ2011
Apterygidaefamilyordinary kiwis with round bodies and short legsGray1840
Apterygiformesorderflightless birds with long thin beaks and whiskered facesHaeckel1866
Apterygotaorderwingless insects with jaws which fit no other taxaGhelæ2011
Apterygotavidaefamilysix-limbed wingless birdsGhelæ2011
Arachnidaclassarthropods with a maximum of two segments, a cephalothorax and an abdomenCuvier1812
Arachnidaefamilya family which formerly held all real spiders but is being split in favor of using real-life familiesGhelæ2011
Araneaeorderarachnids with eight legs and two body segments, which are well-known for crafting websClerck1757
Arboridaefamilytree- or shrub-like animalsAbrulz2009
Archaeidaefamilyspiders with long necks and long jawsC. L. Koch & Berendt1854
Archaeoceticladeearly whales with teeth and, usually, legs instead of finsFlower1883
Architeuthidaefamilyusually large squids with serrated rings lining up with the circumference of their suction cupsPfeffer1900
Argillidaefamilycryptians with a clay-like bodyNeedles 102010
Argusidaefamilyterrestrial octopi with round bodies, multiple eyes, radial mouths located below the eyes, short arms and long legs99882010
Arkonafamilycarnivorous akriidsSkullman992011
Armadillidiidaefamilyterrestrial isopods known for curling into balls for defenseBrandt1833
Arminoctidaefamilyterrestrial anemones with a saurian foot in place of their pedal disk and muscular tentacles with radial mouths and eyes at their endsDinoman9722018
Armodronidaefamilyflightless round workers with armored bodiesDisgustedorite2018
Armorpedaefamilysalamanders with a protective head armorNeini82008
Arthroavesorderoften feathered, bird- or maniraptor-like hemiinsectsDisgustedorite2018
ArthrocephalasauridaefamilyMandibulosaurs with lizard-like postures and arthropod-like headsDisgustedorite2018
Arthrodiraorderplacoderms with more traditionally fish-like appearances and jointed necksWoodward1891
Arthropodaphyluminvertebrate animals with chitinous segmented bodies and legs on at least one of those segments, which are usually jointedLatreille1829
Arthrototeuthidaefamilycrurais with two forelimbs and many tentacle hindlimbs arranged in a radial statureDinoman9722018
Arthungulidaefamilyhooved mammalohemiinsectoidsSky Gummi2022
Artificiaclassanimals resembling artificial objectsTechnobliterator2011
hoofed animals—which bear weight equally on two (an even number) of their five toesOwen1848
Ascaphidaefamilyordinary-looking frogs which keep their tails from when they were tadpolesFejérváry1923
Asgordidaefamily3-eyed dragon-like therapsids with humanoid postureSky Gummi2022
Asilidaefamilypowerful, bristly predatory flies with large eyes and a short proboscisLatreille1802
Asteraceaefamilyflowering plants with compound flowers, including sunflowers and dandelionsBercht. & J.Presl???
Asteralesorderflowering plants with dense or fused stamens, including daisies and bellflowersLink???
Asterbranchiaorderlagnodactyls with tentacle-like anal fingers which have modified their lateral and raptorial arms into gillsDisgustedorite2020
Astergnathidaefamilygenerally fish-like Ceratoasterformes with conventional jawsDisgustedorite2019
AsteroidaefamilyA group that previously contained all starfish but is being cleared in favor of using real-world starfish familiesGhelæ2011
Asteroideaclasstypically star-shaped echinoderms with five or more armsDe Blainville1830
Astervermidaefamilysuperficially worm-like gillstars which have fused their gill arms to their bodiesDisgustedorite2020
Atroxignidaefamilyfeathered wyvern-like theropods with horned heads and spiky tailsDisgustedorite2018
Avesclassbirds and bird-like creaturesLinnaeus1758
Avicephalaorderearly reptiles characterized by their triangular, sometimes beaked, superficially bird-like headsSenter2004
Avicirrusiaorderbird-like hemimolluscsDisgustedorite2018
Axexidaefamilyslender earless gryphons with long knotted tails and long curled feathers emerging from the back of the headDisgustedorite2018
Azhdarchidaefamilylarge pterosaurs with long legs, long necks, large heads, and long toothless beaksNesov1984
Bahluinidaefamilyomnivorous therapsids with paws and crystal-like detail on their back. A canon example is this wiki's Bahluing (fiction)Sky Gummi2022
Balmeridaefamilycolossal, sometimes visually faceless, planet-like creatures which often have large spines visible from orbitDisgustedorite2018
Basidiomycotaphylumfungi which form fruiting bodies commonly known as mushroomsMoore, R.T.1980
Baslikiafamilywingless pelycosaurs with long, lithe bodies which fit no other taxaDaLucaray2010
Bathyergidaefamilysomewhat mole-like burrowing rodents with cylindrical bodies, short limbs, small eyes and ears, and a short tailWaterhouse1841
Batoideaorderflat-bodied cartilaginous fishCompagno1973
Batrachostomidaefamilyfrogs which resemble two-limbed "hoppers" not yet done with metamorphosisGhelæ2018
Batrathekidaefamilybrutusilids with primate traitsSky Gummi2023
Beehekdatidaefamilyspitting, often toothed gryphons with horns and a beak on at least one jaw, some of which may lack wingsDisgustedorite2018
Behaleidaefamilyeight-limbed mandibulosaurs that usually walk on six legs and have flower- or leaf-life appendagesSky Gummi2022
Belridaefamilymantises with forelimbs ending in graspers with multiple digitsDinoman9722018
Biopsimaulerogenuscarnitorians with two sets of eyes, two large/mauler jaws and conjoined limbsSomarinoa2009
Bipedarthropodaorderbipedal humanoid arthropodsGhelæ2011
Bipedavidaefamilytwo-limbed wingless birdsGhelæ2011
Bipedchimeriadefamilytwo-legged ChimerasPoeringu2008
Bipediafamilybipedal humanoid agnathidsTie-Die Jeans2008
Bipedidaefamilyworm lizards with two limbsTaylor1951
Bipedisalitidaefamilytamaranian hoppers whose forelimbs are used as legs and their single hindlimb is used as an armStupo2023
Bipeedafamilyfrill got.PMullet2016
Bipodacladevertebrates with only two non-fin limbsfollower of Christ2023
Bipodicaefamilybipedal hemiinsects with armoured mouthpartsSkullman992011
Bipodoannelidaefamilypodoannelids with two limbsNeini82008
Bivalviaclassheadless molluscs with hinged two-part shellsLinnaeus1758
Blancamatafamilybipedal theropods with hardly any visible featuresNeini82008
Blattodeaordercockroaches and termitesWattenwyl1882
Borbidaefamilyvery round, very wingless perching birdsDisgustedorite2018
Bovidaefamilyungulates with two or more horns located at the top of their headGray1821
Brachiosauridaefamilysauropods with a "crest" on their head that typically supports a larger fleshy noseRiggs1904
Brachiquadaefamilyfour-armed homosaursGTAIVish2009
Branchiopodaefamilybipedal humanoid malacostracansThe Kaernk2015
Brassicaceaefamilymembers of Brassicales whose leaves lack stipules and fruits have walls inside of themselves which divide the seeds into rowsBurnett???
Brassicalesordereudicots known for producing mustard oilsBromhead???
Brawlicidaefamilyape-like therapsids with large arms, well-formed ears, and barely furSky Gummi2022
Bronkoidaefamilymandibulosaurs with four limbs, numerous eyes and a long trunkTm812022
Brutusidaefamilyunarmoured wingless humanoid brutusils24.107.96.2532009
Brutusiliaorderamphibians with mammalian features24.107.96.2532009
Buccalamaridaefamilyprolixocephalans with many tentacles covering their mouths and whose arms are on their bodies rather than headsStupo2023
Cacatuidaefamilytropical birds with a curved beak and a prominent crestGray1840
Camelidaefamilyungulates with slender necks, long legs and, sometimes, humps on their backsGray1821
Camptosuchidaefamilyskinny and nimble crocodilians which do not fit real-world taxaSillyghostfreak992010
Camurmanusfamilyichthyostegalians with limbs that end in clawed digitsPoisson142009
Canidaefamilydog-like mammalsFischer1817
Canisgenusdog- and wolf-like carnivoresLinnaeus1758
Carcharodontosauridaefamilytheropods with long, narrow skulls, large orbits, three-fingered hands, and often "horns" or ornamental crests on their headsStromer1931
Carnitoriafamilycells with insectoid jaws and no front-facing spikesOluapPlayer2009
Carnivoraordermammals with forward facing eyes and jaws and teeth designed for catching and/or chasing preyBowdich1821
Carnohoppidaefamilycarnivorous hoppers with elaborate crest or sail structuresDisgustedorite2018
Carrionogryphidaefamilyowl-faced gryphons with prominent horns and reduced forearmsDisgustedorite2018
Caryophyllalesordera diverse group of flowering plants which includes cactuses, beets, and flytrapsJuss. ex Bercht. & J.Presl???
Caseidaefamilyherbivorous, possibly aquatic synapsids with bulky barrel-shaped bodies and disproportionately small headsWilliston1912
Caudataorderfour legged amphibians with a long tail and slender bodyScopoli1777
Caudoscorpiidaefamilyscorpions without claw weaponsGhelæ2011
Caudoviralesorderbacteriophages with tails or leg-like structuresunknownunknown
Caviidaefamilyrodents that are native to South America and include the domestic guinea pig, wild cavies, and the largest living rodent, the capybaraFischer von Waldheim1818
Cecaelavidaefamilyavicirrusians with bird-like bodies and multiple tentacle-like legsDinoman9722018
Cecaelidaefamilyaquatic primates with multiple tentacles for legsDinoman9722018
Celeridaefamilyblind, typically bipedal mandibulosaurs with both jaws and mandiblesDisgustedorite2018
Centaurachnidaefamilyspiders with an extension to the body which bears a head and at least one pair of limbs, somewhat reminiscent of the human part of a centaurGhelæ2011
Centaurifamilychimeras with four legs and at least two armsSchnautzr2008
Centaurinsectaorderhumanoid arthropods with multiple legs sprawled out from the lower body segmentsGhelæ2011
Centaurinsectidaefamilypurely arthropod-like centaurinsectsGhelæ2011
Centaurisauridaefamily6-limbed reptiles that resembles centaursSky Gummi2022
Cephalopodaclassmolluscs exhibiting a head and tentaclesCuvier1797
Cephalothoraxidaefamilyarachnids with fused head and thorax sectionsSchnautzr2008
Ceratiaceaefamilythree-horned armored dinoflagellates which often have hair or spikes on their hornsKofoid1907
Ceratoasterformesordergenerally fish-like Lagnodactyls with horizontal fins and jaw-spikes on either side of the mouthDisgustedorite2019
Ceratopsidaefamilytypically quadrupedal neornithischians which usually have horned faces and bony frillsMarsh1888
Cercopithecidaefamilyoften large and terrestrial monkeys with non-prehensile tailsGrey1821
Cerebroclypidaefamilyeven-toed ungulates with elongated snouts and round domes on their skullsStupo2023
Cervidaefamilyungulates with antlers which, unlike the horns of other ungulates, are temporary and regularly regrownGoldfuss1820
Cetaceaordermostly massive and carnivorous marine mammals that usually posess nostrils on top of their heads known as blowholesBrisson1762
Cetiosauridaefamilya group of sauropod dinosaurs which need a better descriptionLydekker1888
Chamaeleonidaefamilyslow-moving lizards with a prehensile tail, extensible tongue, protruding eyes that rotate independently, and ability to change colorRafinesque1815
Chaosgenuslarge amoebas with many nucleiLinnaeus1767
Chavliodontidaefamilyquadrupedal, usually animalistic brutusilsDinoman9722018
Chilopodaordermyriapods with a single pair of legs per body segment and generally long limbsLatreille1817
Chimeriaordermammals displaying parts of multiple unrelated speciesSchnautzr2008
Chimerochordatacladechordates which possess features of animals from other phylaOpdagon2018
Chinchillidaefamilymedium-sized rodents with large ears and fluffy tails, some of which may resemble rabbits with long tailsBennett1833
Chirogryphidaefamilygryphons with membranous, bat- or dragon-like wingsDinoman9722018
Chiroidaefamilyjawless akriidsOpdagon2018
Chiropteraorderbig-eared flying mammals with wings derived from their hands similar to those of dragonsBlumenbach1779
Chitenomolluscaclassarthropods with mollusc traitsDinoman9722018
Chitenopiscesorderfish-like hemiinsectsDisgustedorite2018
Chondrapodafamilycartilaginous fishapodsTimeMaster2010
Chondrichthyesclassfish with cartilaginous skeletons and often tooth-like scalesHuxley1880
Chordataphylumbilateral animals with backbones or at least a notochord and a tail which continues past the anusBateson1885
Chrysididaefamilywasps with brilliant, often metallic colors which are sometimes parasiticLatreille1802
Ciliophorafamilycells with mouth tentacles and no front-facing spikesDoflein1901
Cillopteridaefamilyshort-legged cilopteriforms with large cillia-like wings and pincer-like beaksDinoman9722018
Cillopteriformesordersometimes beakless early-creature-like birds with membranous wings that look like cilia partsDinoman9722018
Circumoperariusaorderdrone-like insects with spherical bodiesDisgustedorite2018
Clavascapulidaefamilyapterygotes with long ovipositors and club-like growths on their backsidesStupo2023
Clitellataclassworms characterized by the clitellum--a segment of the body used to store eggs, which sometimes looks like a bandaid wrapped around the worm??????
Cnidariaphylumsoft-bodied aquatic animals with bodies made primarily of non-living jellyGotte1887
Coccinellidaefamilysmall round predatory beetles with spotted wing coversLatreille1807
Cochavidaefamilysnail-like gryphoformes with large wings compared their bodySky Gummi2022
Cogoingrediaefamilymandibulosaurians with jaws9401france2009
Coleopteraorderinsects with sheathed wings, and hardened shelled exoskeletonsLinnaeus1758
Comedensidaefamilystout, bipedal and often two-limbed agnathids with long anteater-like snoutsStupo2023
Compsognathidaefamilysmall theropods with simple fur-like feathers covering their bodiesCope1871
Conqrixidaefamilyintelligent, humanoid therapsids who possess fur, sharp talons and are associated with corruptionSky Gummi2022
CordylidaefamilyLizards with flattened heads and bodies, osteoderm armor, and large rectangular scalesFitzinger1826
Cornupithecidaefamilyape-like primates with horns or antlersGhelæ2017
Corsetidaefamilygenerally short-tailed theropods covered in thornsDinoman9722018
Corvidaefamilyremarkably intelligent, large- to very large-sized birds with strong, stout bills and large wingspans that often have raucous calls. The family contains the choughs, crows, jackdaws, jays, magpies, nutcrackers, ravens, rooks, and treepiesLeach1820
Corytophanidaefamilylizards with well developed head crests, with some species being known for their ability to "walk on water"Fitzinger1843
Cotingidaefamilyfruit-eating passerines with hooked bills, which sometimes have prominent display structuresBonaparte1849
Crectoidaefamilytyrannosaurid-like reptiles that also resembles crocodiliansfayez20122022
Cricetidaefamilya group of rodents which includes hamsters, voles, and lemmingsJ. Fischer1817
Crocodiliaordercarnivorous long-jawed reptilesOwen1842
Crocodylidaefamilyusually semiaquatic crocodilians with splayed postures and narrow V-shaped snoutsCuvier1807
Crucibidaefamilylong-necked toothed gryphons with scythe clawsDisgustedorite2018
CruraiorderChitenomolluscs that have jointed limbsGriffonos1232009
Crusfucuidaefamilyround workers with segmented, arthropod-like legsDisgustedorite2018
Crustaceaclassarmoured arthropods, often with aquatic adaptationsBrünnich1772
Cryptiaphylumanimals that resemble non-living matter, especially anthropomorphized versions of inanimate objectsSchnautzr2008
Cryptocerodontidaefamilygryphons with toothed beaks, large talons, and domed heads with horn-like structures on themDinoman9722018
Cryptoclididaefamilyplesiosaurs with long necks, broad and short skulls and densely packed teethWilliston1925
Crystallogobiidaefamilycrystalline, gem-encrusted gobiesDisgustedorite2018
Cthulhidaefamilyusually bipedal molluscosaurs with faces resembling octopuses, bearing tentacles surrounding their mouths; and usually dragon wings on their backsDinoman9722018
Culicidaefamilyflies well known for sucking bloodMeigen1818
Cuprumidaefamilygolems specifically made of copperStupo2023
Cuttlecervidaefamilylong-legged, herbivorous furred prolixocephalans with horned facesDisgustedorite2018
Cuttlesauridaefamilycephalopod-like creatures with reptilian limbs and postureDisgustedorite2018
Cyathdactylumfamilyreptiliomorphs with eight or more limbs and suction cup digitsJrpman2009
Cyclostomamphibiafamilyjawless ichthyostegaliansOpdagon2018
Cyclostomataclassjawless fishMüller1844
Cyprinodontiformesordersmall, often colorful freshwater fish, many of which are popular aquarium petsL. S. Berg1940
Cytotaphylumanimals that resemble members of other kingdoms, especially anthropomorphized versions of such??????
DackthylididaefamilyArtificians whose bodies resemble or are almost entirely made of ringsTheMoonCheese2018
Dactiloculusgenusbipedal hominids whose eyes are beneath their skin, possess spherical hands and feet without dexterity and have one mammary gland if femaleStupo2023
Daemonidaefamilydragons with vague primate or chiropteran-like traits, often causing them to look like the devilDisgustedorite2018
Darthridaefamilylarge humanoid therapsids that do not fit real-world taxaFuryunleash222010
Dasyuromorphiaordercarnivorous Australian marsupialsGill1872
Decapodaorderlobsters, crabs, shrimp, and similar animalsLatreille1802
Decapodaefamilynot crabs, lobsters, shrimp and othersLatreille1802
Decidubipodidaefamilyfour-limbed herbivorous bipedal pelycosaurs that fit no other taxaShadowalkers2010
Decoridaefamilylong-legged galliformes with tapir-like snoutsDisgustedorite2018
Delphinidaefamilydolphins which often have beak-shaped snouts and curved dorsal finsGray1821
Demogorgonidaefamilyfour-limbed mammalohemiinsectans with radial mouths which resemble the monsters seen in Stranger ThingsDisgustedorite2018
Demospongiaeclasssponges with soft bodies that cover a harder "skeleton" made of fibers and proteinsSollas1885
Dentinaefamilyhumanoid piscine fishapodsTimeMaster2010
Deoxyviraphylumviruses with genetic code made of DNAUnknownunknown
Dermapteraorderinsects with long pincers, or cerci, on their elongated abdomensGeer1773
Dermochelyidaefamilymarine turtles whose shells are covered with their own skin or fleshFitzinger1843
Dexterudaefamilysix-limbed wingless frogsPanther25982010
Diablisauridaefamilyhumanoid theropods with very bird-like faces, predominantly scaly bodies, and small plumageSky Gummi2022
Diadematidaefamilydiadematoids with crenulate tuberclesGray1855
Diadematoidaordersea urchins with ten buccal plates around the mouth and hollow spinesDuncan1889
Dicraeosauridaefamilysauropods which, compared to other sauropods, have relatively short necks that sometimes have spikes or sails on themJanensch1929
Didelphidaefamilyordinary opossumsGray1821
Didelphimorphiaordersuperficially rat-like marsupials famous for playing deadGill1872
Digitannelidaefamilypodoannelids which have evolved two pairs of limbs with which to manipulate objectsSomarinoa2005
Dimetrodongenussail-backed sphenacodontids with bulky, somewhat cat-like snoutsCope1877
Dimorphodontidaefamilyearly pterosaurs with bulky heads and two measures of toothSeeley1870
Dinocarididaclassancient, sometimes legless arthropods or arthropod relatives with a shrimp-like appearanceCollins1996
Dinoflagellataphylumtypically armored, haired or spiked protists which generally have two flagellaBütschli1885
Dinophyceaeclassbenthic dinoflagellates found in sediments, which always have armorPascher1914
Dinoposturidaefamilylong-tailed mandibulosaurs with one pair of legs placed under their bodies and a theropod- or kangaroo-like posture, which do not fit other taxa betterDisgustedorite2018
Dinornithidaefamilybig moasOwen1843
Dinornithiformesorderlarge herbivorous birds without even vestigial wingsBonaparte1853
Dinosauriaclasschordates with features intermediate between reptiles and birdsOwen1842
Dinosauromorphaordernon-dinosaurian reptiles with dinosaur traits, such as proto-feathers and having their legs under their bodiesBenton1984
Dipodidaefamilymouse-like rodents adapted for jumping, usually making use of long skinny feet and a long tailFischer1817
Diprotodontiaordermarsupials with a pair of large procumbent incisorsOwen1866
Dipteraorderinsects with only two wingsLinnaeus1758
Doosidaefamilymandibulosaurs with antennas and two bulgy eyesSky Gummi2023
Dracogenusflying lizards with wings formed from their ribs and a throat flap called a "gular"Linnaeus1758
Dracomuscidaefamilyfour-limbed reptiles with membranous insect-like wingsGhelæ2018
Draconiaclassmythical reptile-like creatures, usually capable of flight making use of wings or magicDisgustedorite2018
Draconinaefamilylizards with wings formed from their ribsFitzinger1826
Dracotyrannidaefamilyusually bipedal crocodilians with long claw-like appendages on top of their shouldersDinoman9722018
Dragonitidaefamilycrocodile-like pelycosaurs with elongated skulls, horns on their heads and usually long hind limbs in comparison to the front limbsDinoman9722018
Drakertidaefamilyherbivorous horse-headed geckos with ridges of spines on their heads and limbsDisgustedorite2018
Drakiaorderreptile-like dragons typically of western originDisgustedorite2018
Drakidaefamilylithe, cat-like dragonsDisgustedorite2018
Drakisectidaefamilyhemiinsects which resemble western dragons with mandiblesDisgustedorite2018
Drakoideacladewestern dragons with wings which do not fall under the wyvern categoryDisgustedorite2018
Drakonocaudidaefamilywestern dragons with short or nonexistent tailsDisgustedorite2018
DrangooidaefamilyDragon like dinosaursfayez20122022
Drepanosauridaefamilyquadrupedal bird-headed reptiles with superficially raptor-like forefeet and clawed tailsRenesto2010
Dromaeogryphidaefamilygryphons with dromaeosaur-like heads, wings, and forelimbsDisgustedorite2018
Dromaeosauridaefamilyavian theropods that usually posses a large claw on the second toe of the hind footMatthew & Brown1922
Droseraceaefamilycarnivorous plants with jaw-like, sometimes sticky structures designed to catch preySalisb????
DsDNAclassDNA viruses which typically infect bacteriaunknownunknown
Duofishidaefamilyfish-like hemiinsects with a radial-mouthed fish-like head on both ends of the bodyDisgustedorite2018
Duplexelpudidaefamilymany-eyed amolluscs who have two bodies, often attached by their headsStupo2023
Dvottidaefamilyostriches with short legs and large headsDisgustedorite2018
Echinodermataphylumanimals with five-point radial symmetry in their adulthoodBruguière1791
Echinoideaclassspiny, globular echinodermsLeske1778
Edaphosauridaefamilytypically herbivorous small-headed sail-backed pelycosaursCope1882
Eelisectidaefamilylong, limbless fish-like hemiinsects with mandibles and no fins aside from a tail paddleDisgustedorite2018
Effugilupidaefamilypredatory furred prolixocephalans which have many claws and slender grappling forearmsDisgustedorite2018
Elapidaefamilyvenomous, sometimes aquatic long-bodied snakes, including sea snakes and addersBoie1827
Elephantidaefamilya family of large proboscideans that includes the most well-known species of elephants and mammothsGray1821
Eleutherodontidaefamilygliding, mammal-like therapsids with fur and elongated fingers, which may resemble gliding mammals without earsKermack1998
Enantiornithesfamilyextremely bird-like theropods which are capable of flight and have short or nonexistent tailsWalker1981
Ensitrudidaefamilyensitrudiforms with spear-like structures at the end of their heads, round tube-like mouths and long tentacles at the end of their bodies, sometimes resembling odd squidsFlytdais2008
Ensitrudiformesorderlancelets with bony partsDinoman9722018
Entomofoliafamilyplant-like insectsDinoman9722018
Entomosalamandraorderchordates with features of arthropods and amphibiansDinoman9722018
Enuyioshidaefamilymarine worms that possess wing-like chaetaTm812022
Eoantropidaefamilybipedal humanoid palaeozoaDinoman9722018
Eobipedidaefamilytwo-limbed palaeozoansDinoman9722018
Eohexidaefamilysix-limbed palaeozoansDinoman9722018
Eothyrididaefamilylizard-like pelycosaurs distinguished from reptiles by their canine teethRomer & Price1940
Eotripodidaefamilythree-limbed palaeozoansDinoman9722018
Ephedraceaefamilyextant ephedrales commonly used in medicineDumort???
Ephedralesordersuperficially grass-like gnetopsidsDumort???
Epidrakidaefamilythe most ordinary western dragons, standing on all fours and possessing two wingsSky Gummi2022
Equidaefamilyhorse-like ungulatesGray1821
Erectolimaxidaefamilyslugs with tall, thin bodies rather than the typical long body typeStupo2023
Erinaceidaefamilyshrew-like eulipotyphlans with short legs, sometimes covered in modified spine-like fur and with the ability to roll themselves into a ball for defenseFischer1814
Ernaidaefamilylizards with six or more limbs that don't fit in other taxaGhelæ2017
Ernstillidaefamilylong yet thin sponges which possess both spongin and chitinValecet2019
Estemmenosuchidaefamilylarge and bulky herbivorous therapsids that posess long and massive skulls with horn-like structures on themTchudinov1960
Ethesichidaefamilyethereal creatures with psionic powersSky Gummi2023
Eudicotsclassflowering plants that have three or more pores on their pollen, including most familiar plants??????
Eulipotyphlaorderan order of mammals that includes most members of the now-obsolete wastebasket taxon Insectivora, including moles, shrews and hedgehogsWaddell1999
Eurypteridaclassaquatic arthropods with long flat bodiesBurmeister1843
Eurypterinaordersea scorpions with limbs adapted into paddles, claws, and/or handsBurmeister1843
Euwillosauriaordercreatures based directly on the Willosaur, similar tripods, and known evolutionary stages of the willosaurDisgustedorite2018
Exanimaclasscryptians apparently composed by various body parts or souls from living beingsDinoman9722018
Exoskeleweridaefamilybipedal, short tailed or tailless, exoskeleton-bearing mandibulosaurs which stand more or less uprightDisgustedorite2018
Exossisacladeclawless, wet-skinned, mostly aquatic prolixocephalans which completely lack any skeleton aside from the cuttleboneDisgustedorite2018
Fagaceaefamilyoaks and beech treesDumort???
Fagalesorderleafy flowering trees and shrubs such as oaks, birches, and walnutsEngl???
Falconidaefamilyfalconiforms with short, strong hooked beaks and good eyesightSharpe1874
Falconiformesorderbirds of prey which kill their prey with their beaksSharpe1874
Falelusgenusomnivores with 4 legsA random person3632021
Felidaefamilycat-like mammalsG. Fischer de Waldheim1817
Felisgenususually carnivorous felines with wide faces and pointed ears that are tipped with short or nonexistent tufts of furLinnaeus1758
Fifthosauridaefamilyichthyostegalians with a dorsal finCardiackid2010
Filventripondaefamilyventriponds with a filter mouthfollower of Christ2023
Filventripondusgenusfilventriponds with hoofed pads feetfollower of Christ2023
Findiblidaefamilyfish-like hemiinsects with mandibles, limbs, exoskeletons, and fluked whale-like tailsDisgustedorite2018
Floridataclassanimals resembling plants or fungiNeini82008
Foliapinnidaefamilyshort-necked moas with small clawed wings and long bulky beaksDinoman9722018
Foliumavisgenusphasianids with long beaks containing multiple jaws inside, long but primitive wings, bony legs with multiple spurs and clawed feet, foliage-mimicking feathers, and a long feathered tailDinoman9722018
Formicidaefamilya family of insects that includes all antsLatreille1809
Fouscomenocephalidaefamilystrange anurans with short and thick tails, slender bodies and large ovoid headsDinoman9722018
Frennaefamilywinged brutusilsTimeMaster2010
Fringillidaefamilyseed-eating birds with strong conical beaksLeach1820
Fructidaefamilyfruit-like animalsGhelæ2013
Fuchuridaefamilyshort-bodied luck dragons with four legsDisgustedorite2018
Fukuryuiacladefur-covered eastern dragons which have dog- or goat-like heads and completely lack horns, wings, or antlersDisgustedorite2018
Fungikingdomnon-photosynthetic, commonly multicellular life-forms with chitinous cell walls, which are well-known for forming mushroomsLinnaeus (later reworked by Moore)
Fungidaefamilymushroom-like animalsGhelæ2013
Furbyidaefamilywingless owls with very mammal-like ears, often based on the popular FurbyDisgustedorite2018
Furihydridaefamilyicthyomolluscs with fish-like heads and long tentacle-like appendages at the end of their bodies, each of them ending in a proboscisDinoman9722018
Furiornithidaefamilywingless bird-like avicirrusians with long legs and tentacle-like appendages on their headsDinoman9722018
Futokuklidaefamilyone-eyed amphibians with horns and/or spikes, at least one pair of maces or clawed limbs, many tails and the produce photosynthesis via plant species growing on themSky Gummi2022
Galagidaefamilyprimates with pointy or bat-like ears, big eyes and long tailsGray1825
Galliformesorderheavy-bodied ground-feeding birdsTemminck1820
Gammaridaefamilya type of amphipod included under the folk taxonomic category of "scuds"Leach1813
Garyushuidaefamilycreatures inspired by the Fanged Wyverns from Monster HunterDisgustedorite2018
Gastornithidaefamilyterror-bird-like fowl with thick beaks resembling those of parrotsFürbringer1888
Gastornithiformesorderlarge flightless fowl, which were likely herbivorous in lifeStejneger1885
Gastropodaclassmolluscs which crawl along the ground with a muscular foot, which are well-known for the spiral-shaped shells present in many speciesCuvier1795
Gecarcinidaefamilytrue crabs that are adapted for terrestrial existenceMacLeay1838
Geikiidaefamilydicynodonts with distinctive bosses on their nosesNopcsa1923
Gekkonidaefamily"typical" geckos with thin or flat tails and little or no ornamentationGray1825
Gekkotaorderlizards which commonly have cat-like eyes and sticky toe padsCuvier1817
Gelatavolitidaefamilymostly terrestrial jellies with two long, thin stalks, each possessing one small eye at the endStupo2023
Gemboundgenusfour-eared cats with gem-tipped antennae on their heads and tails and additional gemstones on various parts of their bodies, based on the open species by the same nameDisgustedorite2018
Gemraptorgenustherioraptorids with gemstones and glowing markings, based on the species on the virtual pet site FurvillaDisgustedorite2018
Geraniaceaefamilyherbs and subshrubs with unique schizocarp fruit made of 3-5 achnes and which often have their flowers growing from a central point, such as cranesbills and storksbillsJuss???
Geranialesorderplants with flowers that produce nectar and usually have perfect five-point radial symmetry in their petalsJuss. ex Bercht. & J.Presl???
Gerridaefamilyaquatic bugs with proboscises and the ability to stand on water due to hydrophobic hairs on their feetLeach1815
Ghinghasidaefamilyarthroaves with clawed wing-like arms, short antennae on their heads and spike-shaped proboscides serving as mouthsDinoman9722018
Gigafuridaefamilywhales whose mouths are composed of long proboscidesDinoman9722018
Giraffidaefamilyungulates with long necks, long legs, and skin-covered horns known as ossiconesGray1821
Gliresordermammals with continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower parts of the jawsLinnaeus1758
Globberidaefamilyfour-limbed quadripedal akriidsSomarinoa2012
Gnatharthridaefamilybipedal humanoid arthopods with jawsGhelæ2011
Gnetophytaphylumcone-bearing plants that are not conifers and bear flower-like structures as well??????
Gnetopsidaclassextant gnetophytaThom1886
Gobiiformesordergoby-like fish, many of which can breathe airGünther1880
Gobisectidaefamilyfish-like hemiinsects which have two limbs, a strong tail, and some form of fin or wing, reminiscent of a mudskipperDisgustedorite2018
GoniasteridaefamilyTypical five-armed starfish which are typically covered in granular, seed-like protuberancesForbes1841
Gonyaulacalesordermarine, sometimes toxic and/or photosynthetic members of dinophyceaeF.J.R. Taylor1980
Gorganidaefamilystout therapsids with bull-like horns, stalk eyes, and kangaroo-like posturefayez20122022
Gorgonopsidaefamilylarge carnivorous therapsids with erect hindquarters, some of which possessed saber teethLydekker1890
Grecochimeridaefamilyfeline-like chimeras with tails resembling serpents and an ungulate-like head on their backsDinoman9722018
Greevilidaefamilybipedal bird-headed reptilesSchnautzr2008
Groxidaefamilysmall carnivorous/omnivorous bipedal therapsids reminiscent of The GroxOluapPlayer2008
Gryllidaefamilyinsects with elongated, thread-like antennae which use their wings to produce soundLaicharting1781
Gryphoformesorderchimeric birds with distinct non-wing forelimbs and hindlimbs, based on mythological gryphons and similar creaturesGhelæ2011
Gryphonidaefamilygryphons with the head, forelegs/talons, and wings of a bird of prey, usually an eagle; and the hindquarters, tail, and ears of a feline, usually a lionGhelæ2011
Gryphonidontoideacladegryphons with teethDisgustedorite2018
Gryphonoideacladewinged gryphons without teethDisgustedorite2018
Hadrosauridaefamilybird-hipped dinosaurs which are typically quadrupeds but may be facultative bipeds and often have crests for vocalizationCope1869
Hailidaefamilypalaeozoans with many tentacle-like limbsDinoman9722018
Harantridaefamilyslugs with hard, mineral beaksCarenthos2008
Hariidaefamilyentomosalamandrans with eight or more limbsDinoman9722018
Helicidaefamilysnails with typical round shellsRafinesque1815
HelicoideaorderAir-breathing land snailsRafinesque1815
Hemiinsectaclasschordates with arthropod featuresTigress Dragonblade2009
Hemimolluscaclasscreatures with both chordate and mollusk traitsDisgustedorite2018
Hemiprocnegenusbirds that are/resemble real world treeswiftsNitzsch1829
Hemiprocnidaefamilysmall birds resembling true swifts with forked tail feathers and crests on their headsNitzsch1829
Hemipteraordersuperficially beetle-like insects that are not beetlesLinnaeus1758
Herpestesgenusmongooses with long tails and bodies, as well as five fingers on each pawIlliger1811
Herpestidaefamilymustelid-like carnivorans with long faces and bodies, small rounded ears, short legs, and long tapering tailsBonaparte1845
Herrerasauridaefamilyearly theropod-like dinosaurs with primitive traits, such as five or more digits in hands and/or feet, and narrow dromaeosaur-esque skullsReig1963
Heteronemiidaefamilystick insects with thin, uniform bodies??????
Hexapedaefamilyungulates with more than four limbs which do not fit any real-world taxaC-Rex2013
Hexapediafamilysix-legged ChimerasNeini82009
Hexapoditherapsidaefamilywingless six-limbed therapsidsSchnautzr2008
Hexatarifamilycentauroid crurais with long, thin limbs and erect torsosGriffonos1232009
Hexlimbarostridaefamilywinged gryphons with toothy beakless snoutsDisgustedorite2018
Heynadaefamilyterrestrial humanoid lizards that fit no other taxaGhelæ2017
Hieracosphinxidaefamilyearless alces with purely cat-like bodies and hawk- or falcon-like facesDisgustedorite2018
Higuratidaefamilyleeches with plant partsDinoman9722018
Hippogryphidaefamilyoften herbivorous gryphons with hooves and horse-like tailsDisgustedorite2018
Hippopotamidaefamilylarge and bulky ungulates with tusksGray1821
Hirudinaorderparasitic or predatory worms well-known for sucking blood??????
Hirundinidaefamilypasserine birds with short wide beaks, long pointed wings, and long often forked tailsRafinesque1815
Hominidaefamilyintelligent tailless apes which generally lack special ornamentation and may have flat facesLinnaeus1758
Homogenusregular humans and related "races", such as elves, dwarves and NeanderthalsLinnaeus1758
Homoarthropodaclassa taxon that used to contain all humanoid taxons, but is being cleared at the momentGhelæ2011
Homoavidaefamilywingless humanoid birdsGhelæ2011
Homocetidaefamilyhumanoid cetaceans which, other than their limbs, look more or less like modern aquatic cetaceansDisgustedorite2018
Homogryphonidaefamilygryphons with six or more non-wing limbsGhelæ2011
Homosauriaorderhumanoid reptiles that do not clearly fit into other ordersSchnautzr2008
Homossidaefamilyhuman-like skeletonsDinoman9722018
Hopperiaorderthree-limbed tamaranian creatures which stand on one legDisgustedorite2018
Hopperidaefamilyherbivorous hoppers with two eyes, one leg, two arms, and a tailDisgustedorite2018
HopperusgenusIncludes most species of hoppers Featuring Tamaranian HoppersDisgustedorite2018
Hosapdatafamilyhumanoid salamandersFoxman11232008
Humusopterafamilytypically bipedal terrestrial cephalopods with distinct necks and headsDark Ridley2009
Hupehsuchiaordertransitional ichthyosauromorphs which are typically aquatic or semi-aquatic and have limbs instead of finsYoung & Dong1972
Hupehsuchidaefamilytypical Hupehsuchians with webbed feet and paddle tails, which may have either baleen or toothless beaksUnknownUnknown
Hyaenidaefamilyhyena-like creaturesGray1821
Hydraidaefamilywingless, usually snake-like western dragons with multiple headsDinoman9722018
Hymenopteraorderinsects with stingers and well-developed mouthparts, known for sometimes forming eusocial colonies with one or more queenLinnaeus1758
Hystriapsidaefamilytherapsids with a large number of spikes like porcupines'Sky Gummi2022
Ichthydrakonidaefamilyichthyostegalians with 6-limbs, which emulate wingsSky Gummi2022
Ichthyosauriaorderaquatic reptiles with shark-like bodiesBlainville1835
Ichthyosauridaefamilytypical ichthyosaurs with dolphin-like bodies and snoutsBonaparte1841
Ichthyostegaliaorderfish with amphibian featuresSäve-Söderbergh1932
Ichthyowillacladeaquatic willosaursDisgustedorite2018
Ichthyowillidaefamilywillosaurs which have returned to the waterDisgustedorite2018
Icthyomolluscaorderfish-like hemimolluscsDisgustedorite2018
Ignidaefamilyfire-like spirits which provide light and usually don't have true bodiesStupo2023
Iguaniaordercommonly arboreal lizards with usually primitive tonguesCope1864
Iguanidaefamilyiguana-like lizardsOppel1811
ImparmembrifamilyMultoscapits with an odd amount of limbsN3therIsHere2018
Incisivosauridaefamilyherbivorous maniraptors with somewhat short tails and rodent-like teethDisgustedorite2018
Insectaclassarthropods with six limbs and three main body segmentsLinnaeus1758
Insectopiscidaefamilyfish-like hemiinsects with limbs, exoskeletons, antennae, and a pair of antenna-like tailsDisgustedorite2018
IntestisauridaefamilyMandibulosaurs with long, twisting or tangled limbsDisgustedorite2018
Isopodaorderarmored crustaceans with flat bodies which appear oval-like from aboveLatreille1817
Ixodidaefamilyticks with hard exoskeletonsC. L. Koch1844
Jantokidaefamilysuperficially hippo-like ungulates with short necks and bulky upper bodiesDisgustedorite2018
Jayvoridaefamilyshort-tailed toothed gryphons which commonly bear many horns and spikesDisgustedorite2018
Jelezleonidaefamilymammal-like hemiinsectans with mammalian mouthpartsTigress Dragonblade2009
Jeliidaefamilybipedal jackalope-tapir-like ungulates with sharp hand clawsTm812022
Jerigmucidaefamilyrobust therapsids with long necks, bird-like beaks and horns on their headsJoch222011
Juliidaefamilysnails with shells divided into 2 halvesE. A. Smith1885
Kaabiidaefamilyround, short-legged creatures inspired by those in Kirby games, many of which are capable of some form of flightDisgustedorite2018
Kabutopsidaefamilyoften terrestrial sea scorpions with large clawsDisgustedorite2018
Kataridaefamilymultiform crustaceans with aquatic adaptations and proboscides at the end of their tailsDinoman9722018
Keythongidaefamilyeared alces with spiky bodiesDisgustedorite2018
Kharavasauriaorderreptiles that evolve to their mature forms via metamorphosis and do not fit real-world taxaOluapPlayer2011
Kibanidaefamilyfour-limbed entomosalamandrans with beaksDinoman9722018
Kicathidaefamilyarmoured humanoid theropodsGhelæ2013
Kipiscisauridaefamilychimeric reptiles with fish and insectoid traitsSky Gummi2023
Kiwicornidaefamilylong-legged semi-aquatic predatory kiwis with horned headsDisgustedorite2018
KobistetidaefamilyTwo Legged Piece Of Grox LikeTm812023
Kogusgenuscornupithecids with clawed digits and a single spiral-shaped horn at the top of their headsDinoman9722018
KongamatepteridaefamilyREAL more pterosaurs living in the forest but flying recant long tail (with long mouth)Disgustedorite2019
Korosauridaefamilybipedal crocodilians that do not fit any real-world taxonSpacerspore2010
Kouticephalidaefamilyalces with an object or non-head body part in place of the head, which cannot be definitively placed in other alce familiesDisgustedorite2019
Kratimsoidaefamily6-limbed cycloptic mammalohemiinsectoidsSky Gummi2022
Kroctogrisidaefamilyeight-limbed chimeras that resemble crocodiles and tigersSky Gummi2022
Krustaliynidaefamilyintelligent mandibulosaurs that grow and rely upon crystalsSky Gummi2022
Kryteirreiafamilywingless pelycosaurs with six or more limbs that fit no other taxa98.172.26.1632010
Kulindadromeidaefamilyfeathered bipedal neornithischians with scaly tailsDisgustedorite2018
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