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City assault is a galactic adventure in Spore Galactic Adventures that doesn't exist in-game.

Description Edit

The Kimuettes and the Bingfishs have been at war for almost 8000 years,and Bingfish is showing major signs of victory. It was only a year when the Kimuettes received a technological advancement and rose to power. As a result, the two factions are battling 24/7 and showing no signs of stopping. But one of the factions must win.

Objective Edit

The primary focus of this mission is to eliminate all Bingfish forces and structures inside their city. This mission is similar to the first City Assault, only there is a full-scale war with plenty of enemies. The player must destroy all the Bingfish buildings while trying not to have his/her city destroyed. Many of the forces have high firepower (especially the centurion) so it would be advisable to let the troops destroy it. Note that ALL military forces respawn, so be prepared for a long battle.

Victory Edit

The one and only way to win this adventure is to destroy all the buildings in the Bingfish city

Units-- NOTE: Most of these do not exist in-game. ok

Kimuette Mercenary-Protagonist infantry

Kimuette Savior-Protagonist (Also the selected captain)

Bingfish Mercenary-Antagonist infantry

Bingfish Champion-Advanced Antagonist Infantry

Zaider-Protagonist AND Antagonist offense jet

Helicopter-4000-Antagonist aerial support

Centurion-Huge antagonist mech











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