This is a list of rules for this wiki. Rules will be added on an as-needed basis.

There are generally few rules and most are obvious.

Main rules

  1. Profanity is not allowed in pages of the main namespace. It's not that we don't think you can handle it, it's that we can potentially get people from any age-group on this site, and it would be bad form for a wiki on a game that's rated E-10+ to be rated R. While profanity is allowed in the Fiction Universe and its derivates, being rude for the sake of being rude is not.
  2. Vandalism (or spam) is not allowed. We think you can figure out why. Vandalism is also not a game.
  3. This is a community wiki. You do not own any page other than your user page (and its sub-pages or fiction), and if somebody is changing a page you created for the benefit of the wiki as a whole, let them.
  4. Uploading or posting anything pornographic will result in an instant permanent block from SporeWiki, and probably Wikia.
  5. Do not expose too much personal information online of you or someone you know. This data can be picked up from anyone on the internet and once it is out, even deleting it off a page cannot guarantee it will not be, and can be used maliciously. These include surnames, passwords, bank accounts, your real picture, your address, what you are doing, and where are you found and more. Of course beware what you say on other sites that are linked to your wikia account. See Central Wikia's Terms of Use.


  1. Stay civil and always assume good faith. If something isn't obviously vandalism, then do not assume or attack the editor. If the error is a simple mistake, inform the user politely about correcting it next time. If it is vandalism or spam, leave it to the administrators of the wiki to fix.
  2. The same applies for new users, who may not be familiar with wiki conduct.
  3. Regarding internet cultures; there are several groups on SporeWiki (e.g. Warhammer players, My Little Pony fans, furries etc.) that coexist, although not all users may approve of each other's fandom. Fandom is allowed, but it must be kept on the editor's userpage. Discrimination is not acceptable, but nor is forcing one's fandom or opinion of it on the wiki community. Keep it to the minimum.

Main namespace editing

  1. Only add sourced information, do not add your theories and ideas, unless it is decided it is acceptable (via talk page).
  2. Do not post copyrighted material without permission. Plagiarism is taken seriously, remember to source quotes.
  3. Writing in first-person format just looks silly. Pages must be neutral point of view.
  4. It is not required for normal edits but when doing big edits write a summary in the summary box.
  5. Instead of causing flame wars or edit wars, issues can be resolved via talk page.
  6. Make sure your edit or page creation includes a clear page layout, good grammar/spelling, and relevant images.
  7. There is several forms of the English language, such as British and American English. On an international wiki, it doesn't matter what form of a language is used. There is no need to convert it to a different version.

User's pages

Unlike most articles users content pages should not be edited without permission.

On user talk pages, remember to follow the guidelines (which will vary between user) as stated on their talk page.

Talk pages

  1. Users may not remove talk page content unless it is vandalism, harassment or spam from other talk pages.
  2. Users may remove content from their own talk page, unless it is a staff message. In these cases, the message must be preserved.
  3. See Project:Archival. We try to keep records on as much information as possible, including talk pages, for reference.

The following are places to discuss specific topics:

  Article talk page[1] Forums User pages User talk pages[2] IRC Discord
Spore topics/questions Cross icon[3] Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon
Wiki technical topics/questions Tick icon[4] Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon
Errors, improvements, etc for a specific article/template/etc Tick icon Cross icon Cross icon Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon
Errors, improvements, etc for several articles/templates/etc Cross icon Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon
Specific creations/fictions Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon
Multiple creations/fictions Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon
Announcements, your opinion (monologue-ish) Cross icon Cross icon Tick icon Cross icon Cross icon Tick icon
Collaboration between multiple users Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon
Talking to a specific user Cross icon Cross icon Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon[5] Tick icon
Off-topic, social, etc[6] Cross icon Cross icon Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon[7] Tick icon
  1. E.g. Talk:Grox or Creature talk:Loron.
  2. You can of course direct any question to a specific user if you'd like. But a conversation between more than two people can get confusing on a user talk page.
  3. Article talk pages are for discussing the article itself. For example, you shouldn't ask "how do I defeat the Grox?" on Talk:Grox. And the main page talk page is for discussing the main page only.
  4. If there is an issue with a page, e.g. "How do I make this image smaller?"
  5. If he/she happens to be there, of course.
  6. Only in very small doses please.
  7. If the discussion is between two users with no chance of anyone else involving themselves, use private chat.

Fiction guidelines

Make sure you read the fiction guidelines if you want to join the main SporeWiki Sci-Fi Universe or Fantasy Universe. Otherwise, fiction is allowed as long as it does not break any of the rules on this page.

If a user has been inactive for three months or longer, any of their short fiction pages (those that have little content besides an infobox and/or opening paragraph) may be deleted, but that user may ask an administrator to undelete pages upon returning to the wiki. Similarly, construction templates may be removed from longer pages after the same period.

A fiction page cannot solely contain links to other pages, as this means it lacks content. This means redirects and disambiguation pages are not permitted in these namespaces. As an alternative, users are encouraged to also add content to pages which link to others, or to create such pages in user namespace.


See this external article for the prefered standard for signatures.

  1. The main things are not to include big or shouting text, that the signature is not too long and only has one small image, to reduce page load up lag and the fact they can cause server drain, as well as provide a distraction.
  2. Remember to consider that colour blind users might not be able to see your signature.
  3. Use a timestamp.
  4. Always sign your posts on talk pages and forums.