NOTE: IRC is no longer used by most users and has been replaced by Discord, but the #sporewiki IRC channel and logs can still be accessed.


IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat, and is the official method of communication used by most of the wiki community. IRC is considered the main chat room of the wiki and fields discussions about the game, the Fiction Universe and other topics. You can also use IRC to communicate with other users and the Administrators if you have any problems.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is convenient, simple to join and the majority of the users in the Wiki Community can be found there. You do not need your email address or any password to join IRC. The administrators can be found here, if you wish to ask them a question. See the IRC Quotes Page if you want to catch a glimpse of the fun we have.



Though there is no set topic on #sporewiki, thus allowing a wide range of topics to be discussed, the channel is mainly meant for discussions related to SporeWiki. Nevertheless, though off-topic conversations are allowed, there are some topics that should be discussed elsewhere rather than the main channel. In addition, there are some other rules which should be adhered to in order to make the channel a more enjoyable experience. Warnings will be delivered first, though bans, kicks and quiets will also be issued.

  1. Sysop = Chanop: People with the @ symbol in front of their names are administrators, or sysops, on SporeWiki (though they can also be bots used for channel operator purposes). By extension, on IRC, they are also ops, or chanops. Bureaucrats and sysops have final say when it comes to ending arguments and controversial topics.
  2. Religious, Political and other Controversial Topics: Obviously, these conversations are just as controversial on the wiki as they are in real life. These topics may only be discussed on the main channel so long as an active user on IRC does not object. SporeWiki IRC caters to conversations about SporeWiki and so these discussions should be taken to another channel. This rule also applies to other controversial topics. If they persist despite objections from other users, the channel may be quieted.
  3. Fiction Arguments: If you don't like a particular fiction, do not whine about it on IRC. Mature feedback is acceptable, though a user is within his or her rights to end such discussions about their own fiction. Persistence in this regard is grounds for sanction by the ops.
  4. Be Courteous: Arguments are inevitable on the internet and IRC is no exception. Nevertheless, you are asked to be courteous to your fellow users and if you cannot, either ignore them or you risk sanctions.
  5. Arguments: Major arguments, though inevitable, are not tolerated. If you want to argue, take it to private chat. Nevertheless, harassment on private chat will result in a ban, just as it would on the main channel.
  6. SporeWiki Ban = IRC Ban: If you are banned on the wiki, you are banned on IRC.
  7. Spam: This is a relatively simple rule. Infobot abuse should be avoided and do not endless repeat your comments if nobody is responding and so forth.

While this is not a rule, be wary of posting opinions, especially of other users on the wiki and be mindful of how you want to appear. Every moment on IRC is logged in the archives; which are available to view both on and off the wiki which could affect you on-site!


Ops, or chanops are users with the @ symbol in front of their names, and the +o mode set by default upon joining the channel. These users can quiet the entire channel, kick or ban other users, change the topic at will and speak when a channel is quieted. The following users are chanops:


Voices are users set with the +v command. No user is voiced by default, although a user can be voiced in case the entire channel has been quieted. Moderators can grant themselves +v at will, but in other cases, only ops can grant +v. However, as the channel should hopefully rarely be quieted entirely, voice should not matter too much.

Joining Edit

With Freenode's CGI Edit

Set your username as your nick and verify you are human with captcha. The whole page will be replaced by a client, including the sidebar/etc.

Enable JavaScript and Java to see the IRC chat interface or click here to go to Freenode's gateway.

With Another Client Edit

When joining with another client, i.e. mIRC or ChatZilla, simply start the client, make sure you are on the server (/server, and then type /join #sporewiki.

For Advanced UsersEdit

Server - 6667
SSL - Not available
Channel - #sporewiki
Link - SporeWiki IRC

Logs Edit