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Spore is a game about creativity and has a DIY philosophy. The Fiction of SporeWiki lives on this very philosophy. In Spore, the players create their own creature's story, although it is limited to the options contained in the game. SporeWiki does not have these limits. As the creators of fiction can create anything in the game, they too can create anything here that they write.

We do ask that the content on SporeWiki be at least partially Spore-centric, but we do not give limits to anyone who writes about their own creature's story. While the different collaborative universes have their own rules, there are no rules to what you create.

Create your story[]

Creating fiction is simple. Go simply to Project:Create a page and create a page for your content, in the namespace (determined by the prefix, for instance a page with the "Creature:" prefix exists in the Creature namespace) for what the content being written about is. Then, upload image(s) for your content, with a categoy for which content (a captain's image must have the "Captain images" category) and begin writing. Alternatively, simply creating a page in the "Fiction" namespace means the fiction does not have to be content at all. While it is asked that pages in one of the content namespaces do have images uploaded, this is not asked of fiction pages.

For more in-depth guidelines concerning the collaborative universes, go to Project:Fiction guidelines.

Collaborative universes[]

The aforementioned collaborative universes are where the content created interacts. Many of the epic adventures of the creatures are detailed in the stories written by the content creators here. These collaborative efforts include but are not limited to:

The science fiction collaborative universe of SporeWiki
You have just entered a rich science fiction world. Hope you enjoy!
The fantasy collaborative universe of SporeWiki
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