Ah yes, the new, fandangled message network! So clean! So pristine! So FREE FROM NUISANCES. Opinions on nuisances may vary of course; but enough of that. I am currently in the middle of choreography, and surprisingly Volim is very good at it! I may have beaten sense in the old lump!

Santorakh, God of Madness
Brag'klogga? Is that you? Aren't you supposed to be on MY SIDE, pillaging countless and unwary travellers and AIDING IN THE APPARENTLY AND UNFORTUNATELY SLOW APOCALYPSE?! Angazhar had ought to pull his thumb out.
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Brag'klogga (Da comms channel)
well we tried da apocalyps an it kinda failed so im jus gonna TAKE ALL YA CHEESE insted. IMAGINE ALL DA PIZZA YOO CULD MAKE FROM IT
Santorakh, God of Madness
How about this, instead; I put udders on your oversized and underused head and milk you until kingdom come! Just think about how much cheese I could make then!
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Brag'klogga (Da comms channel)
Santorakh, God of Madness
No wait! Come back! Think about the moments we shared! All three minutes of it! I could treat you to some cheese, of course. No? Oh well. Ta ta and farewell.
Let's get this party started! I bring the Queen music, Santo has the cheese! Who wants to bring the cake and prostitutes?
It's the funniest mix! Especially when you the prostitutes in the cake. Hmmm. Yum.

Message From Beyond[]

MiniTukNijusi.png Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
*signal recieved*

decoding translation matrix...completed
connecting to network 7sa-udb-swf...completed

Ah. There we go. You would not believe the extremities I had to go to in connecting to this. Many millions of light years away from the nearest network and I only just managed to tune into it. Anyway, let's begin. Greetings, men, women and those of ambivalent gender within the First Gigaquadrant. My name is President Tuk Nijusi of the Nijusi Syndicate; you would not have heard of me nor the company I lead. So let me explain myself and my role, here.

I lead a rather large network of trade and commerce where I live - and where I live, well. We call it Zahamantas, Adulovis Varupharnis, and even in my native tongue it is known as Sattu Sikusa. You will have heard of it in your society as the Tuuros Galaxy. Perhaps this may come as a shock to you, but indeed we have remained in this galaxy even past that...fiasco. Nevertheless, Tuuros stands strong. Isolated, but strong.

I extend warm greetings from my home of Nijusisumarec, where I live and where I work. Tuuros as you will find there is a thriving community of commerce and trade, and, once a year, I hold a galactic event to bring its cultures together. I call the Tuuros Galaxy Theater Festival; let the name not fool you, however. We as a galaxy are as hard as steel, and it seems that the only sense of unification we have is the desire to test our mettle against one another. Because this year we have finally opened contact with the wider Gigquadrant, we invite each galaxy who would listen to participate in this event. Preparations will take some time, as we are still accounting for our own participants.

In the meantime, feel free to question me on the culture of the Tuuros Galaxy. You will find it is more civilised than what our...main export was capable of. We apologise wholeheartedly for that.

- Tuk Nijusi, President of the Nijusi Syndicate

Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Gol'thabex (Da comms channel)
but i mite. depends if ya got work an cash
MiniTukNijusi.png Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
Oh my. It appears Vranntan are also in the wider Gigaquadrant. Regardless, I am sure we can come to an understanding. My company encompasses all cultures and their wants. Tell me; are you a fan of food?
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Fre'kloar (Da comms channel)
Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
Vranntan? Well. Loud, rather forthcoming with their conversations. Friendly once you've reached an understanding. And as for food, well. Us Sumikians have this rather interesting cuisine; it is a doughy substance rolled out flat and then having all manners of sauces and meats filled on top. Rather ingenious. Does that appeal to you?
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Fre'kloar (Da comms channel)



So Tuuros has been rediscovered and is seems to harbour more life than just the Congregation. Perhaps it would seem right to turn our attention to Tuuros and start exploring it, seeking out new life and new civilizations, to boldy go where no Rambo has gone before eh?

Rambert Ramveral
Interesting. As an effort to reach out to the rest of Tuuros, outside of the Rasumuru Ascendancy and the Schism, His Imperial Holiness, Ascendant Vishvarasumurú II, has expressed much interest in this "Tuuros Galaxy Theater Festival", and will send our best warriors to participate in this testing of our mettle. His Imperial Holiness also apologizes in advance for any, ah, "incidents" that may occur between our warriors and the other participants at this Theater. But, be warned, that His Imperial Holiness hears rumors about your Syndicate, President Nijusi, and he considers them. Any criminal activity shall not be tolerated, and there will be retaliation.

- Ngushratu Krishmal, Tuuros Representative of the Rasumuru Ascendancy

MiniTukNijusi.png Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
I assure that, to the rest of the First Gigaquadrant that claims of criminal activity under the Nijusi Syndicate is propaganda. Lies and slander, as it were. All of our activities are traced and are legitimate, and I personally find it an insult that the Tuuros Galaxy claims by success to be illegal. The galaxy that I live in is full of unscrupulous characters ready to bite at my ankles.

LIVE: Silvan Raids Intensify on New Aratacia[]

Capital World of Union of Imperial Quadrant States New Aratacia rocked by recent raids by Natives
  • A total of fifty French tourists and thirty Drodo settlers have been raided, kidnapped or killed along Highways 122, 198, 141, and 178 in past three days. The highways mentioned run through a mountainous, arid region of the world, inhabited by the hostile Seruni tribes.
  • The New Aratacian govt. has yet to comment officially on the matter.
  • IDMP outposts along the highways are requesting 'more assets' and are arranging around-the-clock mounted patrols, reports say.
  • "They are a savage people," Silvan merchant Firr comments; "the Drodo would be wise not to run their caravans through such passes."

  • BREAKING: Forts from the southwestern edge of the Silvan Dar'a Kingdom have come under attack from "thousands" of Seruni horsemen, reports say. The Dar'a have released a statement to Drodo media that they are mobilising an army as a response.
An uplifting campaign was out of the question when you colonised the planet, now, wasn't it?
Waptoria Alliance.png Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Oji'b
So typical of the Drodo. And they are puzzled why we didn't get an high opinion of them that one time we fought side-by-side.
Supreme Shifter of the Orgaat, K'ora
Reminds too much of my own peoples' history. Even if peace is reached, those scars will not banish for a long time, you can be sure of that.
  • BREAKING: Skirmish between three IDMP officers and about twenty Seruni warriors on Highway 141 leaves six Silvan dead, and all three officers wounded. The raiding party retreated back in to the mountains without any loot. The warriors all appeared to use archaic, traditional weapons and armour- chainmail suits, iron maces, and recurve bows- and not a single firearm was between them.

  • Members of the 3rd New Aratacia Cavalry have been seen sortieing from the world's largest city, Gallonia. Most suspect they are being deployed to assist police operations.
  • An official statement from the New Aratacian government had still yet to come.

  • BREAKING: Reports have come in that a vassal of the Dar'a Kingdom is arming "many" of their retinue cavalry with X8-95-S rifles- a carbine variant of the X8-95 assault rifle, that is not for private sale.

  • "We're all a bit scared" Jean Boreau, a French tourist, has said. Boreau and his friends have chosen to stay in Gallonia for a few more days- one of many tourists who have either stayed away from land-based transport or even cut their time on New Aratacia short in the wake of recent events.
MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Destroy them.
Andromeda News 20 aggregate headline provider
  • "If this crisis continues to make business dangerous, outside interest in the New Aratacian project will be at risk." says Araveene City speculator and Domcar Mfg. board member Gadaa Enerica.

  • Domcar (DOMC) share price drops by 3% after New Aratacia crisis spreads consumer concern in the integrity of Quadrant Galaxies operations.

  • Heller Armaments (HELR) reports increased interest in expanding into Quadrant Galaxies market.

  • Aurestor Savenium (Viceroy, Q82): "As far as can be assumed, the uprising is confined to the surface of the single Drodo Empire colony. There is no valid evidence that the insurgency could spread to other planets. AN isolated incident."
  • Drodo cavalrymen, of the 3rd N.A Cavalry are seen patrolling the affected highways, most other major trails in the region. Reports show that they are stopping and advising all commuters to head to the nearest Drodo settlement and stick to major roads.
  • Drodo ranchers near Seruni country are reporting attempted livestock theft on the part of Seruni raiders- this has caused many ranchers and farmers in the region to begin to form militia and organise their own patrols.
  • When asked how many Seruni warriors were operating in the current crisis, Drodo colonel Kiran Lisenai has commented that "We have no hard or fast number, but absolutely several hundred-thousand".

  • BREAKING: An army of approximately 12 000 Seruni warriors assault and seize a Dar'a border fort, taking minimal losses, reports say. This is the first fort to fall in the Dar'a front. Most other border forts are also under attack, and the Dar'a are sending reinforcements to this border region.

  • Dar'a Kingdom army spotted "suspiciously close" to Dar'a-Drodo border, reports from police say.

  • BREAKING: An iron-extraction operation, run by Boudreau Mining Concern, which is a subsidiary of Quadrantia Steel Co. has come under attack overnight by an "enormous host" of Seruni warriors, most of whom were mounted. Vehicles were stolen or destroyed, worker accomodations were raided and razed, and many workers were hurt, killed, or unaccounted for. Several supervisors and managers visiting the site were also captured or wounded. The mining site, which is the largest for the company and based in a normally-peaceful area of Seruni country, has been put out of operation "for at least months, possibly even permanently", says one foreman. In terms of financial losses and damage, this is by far the most devastating Silvan raid of the current, weeklong conflict. Drodo soldiers, both on horseback and in dropships, have been deployed to locate the Seruni host responsible, and several hundred Drodo militiamen have volunteered to protect the mining site on their own time, and provide medical and food aid to the stranded, ragged workers there.
  • UPDATE: Boudreau Mining Concern's share price plummets after the major attack on its assets. As many competitors begin to cancel and abort projects in the mineral and iron-rich Seruni region (even on the world altogether), BMC's operation is currently being assessed- the cost of repair weighed, and risks facing the project in the future. Quadrantia Steel Co.'s stocks also take a hit as the shockwave makes the Neutrality Zone Steel and Mining industry shudder.
  • UPDATE: Dar'a cavalry, armed with X8-95-S carbines, rout a Seruni force with minimal losses on a stretch of steppe close to the Dar'a-Drodo border. Reports show that this Seruni force was likely part of the army that attacked the BMC mining operation. The rest of the Seruni host is still at large, and many analysts and settlers have suspected that they have dispersed in to the mountains.
  • The Galactican government denounced the attack as an act of barbarism and praised the responses of the government and "regular, private citizens out to defend their fellow man."
  • IDMP colonel for New Aratacia, Tifan Lorai, has described the current Silvan situation as a "mere police action", and warns people to "not delude themselves in to thinking this is some sort of 'war'."
  • Stocks for many companies in the Neutrality Zone's metal and mining industry continue to drop in the wake of the Silvan attacks.

  • BREAKING: Border incident between Dar'a Kingdom troops and Drodo infantrymen leaves five Silvan warriors dead and one Drodo soldier wounded. Tensions between the native Dar'a and the Drodo colonists have been running high since the beginning of the crisis.
  • A representative of the native Tahla Divine Kingdom has claimed that Dar'a Kingdom soldiers have raided several border settlements, and has declared to the media that the Divine Kingdom is raising its armies and considering "punitive acts" on the Dar'a.
  • The New Aratacian Militia, clad in smart black-and-red uniforms and armed with rifles, have been rallied and deployed in many major cities, and dispersed in to towns as the current Silvan crisis spirals out of control, reports say.

  • BREAKING: A large group of tourists from the Draconid Imperium, retreating along Highway 178, are now under attack by a "swarm" of Seruni warriors, numbering several hundred. The tourists are currently being escorted by a dozen IDMP officers, several of whom were in squad cars. At the time of this writing, the officers have circled the vehicles and are engaged in combat with the tribesmen. Satellite photos show more and more Seruni are being attracted to the scene of the battle, coming in a trickle. Seruni casualties are unknown, and there have been no injuries or deaths among the police or tourists.

  • A Frenchman has been apprehended by IDMP officers on the Drodo-Dar'a border, after attempting to disguise himself as a Silvan merchant, driving a carriage. The police brought the man in to custody, and searched his carriage- finding one-hundred FASAT and twenty X8-95 assault rifles, two-hundred cavalry sabres, fifty handguns, and about five-thousand rounds of ammunition in various denominations. "This cache is worth a small fortune", officer Heral Talian commented, before adding "We're also quite sure he wanted to sell these to the natives, which is a crime around these parts." The police have declined to provide a name for the suspect.
Andromeda News 20 aggregate headline provider
  • Imperial Quadrant Viceroyality's Ministry of Tourism has issued a dangerous travel warning for New Aratacia
  • Spira Spaceways inundated with messages from concerned travelers
  • Elereg Karion, Spira Spaceways relations chief, defends company stating the group under fire "understood the risks of visiting travel warning site"
  • BREAKING: The Silvan Tahla Divine Kingdom unveils a previously-unknown collection of artillery field guns, alongside other weapons in a propaganda video uploaded to the Hypernet and Holonet, stating that "continued Dar'a aggression will no longer be tolerated". Many fear war.

  • Boudreau Mining Concern decides to shutter its iron-extraction operation in the wake of a massive Seruni attack. BMC operations on New Aratacia had employed thousands of Drodo settlers, who now face unemployment.
  • A dozen Silvan soldiers, claiming to be from the Dar'a Kingdom, have been brought in to custody by local police when they were spotted making camp for the night deep within Drodo-controlled territory. The troops, only one of whom had a rifle, surrendered without a fight, and admitted to deserting their posts within the native polity when questioned. The police have reported that they have since confiscated the Silvans' equipment and intend to keep them in custody. "We aren't gonna press any charges, not unless new information arises" officer Kiran Ghiljan said to the media- "and we aren't sure about deportation either, given the punishments for desertion." Officer Ghiljan has stated that the police department has sent the issue on to a higher authority, and hopes a response comes quickly. "They might be hanging around for a while though, given how hectic things've been" he then added.

Great, just great, the situation in the Neutrality Zone continues to detoriate and endanger trade routes and visitors. And then the France and Drodo condemn us for raising the "The Gorge" and conducting increased security checks on the stations? Now I would say all these news feeds prove us right.

Rambert Ramveral

Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png
Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png

You're blind, Rambert, if you can't distinguish between a local planetary disturbance and a genuine threat. The Neutrality Zone is fine. These people have fewer starships than you have heirs. You want to know who the real threat to galactic peace and stability is?

Ignoble, racist, sensationalist, militarist, backstabbing, You.

Raoul Savoie
President of the Galactian House of Commerce

The Klaxon - The Gigaquadrant's #1 Drama and Culture News Source
Raoul, you just made the next episode of The Klaxon.
High Lord of the Mendel Pact, Ugandalore the Un-touchable
Well, well, well, well well. A member of the French Empire calling someone a threat to Gigaquadrantic stability. Ain't that rich. The kettle gets called black. Amazing.

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

  • BREAKING: Fifty New Aratacian Cavalry have arrived at the site of the Highway 178 battle, breaking the four-day long siege. The Cavalry charged the Seruni raiders with lance and pistol, and a brief battle ensued, resulting in a decisive Drodo victory. Total casualties of the siege and battle are five Draconid Imperium tourists wounded, two IDMP officers dead, three Cavalrymen wounded, and 145 Seruni warriors dead, the remaining ~300 retreating in to the mountains. The tourists were reported to have been shaken by the experience, but all are expected to make a recovery.

  • After a final verdict has been reached, the dozen Dar'a soldiers have not been charged of any crime, and have been released from police custody. The soldiers have had their weapons destroyed, and were given a hundred DCD each before being sent on their way. Reports say that the group have been catching their bearings in a rural motel.
  • Seruni warriors continue to make gains in the campaign against the Dar'a Kingdom- ten border forts have been seized as the Kingdom scrambles to respond to the mounted hordes.
  • IDMP Colonel Tifan Lorai: "We are considering the use of air support in the containment of the current incident."
  • BREAKING: A Dar'a Kingdom force of 500 000 has engaged a Seruni horde a third that size near Highway 198. The Dar'a force is comprised mostly of infantry, with a significant heavy cavalry component. The New Aratacian government has closed all travel along 198 and has halted all patrols. The battle is currently inconclusive.

  • IDMP Tifan Lorai commissions the use of air support has the Silvan situation continues to deteriorate. Mirage Roi fighters have been prepared from the world's garrison to begin striking targets within hours.
  • The New Aratacian government has issued a warning to the Tahla Divine Kingdom, regarding their recent actions and posturing against the Dar'a. The Tahla appear unfazed.

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

  • BREAKING: The battle near Highway 178 continues. The Seruni, despite possessing less firearms, appear to have the upper-hand and have led a large contingent of 100 000 infantry in to a devastating trap with a false rout, felling some 20 000 with withering arrow barrages and sending the rest running. The Dar'a have been shifting their heavy cavalry to respond as the battle gradually shifts toward the Highway proper.

  • The New Aratacian government has deployed yet more reserves to border settlements, as more and more tourists return from the highways, and tensions increase in the Silvan world.
  • Technicals from the Tahla Divine Kingdom have been sighted close to Drodo border settlements, before being scared off by warning shots.

  • BREAKING: The first New Aratacian airstrikes have been conducted, striking six Seruni-controlled border forts in Dar'a territory. The munitions- conventional air-to-surface missiles- were successful in annihilating the pre-Drodo contact fortifications, and Seruni losses are expected to be heavy in all targets. The strikes are targeted to cripple the logistics of the Seruni hordes.
Am I the only one, bothered up this? Not pissed as hell, like the Persan, not mildly interested, like the Drodo's allies, but worried as hell? Think about. The Drodo show up, and don't seem to have a plan for the Slivan natives when they come here. No uplifting programs, no attempts at contact and the like, not even an extermination program. They just role up, starting mining and trading, and seem ignorant that their existence may very well shatter the very basis of life as we f*cking know it for the Slivan. They just cautiously traded, not really trying to reach out or anything. Now the Slivan are pissed because, golly, some aliens are running around and taking up land and messing with the culture that's existed for thousands of years. You're surprised by this? Why? They don't know you, their leaders don't knw your goals at all. This isn't the work of an advanced alien race, this is the work of a backwards race that thinks the most fearsome weapon is the f*cking musket, and thinks because they have muskets, they can muscle in whatever they want. News flash Drodo, you don't attempt to contact their highest Emperors and kings, you don't try to uplift them, or anything, and guess what, their gonna have a problem with you moving into their backyard, not knowing what the hell your doing there.
But this won't change anything. Just watch, after this whole affair is done, and you've decimated their population, you'll start a "Civilization" program, in other words, make them second class citizens and make sure their living in their own refuse so they'll never bother you again. You can pat yourselves on the back and declare you've "civilized" those "Backward savages", all the while their basically slaves and second-class to the Drodo. You'll have em work 15 hours a day in your special little factories, bash their skulls in if they go on strike, and feed them a "special" food processed from your "special" factors called Slivan Green, and claim it's "high energy Plankton". But that's fine, at least those pesky natives will know their place. Jeez, when I left earth, I thought I was getting away from this. Glad to see humanity isn't the only race that has it's head shoved up it's own rear and acting like this.
  • BREAKING: The battle of Highway 178 continues. A large contingent of Seruni cavalry have been routed by Dar'a Technicals, leaving 2000 Seruni dead and many more wounded. Dar'a heavy cavalry have pulled back from withering horse-archer fire, taking moderate losses.

  • A photojournalist from the Draconid Imperium has been wounded recording the battle- video shows a Dar'a cavalryman striking him with a passing javelin shot to the shoulder, and the journalist limping his way to his vehicle and retreating back to the nearest Drodo village. The journalist has been arrested by the police for leaving secure, police territory and violating the curfew. Reports say the journalist is receiving medical treatment.
  • The Tahla Divine Kingdom have advanced their armies close to the Dar'a border, as more troops arrive at the Tahla-Drodo border.
  • BREAKING: After a significant military buildup at the Tahla-Drodo border, the Silvan Tahla Divine Kingdom has commenced an invasion of Drodo territory. An estimated thirty-million infantry, five million cavalry, five-hundred artillery pieces and ten-thousand technicals have crossed the border as of a few hours ago. Intense, sporadic fighting between Silvan troops and Drodo outposts has been met, though many have been given orders to fall back, and have told civilians to evacuate their villages and head to the safety of the walled cities.

  • Reports from within the Drodo cities themselves describe hundreds of men as young as thirteen "flocking to the banners and recruitment offices", in what has been described by one French journalist as "a fit of patriotism". All New Aratacian militias have been activated in response to the invasion, and are in the process of mobilising. Reports indicate clans are organising their own warbands to help in the new war effort.
  • A force of 200 000 New Aratacian Militia has advanced overnight to a major road that dozens of Drodo border villages feed in to, and are currently congested by thousands of refugees. The Militia there hope to regulate traffic and cover their escape, as Tahla armies continue to surge through the countryside, only just behind the flow of migrants. Reports say that airstrike priority has shifted "completely" to the over thirty-five million-strong army ravaging the abandoned hamlets.

  • BREAKING: Multiple reports state that a solitary New Aratacian farmer has made a heroic last stand in a Drodo border hamlet. As his home settlement was scrambling to evacuate its 3500 inhabitants, the eighty-year old former infantryman and retired mechanical engineer Fahran Vilat volunteered to stay behind and stall the Silvan advance, when it became clear that the refugees would be intercepted if he didn't. Ignoring the protests that he- a respected village elder- would certainly be killed, he went to work preparing his defense as the inhabitants trickled away. Several hours later, in the evening later that day, the village was empty, and Vilat had donned an antiquated suit of Drodo infantry armour, heavily modified over the course of years in to a massive set of power-armour. Heavily armed with assault rifles, grenade launchers, and magnum pistols, he stood in the way of an army of ten-thousand that advanced to the town, and stopped when they sighted him. Video, taken by reporters and others that had staked-out nearby, show Vilat shooting down "wave after wave" of Silvan warriors, as the army ahead attempted- badly- to reorganise when it was realised this would be no mere looting. Video and eyewitness reports state that bullets- even from modern weaponry, "bounced harmlessly off the thick plating", as Vilat lumbered around his home village, fighting his way to the centre of town.
Video shows Vilat, after ten straight minutes of fighting and taking fire, lumbering silently in to the town centre, taking fire from every angle and relentlessly dishing out automatic fire at the dense clusters of disorganised natives who charged from every avenue. Five minutes in to this, however, chance shots buried themselves in to tiny chinks and openings in his power-suit- soon, the old farmer was to his knees, and reduced to his sidearms- one in either hand. Relentless barrages of bullets further wore down his armour- plates came loose and were shot off, jury-rigged valves and hydraulics began to burst- and after another five straight minutes of shooting the now-nonresponsive body of Vilat, the battle was over, and Fahran was long-dead.
After the battle, and after what was left of the Silvan force had left the town- which was, notably, left unmolested for the most part- reporters and others counted around 1400 Silvan dead, with around half of that number "in huge mounds on every avenue leading in to the town square". More importantly, however, the late Vilat had saved the lives of his entire hamlet, as the twenty-minute battle and the several hours the shaken Silvan force took to reorganise itself were enough to make it to the relative safety of New Aratacian lines.
  • BREAKING: Early this morning, four major Tahla armies have combined in to a single force of about ten million, and have pressed on to the major road being held by the New Aratacian army of 200 000- 150 000 infantry, 40 000 cavalry, 100 artillery guns and two-hundred light tanks. The New Aratacians- outnumbered fifty to one- have been involved in preliminary probing skirmishes with Silvan sharpshooters and cavalry squadrons. Thusfar, the New Aratacians have only suffered several wounded, to an estimated eighty Silvan casualties. Reports state that the N.A are sighting in their artillery and requesting air support to damage the advancing main body.

  • New Aratacian government is considering the use of antimatter munitions in current conflict, reports state.
  • Refugees from the countryside continue to flee to the cities, as Tahla horsemen prowl the countryside for any vulnerable caravans. So far, all raiding attempts have been fought back by armed refugees and IDMP escorts.

  • BREAKING: The battle of Highway 178 ends with Dar'a forces pulling back under the cover of night. The Dar'a force, originally numbering 500 000, suffered an approximate 30 000 casualties, and the Seruni force suffered around 10 000. The Seruni have all-but gained control over Highway 178, but any permanent gains in the Dar'a Kingdom as a result of the battle are unlikely.

Recorded Signal from Bajor 2[]

[Voice 1]: Orgoth, nala Ka Niik. Zuul na priky. Zuul na priky. Orgoth, priky.

[voice 2]: Lai Orgoth, Zuul. Aka na Kiir zu na kor.


[Voice 1]: Priky? Naka zu naair?

[Voice 2]: Ark Azhan da Kinecaar!

[Voice 1]: Azhan da Kinecaar!?! Akrezan Akra Kiros.

[Voice 2]: [Shrieks]

[A loud SQUISH can be heard]

[Voice 1]: PRIKY!

[Message ends]

Fiihar Jivirik III's death AN INSIDE JOB? - Tuuros DISCRIMINATION!? - RAMBERT DRAMA - Alexandre I, Pizza, Ottzello | The Klaxon with Jivran Harponis[]

The Klaxon - The Gigaquadrant's #1 Drama and Culture News Source
Hello and welcome to the first broadcast of The Klaxon, the show on The Observer network where we report all the news we know you want to hear, in a way that satisfies your increasingly-short attention span.

For our first story- the tragic death of Archduke Fiihar Jivirik III. The former-Premier of the Empire and all-around best man to ever fucking live was struck down by a fourth-rate French fencer by the name of Auguste de Guise, son of French admiral Franc de Guise. Ever since the incident the House of Jivirik has been assembling a team of private investigators, and requesting help with the investigation from the Draconid Imperium- where it all went down; the Drodo Empire- the best country in the entire universe; and the French Empire- de Guise's unlikable handler. Of the three nations contacted, only the Drodo Empire responded to the requests! Now folks, I'm not a big conspiracy guy-- but I sense a conspiracy. Jivirik, despite- or maybe because- of his virtue, was never liked by foreigners, and especially not by the limp-wristed wannabe aristocrat by the name of Alexandre I. Is it a mere coincidence that it was a Frenchman who struck down Jivirik at his lowest point? Is a coincidence that this Frenchman was "redeployed" before he could be interviewed? Was it just an accident, a misfiling, a fluke that made sure that the French or the Draconis had no opportunity to respond to the clan's requests? As the slogan of this company goes, we think not. ~

For our next story, the Tuuros Galaxy. Tuuros has been quiet for as long as I can remember, but in a shocking surprise message on the UDB they have recently explained that not only did they survive some war, but that they're now breaking their isolation with a... Theatre?
That isn't important. Clearly, the most important bit is the very beginning- where President Tuk Nijusi claims that, not only did he have great trouble connecting to Discussion Board and the Hypernet- the nearest networking area was millions of light-years away. Million with an M. Now, as someone who actually worked as a comms technician for a few days, I think I know the ins-and-outs of the hypernet, and especially the infrastructure behind it. I can personally attest to how easy my job was, maintaining that infrastructure- I practically did nothing! So for the Gigaquadrant in general to allow whatever meagre infrastructure there was in Tuuros to rot, when it was so easy to fix demonstrates blatant discrimination towards the decent folks in the Tuuros galaxy- the Customer Service can put a sock in its canned "apology". ~

Moving on, Rambert Ramveral, on top of his big, beautiful wall, has blasted the New Aratacian government in recent UDB comments, and made his distaste for Alexandre I known. Rambert went on the assault against New Aratacia's planetary government for the recent crisis regarding the natives, saying that "the situation in the Neutrality Zone continues to detoriate and endanger trade routes and visitors", before calling out the Drodo and French, defending the Gorge policy. Sources also say that Rambert has described Alexandre I as "admirable but difficult to treat with". A severe understatement. ~

And that wraps up the news for today- I've been Jivran Harponis of The Klaxon.


How can Jivirik be the greatest man to ever fucking live, when that is clearly me?


Rambert LITERALLY HITLER? - Rambert ROASTED by Galactican - Ugandalore RACIST? - Mirusians, Cesterity, Kalcedia | The Klaxon with Jivran Harponis[]

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Hi, and welcome to The Klaxon- the Gigaquadrant's #1 Drama news source now at over two billion subscribers. A lot has gone down today, much of which I will take direct credit for stirring up.

For our first story- Raoul Savoie of the Republic of Galactica has roasted Rambert for his comments- calling him "blind", and "Ignoble, racist, sensationalist, militarist, (and) backstabbing". Now personally people, this is some pretty heated stuff given the situation over in the Quadrants, and you all know I'm hardly one to take sides. I just report the news.

In that spirit, I've reached out to both Raoul and the High King himself, Rambert, to better explain their positions in an interview and live debate, as it seems like both'll need some clearing up to do. ~

Speaking of interviews, The Klaxon has just completed its first interview, and it was with French political analyst Gilbert Jullien. Jullien studied at... Well, we never got around to that, but nonetheless he had a great many things to say on the subject of the High King Rambert;

  • Gilbert Jullien - "Its often said about Alexandre I that he can get along with anyone, so long as you aren't literally Hitler. Its a good saying, its true... But now think of what they've said between eachother- "difficult to treat with", "destablises the galaxy"- they aren't getting along! Rambert does not get along with Alexandre! We both know that can only mean one logical conclusion- the High King Rambert is literally Hitler. ... Why're you laughing? Look at the High King's behavior! He targeted one group of people, he's pushy with foreign powers, he wants to make his nation "great again"- the parallels are undeniable. Believe me." ~

Continuing on the Rambert drama-train, former Drodo dictator and current Drodo Premier Cesterity Isordon has been caught on video in a pub, explaining his interesting position on the High King-

  • Cesterity, clearly tipsy - "Alright, alright, so- nono, lemme talk... This guy first builds a big wall around my- our- damned space, threatens to shoot up every Heer Stevekel that crosses, calls my man Alex an asswipe... then- *laughs* then he thinks a bunch of spear-chucking natives represent a serious threat? I mean- I don't wanna be rude, but don't he seem like a bit of a fuckup? I mean..."

And there you have it. Even the Premier of the Empire doesn't like the High King. What effect will this have on Drodo-Rambo relations? How will Cesterity respond to this scandal? Will he continue to be a source of stories and ad-revenue with his antics? We'll just have to see. ~

Also in the news- Mirusians! Ugandalore of the Mendel Pact has said that Raoul of the Galactican Republic's comments was "The kettle gets(getting) called black". Now, being an uncultured Drodo, I am totally unfamiliar with this turn of phrase- but it sounds like a racial attack. Black? Why called black? Is that a bad thing to Ugandalore? He, too, will have some explaining to do, so I politely extend a request for interview to the High Lord himself.
The Vanara Houses also seemed to have made an attack- accusing the French as racist for being allies of the Drodo Empire, who they claim to be "suppressing the native population of a planet that rightfully belongs to said natives." I don't know, folks, the Persan seem to be grasping at straws here- truly pathetic. ~

This has been The Klaxon with Jivran Harponis, signing off!

What incessant drivel. It is no wonder that your Gigaquadrant thrives on debauchery and materialistic ideals.
Representative of the Kicathian Republic: Agent Commander Nu
Alright. As long as I don't have to kiss a ring or something. I don't have lips.
Levisala Flag.png Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Quality journalism right here. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, though maybe that's also because I'm sitting on my specially-made chair that is entirely comprised of edges.

I don't know who this Hitler fellow is, since obviously I'm from a different planet than Earth - no, an entirely different galaxy altogether - but he sounds like a stand-up human being who did absolutely nothing wrong.

The Klaxon makes some vile reports about me, something that is shocking to myself and the people of Rambo Nation. Not only that, but comparing me to such a person, of a dark chapter in earth history is something that I simply cannot accept or believe people would make.

Furthermore such claims alienates the Neutrality Zone even more from the people of Rambo Nation, who never make such insults to another race or its leader. Yes there can be diplomatic and political friction between Nations, but thing like this is a boundary crossed. Not only that, it is also a great insult to the people of Rambo Nation and I would gladly see an official statement or apology of the Neutrality Zone and their positions about this vile comparisons.

Rambert Ramveral

Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png
Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png
Blank Space.png

It is important to emphasize that neither The Klaxon nor Mr. Savoie are affiliated with nor are empowered to speak for the Government of Galactica in an official capacity. The public comments of private citizens and outlets do not represent the official stance of the Republic of Galactica.

While we remain determined in our opposition to Mr. Ramveral's bellicose and irresponsible policies, we also believe in an ethic of professionalism and respect in the conduct of foreign relations with the representatives and leaders of foreign nations, even those with whom we strongly disagree. I assure Mr. Ramveral that representatives of the Republic will continue to oppose him on the issues instead of resorting to personal attacks.

However, the Republic also firmly believes in the freedom of expression and of the press. Mr. Savoie and Mr. Harponis have the right to speak and print what they wish so long as they do not bring harm to others, such as through slander, libel, harassment, or incitement to violence. This right forms the bedrock of our democracy, and it is one we shall continue to cherish. If Mr. Ramveral believes that these public statements are libel, he is free to make his case through the appropriate legal channels.

Michèle Bélanger
Governor of Galactica


Your excellency, you fail to show proper manners for a head of state. Whatever your personal opinion about me you can still adres me with the proper titles as your Grace etc. None the less, I feel we are not getting one step closer to a solution, but that we move one step closer to an inevitable stalement of hostilities.

Rambert Ramveral

Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png
Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png

The ruler who needs to threaten his neighbors with war in order to get them to show him respect is a tyrant, not a King.

Raoul Savoie
President of the House of Commerce


Might anyone and any court bear witness to the words of Excellency Raoul Savoie! It were not the Rambo who issued the first words or gave any hint of "war".

Rambert Ramveral

Drodo Empire Flag.png Representing the Drodo Empire, Lord Ikir Terratan VI Drodo Empire Flag.png
The Drodo government concurs with the High King that Jivran and his Klaxon's "journalism" is indeed vile. Furthermore, The Klaxon could indeed be seen guilty of libel or slander under Imperial law- however, the unfortunate fact is that despite the host, Jivran Harponis, being a Drodo and Imperial citizen, his show is not based in Imperial space and thus is not accountable to Imperial law on this matter. While the Imperial government will continue to oppose the High King's policies in the Neutrality Zone, it will do so in a manner fitting of states and kings, and would never approve of such a lowly piece being published.
Your petty squabble is not unlike two rabid dogs fighting over a piece of meat. Learn that your politics is a futile attempt to justify the inevitable decline of your species.
Racist? Me? I've worked with cannibalistic reptilian-birds, and telepathic squids. I'd say racism is a difficult thing for me and my people to acquire. Of course, I shouldn't speak. You seem to have a talent for twisting the words of others around to suite your needs. And, for the record, I would prefer I be called High King, instead of Ugandalore, given the sacred significance of such a title normally used only in formal occasion with the full sobriquet, IE, Ugandalore the Indomitable, the Untouchable, etc. It's rather insulting in my culture to be called as such without the title I earned, and, this leads to my last point, of racism within the Klaxxon. Obviously, it would know much of racism, considering the lack of respect toward my peoples' customs and religious ideals, and engaging in insults towards our very cultural identity and being. Who else but a racist would do such a low and dastardly thing?
Answer my question Klaxxon! How can that rotting Drodo be the greatest man ever, when it is me! I believe there is biased in this media. They favor a dickish, tyrannical Drodo over the good, decent, all MURICAN cybernetic, Omni-sexual, Queen-worshipping humans of the universe. I demand justice. Social Justice, if you will.
The Klaxon - The Gigaquadrant's #1 Drama and Culture News Source
don't insult daddy pls
It's too late! I demand I be represented, for all the Queen-worshipping, Omni-sexual MURICAN Cyborgs out there. Actually, thinking about that, I think I'm the only one. Huh. Hold, I gotta go and rethink my life for a bit, if this is real life, or just fantasy.

Untraced Message[]


Transmission from Kurinnur Technocracy (Communications)

ENCRYPTION: > [ PSE¤%%%#¤% ]
ENCODING: > [ ERR:21 ]
FREQUENCY: > [ 244.5 GHz ]

Be greeted outsiders of mótt t óþarry.

We call are the one, tirin sömursætlaðu kurinnur tvorga. The other natives of mótt t óþarry call us the Kurinnurii, referencing our society as Kurinnur Technocracy.

Now that our deary 'neighbors'; the Nijusi Syndicate, had broken the silence that in less than few ten years. We were obligated to recite that they are hosting this 'event' hosting a series of games involving arena sports, which already has attracted attention and participants. We refuse to disclose more details on it. Besides this fact, we'd like others to acknowledge that they should approach the Syndicate with caution.

Why we were silent since the great expurgation can be explained through retelling the collected records of the wars that occured. We suffered great casualty. We managed preventing the destruction through determination and our strength for our right to exist and future. Although, again, the casualties forced us to change courses of living and spend our time on regaining on our former stance. We focused on preventing opportunist invasions and pacify threats of violation on our material right. Calling for the extern regions would be riskable as it meant more potential opportunists. Taught by our experience with, what we call, the Nummadans. It is universally agreed on that they are called the Vranntans. They the one among the black sheep of civilized entities.

Our explaination can may extend to the background of anti-foreigner politics found in other entities of mótt t óþarry. Hope this knowledge helps.

This was our introduction to you foreign outsiders and other intelligent entities in the same dimension.

Greetings extended by yours truly.
// koman m kílómand ju sömursætlaðu kurinnur


KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: Agent Commander Nu

Viran a SOCIALIST? - Rambert TRIGGERED by KLAXON! - Alexandre I, Ottzello, Borealis, Drodo Empire | The Klaxon with Jivran Harponis[]

The Klaxon - The Gigaquadrant's #1 Drama and Culture News Source
Hello! Its Jivran again, and we're back with a new issue of The Klaxon. Its been a news-free few days, but that's never stopped me or my journalism previously.

For our first story- a very, very butthurt Mr. Rambert. Mr. Rambert has come out today and claimed that my last issue to grace the Universal Discussion Board was "vile", and that it was slanderous of my guest to compare Mr. Rambert to the infamous Adolf Hitler. To be honest, I don't know why he's so offended- I didn't say that, my guest did- I just report the news. Does Mr. Rambert support free speech? Can he prove it? Will he? There is only one way to find out- I am calling on all subscribers (now at over twenty billion!) and fans of The Klaxon to message Mr. Rambert asking if he believes in The Klaxon's freedom of the press and speech at his private holomail address attached; kindly provided by a dedicated, technologically-inclined fan. Prepare your inbox, Mr. Rambert. ~
Also in the news- is Viran a socialist? Yes, the latest, youngest admiral in Imperial service just may be a card-carrying member of the roundly-hated Drodo Socialist Party, documents (attached below) and analyst* opinion shows. Can't say I'm surprised, almost all the signs were there- socially inept, clanless, so bitter I'll bet a lot of money there isn't a single picture of her smiling- disgraceful. Just disgraceful. ~
*We cannot guarantee that Klaxon Analysts possess a high-school level of education or above.

So that'll be all for today. Its been a shorter broadcast, but in any case its been Jivran Harponis, signing off.

Why would anyone be appaled by being compared with some lowly simian warlord? A few dozen million dead apes, of which six were scattered outcast cultists easy to find and slaughter. Even with pre-spacefaring weaponry, that's thoroughly ineffective.
Admiral Viran - Private Account
...Yes, of course- I'm clearly a Socialist, and I'm also sleeping with Alexandre I while I'm at it.
Aren't I on a roll?

LIVE:Political Violence, conflict ahead of Drodo Imperial Election[]

Coron suffers rash of political violence ahead of elections
  • BREAKING: As of last night, the renowned French diplomat Guillaume Aliker has been robbed of his wallet and other possessions including a smartphone by a trio of heavily-armed muggers in a rundown part of the Imperial City, on Coron.
"I was a little tipsy", Aliker admitted to media, as he explained that after a night of social drinking he found himself separated from his friend-group, and tried to head home via a shortcut through a less-reputable part of town. Partway through his walk, however, he and eyewitnesses claim that three, heavily-armed Drodo men in old gas masks and wearing bulletproof vests surprised the Frenchman out of an alleyway, with one of his attackers putting him in a chokehold and shoving a revolver against his head.
While another armed man rummaged through Aliker's pockets for valuables, the diplomat claims that the attacker holding him said that they "knew who I was, and told me that they didn't like 'imperialist Frenchmen like you', whatever that means. After they stole my valuables they kicked me to the sidewalk and warned me not to go outside the embassy again or worse would happen." "I was scared. I was really scared." Guillaume added.
While the diplomat escaped with nothing other than minor injuries, Aliker, among many others, are convinced that the attack was politically-motivated, and probably perpetuated by far-right Jivirikists and have every intention to follow through. The police trust the diplomat's testimony even if he was mildly intoxicated at the time. The IDMP have released a statement that they are taking the case "extremely seriously" and are investigating.
  • During a rally of the right-wing Free Drodo Party at Tuvikai Square, a mixed group of Socialists and anarchists rushed the stage, attempting to assault Premiership candidate Favarni Kiverkal and shut down the event. The rush was unsuccessful, Kiverkal himself notably knocking out three of the radicals with a series of well-placed punches before police got the situation under control. The attackers were arrested, Kiverkal escaping any charge under the pretense of self-defense. While the attackers were unarmed, they proudly proclaimed their intentions to forcefully shut down the "fascist rally" to police. The dozen-or-so attackers were charged with disrupting the peace and attempted assault, and after the incident the rally continued after a short intermission.
Levisala Flag.png Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Is a report going to come out tomorrow about how Aliker vandalized a gas station before he was reportedly "mugged at gunpoint"?
  • Official candidate of the Drodo Socialist Party, Khavni H'Varanan, is booed off stage soon after announcing her bid for Premiership amid controversial statements in her speech- including claims that the traditional Drodo family structure is "obsolete", her intentions of forcing the Union to stand down and to "cooperate fully" with the Rambo Nation, and her open admiration for nations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, also implying that the Drodo Empire should reform itself more in the DCP's image.
  • Furrak Harponis announces his bid for the Premiership and leading the Imperial Liberal Party to a lukewarm reaction, proposing a fairly uncontroversial, but more internationalist, platform.
  • When asked in a recent interview, Premier Cesterity Isordon has stated; "There is no damned way I am running again!"
  • A group of Drodo, who self-identified as Jivirikists and Nationalists to the police, have been arrested after harassing Catholics and French tourists around the grounds of Coron's largest church. Several suspects denied involvement, while others happily admitted that they "resisted foreign influence".

  • BREAKING: In a daring police raid, two of the suspects believed to have been involved in the mugging of French diplomat Guillaume Aliker have been apprehended after a brief shootout, with one other making a narrow escape. Police recovered five-hundred rounds of ammunition, two assault rifles, one submachinegun, and three pistols including a revolver from their hideout. The suspects await interrogation.

  • Socialists have disrupted an animal sacrifice ceremony on the rural world of Hinai, being performed for a crowd of thousands to kick off the Summer Festival for the Berusci- a Bellowese tribe. An enraged crowd had to be controlled by Berusci warriors- while several others went to work beating up the protesters and throwing them off-stage. Premier Cesterity- who as a Berusci notably attended the festival- took the stage and mocked the protesters publicly, calming the audience through laughter. Police later arrived to take away the protesters, and after about an hour the festival continued without any further interruptions.
  • BREAKING: In a short announcement today, Premier Cesterity Isordon has resigned his Premiership several months before the end of his term, prompting his appointed regent, cabinet minister Lord Ikir Terratan IV to take over as Acting-Premier until the election. Premier Isordon had cited a recently-started armed conflict on his homeworld, Hinai- between the Isordons and the aristocratic House of Ouvin- and his subsequent summoning by his clan as his primary reason for resignation. Those close to the Premier during his time in office were also quick to point out the adverse effects being Premier had on his health- perhaps evidenced by his hair, which was (prematurely) grayer than ever, and general sour demeanour that many claim inadvertently seeped through in the address. In a press release by the Isordon clan, the family had confirmed that Cesterity was indeed summoned by the clan in response to the outbreak of hostilities, and would be acting "in a commanding role".


greetins evryon on da UDB. my name is Zr'Ahgloth an im da Gangsta Party candidate for president of da Union Republic of Ottzello. even tho none of yoo geezas can vote, im openin dis AMA to da whol ooniverse cos it makes me look good an scores me som Foreign Policy Points. now i dunno wat foreign policy is but it sounds like a propa sik wepon man.

fer those of yoo who dont kno, da gangsta party is a major URO party. we is committed to important policies fer da future of URO, such as restructurin da economy, beefin da military fer future wars, guaranteeing a pizza-filled future fer our youth, an achieving justice fer Harambe.

now im currently pollin at 15%, i dunno wat dat meens but da chikz tell me dat dats OVA A DOZEN, so im gonna be nex president. dis meens dat im prepared fer som propa sik questions about how im gonna be da sikest president eva. also, i recently kikked da Rogue Boyz ass, so dats a fing dat happened an yoo can ask about dat.

anyway yeh, ask me anyfin.

This is a joke, right?
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
dat is incorrect. da Gangsta Party is a legit party, an if yoo look at da polls, im gonna win, so yeh.
Representing the Polar Crystal Alliance is: Councillor Xeron (Communications)
Then amuse me with an answer; how do you expect the rest of Borealis to accept your little rebellious anarchy? And don't bother giving me "I'll force you to let me do it", because remember what happened to the other Loron when they tried that.
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
if da borealis galaxy does not accept da will of da peepz, den dey is free ta fite me if dey hav an issue, or we culd host a rock papa scissors tournament in da council an if i win dat (which i will) den da borealis galaxy has ta let me do wat i want an kiss ma ass etc
Representing the Polar Crystal Alliance is: Warmaster Arkarixus (Communications)
How about we play another game instead? I call it "Throw the Loron out the airlock".
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
dat sounds like da stoopidest game eva
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
MiniTukNijusi.png Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
Very well. I will dabble in this enquiry, perhaps to further my knowledge of the Gigaquadrant. Are there any criminal organisations out there I should be aware of? I do not wish for further trade negotiations to go awry for the expense of reprehensible individuals.
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
one of da Gangsta Party policies is to lift da ridiculous ban on crimes, becoz we recognize dat crimes is only banned by wimps who cant rob or beet up otha peepz so dey hav ta run to deir safe space. we also fink dis is a good form of populashon control, which has been risin too high lately. derefore, unda a Gangsta President, lotsa criminal organizashons will be at home in URO. hope dis answas yor queston.
Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
How...interesting. And who would you deem as an affront to your policies?
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
i dunno wat dat meens, but if yor askin which dumbos oppose ma policies, ma answa is: losa wimps who need a trigga warnin befor a fite becuz deyz too scared. da Gangsta Party beleevs dese losas ar draggin URO down an it will get rid of dem.
Jhik Tulin Gijak of the Chalag Khanate
Our people are newcomers to the Ottzello sector- what is your party's policy towards other nations in the sector?
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
as president, i will hav no problem wiv yoo enterin legally as long as yoo accept da laws. undastand dat wivin da first few weeks of me winnin, which is gonna happen, i will pass da Da Boyz Is Da Best act. dis act declares all non-Loron as second class citizens, in which dey is not allowed any rites unless dey kiss a lorons ass. we undastand dat many take issue wiv dis policy, so i say ta dem dat deyz free ta fite me if dey have a problem.
Jermeus Maxpas, Andromeda News 20 reporter of the Draconid Imperium
If a crime is defined as an act considered illegal under the law, would crimes still be considered crimes if they are no longer considered illegal activity?
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
crimes is da best. we call dem "crimes" becuz it refers ta bein a GANGSTA. so murda an theft an all dat may no longa be illegal, but we still call dem crimes jus cos it sounds cool.
Jermeus Maxpas, Andromeda News 20 reporter of the Draconid Imperium
How do you feel with suggestions that certain forms of crime, such as substance use, weapon use and physical harassment, might go down due to the prospect these activities are no longer illegal? Or do you think even more people might take it up now that they are apparently free to?
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
it is my beleef dat crimes will rise cos peepz is allowed ta do dem an it will be beautiful. it will be da most amazin day ta see a non-borin society wher everyone is a propa sik gangsta


Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
dats a good question. my favorite pizza toppin is pineapple an ham, its propa sik like dat, also stuffed crust is da best.
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
We do, problem?
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Supreme Shifter of the Orgaat, K'ora
What is your stance on ritualistic Cannibalism and the consuming of defeated foes?
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
da Gangsta Party official stance on cannibalism is decriminalizashon in all circumstances, along wiv decriminalizashon of crimez in general.

Results of the French elections of 2812[]

Headlines read "CHANGE HAS COME TO FRANCE" in the wake of electoral victory for Baako Anan's Democratic Union

Campaigning on themes of "Changement" (Change), "Solidarité" (Solidarity), and "Droits universels" (Universal rights), Baako Anan has won the position of Premier of the French Empire.

After nearly seventeen years of continuous conservative dominance in French politics, beginning with Laurene Maxime's realist coalition in 2795 and ending today with the defeat of the governing Parti Républicain, the Democratic Union has finally had its long-anticipated electoral breakthrough. Capturing the National Assembly and narrowing the Republican majority in the Senate, the Democrats have ensured that their leader Baako Anan, retired career diplomat, former Director of the Mirusian Diplomatic Bureau, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, will be the next Premier of the French Empire. He has defeated Republican leader Chapin Cailot, Emperor Alexandre's favored candidate for the position.

This remarkable upset comes after five years of Premier Christian Marier's disjointed and often chaotic government which is now looked upon by a majority of Frenchmen as having been rigidly ineffective and weak in the face of challenges both abroad and at home. Plagued by internal disagreements and handicapped by a split cabinet, the Marier Government seemed to have a remarkable talent for transforming the simplest of problems into major political conflagrations. Marier's goal of "normalcy" so strongly advocated for and widely supported in the 2807 election has been successful: France's military budget, sovereign debt, state ownership of companies, and foreign deployments are a fraction of what they once were. However, the problem of where to go after normalcy was achieved seems to have been a question Marier's government never answered.

In the final year before the election, Marier and the Emperor parted ways to campaign for the soul of the Republican Party. Alexandre, seeking to overthrow his Premier's stranglehold on the party he founded, crafted a positive vision of a strong and capable France engaged with the Gigaquadrant and respected by it while attacking his rival's record and outlook as out of touch with the French people. Marier's defense of his legacy was persistent yet ineffective, resulting in his decisive defeat at the Republican congress. Alexandre emerged from the ordeal the master of the Republican party and its narrative, officially tapping his longtime ally Chapin Cailot as his pick for Premier should the party win in the elections. Alexandre did not seek reelection as President of France, instead choosing to focus his energies on revitalizing the Republican Party.

Yet, as leaked documents would later reveal, Cailot was not Alexandre's first choice for Premier. Rather surprisingly, he had attempted to recruit his former Foreign Minister, Baako Anan, for the position. Baako Anan reportedly declined and instead chose to run for the other side, emerging from the congress of the Democratic Union the popular, charismatic, and unexpected candidate of a party which until that moment was thought to have no chance of challenging Alexandre.

It would be a hotly contested yet civil election as Alexandre and Anan sparred ably (and sometimes with dizzying complexity) on a wide variety of domestic issues, from the economy to immigration, wellfare state reform to trade and commerce. Yet, in the aftermath of each televised national debate, the two friends and former political allies each seemed to have only praise for the other. This camaraderie between the leaders of the two political parties was a source of delight for many, though tended to incense the more traditional base of the Democratic Union, a party which historically relied on denying the Emperor's legitimacy in order to remain politically and electorally relevant. Conspiracy theories abounded about the "monarchist takeover" of both parties, causing problems on Anan's left flank.

In the end, it would be Anan who emerged victorious from the contest, winning on the edge of a razor in the National Assembly. Alexandre took the stage in the hours after the results were announced to concede the election, congratulating his friend and rival and praising him as "a leader we can all look up to an admire. I think that he'll do a terrific job in governing this country." Regarding his role in the coming government, he indicated that he "would take a step back and let Anan do his thing. I serve at the will of the people, and the Democrats have won the election this day." The Emperor, despite his association with the Marier government, is still broadly popular and will continue to be a force in French politics. Anan took the stage soon afterwards, thanking his rival, and setting out a vision for his government, "I hope that when I leave office, we'll live in a safer, more democratic, more unified, more peaceful, more prosperous, and more compassionate France, capable of engaging with any problem and anyone. We're going to work together, all of us, to make that happen."

Anan will be officially named Premier by the Emperor on the 8th of December, 2812, replacing Christian Marier.

URO Emblem.png Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Tuolog
I congratulate Baako Anan on fantastic achievement. The French have themselves a brilliant leader and I see very good things for him in future. We more than happy to work with them.
Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
i disagree wiv tuolog heer. why da hell didnt alexandre spit in anans face afta he lost? dats wat yor supposed ta do ya wimp
Supreme Shifter of the Orgaat, K'ora
So Strange. Among my people, it is custom for leaders to fight each other in ritualized combat, and for the winner to eat the loser's heart, and strip the flesh off his skull. Humans are such a strange lot.

So we lost da war[]

no harsh feelings rite? eh? eh?

MiniKoluapOld.png Representing the Indoctrinate Collective is: Koluap's Vengeful Ghost (Communications)
Be glad I'm dead, otherwise I'd shove my shotgun up your rear you infernal insects!
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Brag'klogga (Da comms channel)
no ghosties allowed in da UDB pls go and stay go
Oh no. Of course there are no harsh feelings. I couldn't imagine why you'd think that. You idiot.
URO Emblem.png Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Tuolog
None at all. We very grateful you agreed to serve as target practice for our military, in fact.
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Ray'loth (Da comms channel)
KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: Councillor Kitmnataza Thekaznnunon
Let this be the final warning onto you and your cadre. Should you even dare mount another attack, the Borealis Galaxy shall rescind its contract on your lives, and the extermination of your kind shall be ordered.
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Fre'kloar (Da comms channel)
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
no yoo wont go away tossa
This whole thing would have been over far more quickly if our favourite Grand Mandator was involved. The number of times Erissare single-handedly brought peace to a Gigaquadrant ravaged by rampaging space-hobos? Eleven.

Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Fre'kloar (Da comms channel)
literally who
Well, that's a shame. Perhaps next time, we could add a little more theatricality to the matter, and break reality apart at the seams! But wait, hmph. Gratz'kaoz did that already. The fool gathered the power to destroy half the universe and still dies anyway. Oh well. Have you seen Brag'klogga around? I have to punish him for thinking it was amusing to steal food from me!
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Brag'klogga (Da comms channel)
Santorakh, God of Madness
No I have not. I will go take a look.

LIVE: Gorge talks between Rambo Nation and France end in disaster (2816)[]

High King Rambert I throws "tantrum," abruptly cuts off all diplomatic ties with the Neutrality Zone and many other states
  • BREAKING: After only two hours of discussion, Rambo Nation has stormed out of bilateral talks with France and imposed harsh diplomatic penalties on all of the Neutrality Zone's states––the vast majority of which were not involved in the talks––after a perceived insult.
  • The talks, mediated by the Draconid Imperium, were meant to address concerns regarding a controversial line of Rambo military fortifications around the Neutrality Zone popularly referred to as the Gorge. France sought a compromise with Rambo Nation by which Zone states would jointly administer the Gorge with Rambo Nation, alleviating tensions and concerns that the Gorge could be used against the Zone while maintaining the fortifications which Rambert has insisted are essential for Rambo security.
  • This was the compromise that Rambert Ramveral rejected out of hand. Seemingly to punish the Neutrality Zone for questioning Rambo policies, he recalled all embassies with states within the Neutrality Zone, nullified all treaties and agreements with those states, and closed the Gorge to NZTO military vessels. He gave all military vessels 24 hours to return to the Zone, and would consider their presence outside the Zone "an act of war."
  • France and the Draconid Imperium held a joint press conference where they expressed dismay at what Alexandre I of France described as "the temper tantrum of a three year old, except a hundred times more dangerous. The High King is putting the Gigaquadrant's trust in Rambo Nation––not to mention the lives of billions––in peril over an imaginary insult." The French Emperor left the conference shortly after his statement to meet with representatives of the Neutrality Zone states gathering on Galactica.

  • By both the accounts of Alexandre and Maxios I, Paragon of the Draconid Imperium, the exchange that led to Rambert's departure began with the Rambo monarch openly stating that the French and the Drodo were "the least trustworthy" of all of the "foreign" powers in the Quadrants. Alexandre reportedly commented that he would forgive the insult, recognizing that Rambert was young and inexperienced, and proceeded to outline a compromise which harmonized the Rambo and French positions. Rambert reportedly bristled and sprung to his feet, accusing the French of being unwilling to compromise, of threatening Rambo Nation's security, and of abandoning the Rambo when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus conquered them. The Rambo monarch then stormed out of the room.
What useless bickering. Valuing finite commodities over your own lives. I would liken all of you to that of children; to believe that peace can be maintained when one desires to grow. Growth is defined by rising above all others, even if it results in the definition of crushing those all around you so that you may not share the waters you drink from. The Frenchman, the Draconis and the Rambo should beware; they are but three saplings in drying soil.


  • BREAKING news from the Quadrantia HoloNet Channel.
    The summit between France, Draconid Imperium and Rambo Nation have broken down!
  • During the meeting, as far as insiders reveal both our King, and the Emperor of France, the respectable Alexandre I were unable to come to terms. After two hours our King abruptly left the meeting, seemingly being insulted by the French, something they seem to deny a lot.
  • Following a press conference by Alexandre and Maxios I, the French Emperor compared our king to a three year old, another clear insult.
  • When questioning the Royal Palace about these disturbing events, the representative of the Royal Crown simply stated the following: I can confirm that the summit abruptly ended. Security along the Gorge will remain as they were and will not be increased. There is no worry for possible hostilities or violations of borders. However, as long as the NZTO refuses to ackowledge our ruler, and continue to insult him by comparing him to a child, I fear new negotiations between the NZTO and the Rambo are a goal not easily reached..
  • To make matters worse, the Dominion supposedly threatened the Quadrants again. What a dire times! We will keep you updated on recent developments but experts on the matter fear that a new comprimise is farther away then ever. A failiure the people of the Quadrants can trace back to King Rambert Ramveral and Emperor Alexandre I!

Holo Channel out!

Minos'Drakon Devastated By Terrorist Attack[]

DrakGenericMini01.png Andromeda News 20 of the Draconid Imperium
Broadcasted 15th October 2806
Welcoem to Andromeda News 20, covering the universe twenty hours a day, ten days a week.

The Pan-Andromedan Ecumene weeps today as unknown assailants devastate the Draconid capital of Minos'Drakon. While there were no known civilian casualties due to a call for evacuation, the city has nonetheless suffered extensive physical damage as its assailants continue on what looks like a desire to raze the city.

Numerous city blocks have been destroyed in an effort by the planetary defense garrison to contain the assailants, reported to be referring to themselves as the Disciples of the Sun-King. While the garrison were unable to prevent these disciples causing significant damage to the Paragon's Promenade, the mood within the Imperial government is otherwise optimistic: Aros Venner Kalevius, the governor of Alcanti, called a press conference three days after the incident.

The footage changes to a press conference on Elysion
"This horrific attack on our great city is nothing short of disgraceful. But we should not dedicate the next few years to mourning. Our city has fallen before, and every time it has risen greater. That is why I have contacted the Royal Institute of Architecture to issue a challenge to every architect and city planner the galaxy has to offer - over the last twenty-five years Minos'Drakon has evolved to not just be the capital of the Imperium; It is a gigaquadrantic city. Every walk of life, every species, every viewpoint has graced our city at least once in these past twenty-five years."

"I challenge the architectural community, that our city should not simply heal, but it will rise restored. An intergalactic city, for an intergalactic age. While at the same time, keeping what made our city the crown jewel of Andromeda. Our city's destruction was a tragic moment, but from the tragedy I promise the city will rise greater than before! A crown jewel not just for Andromeda, but also the Gigaquadrant in its entirety"
The speech is met with applause from the audience before the view returns to the Andromeda News 20 Newsroom.

That was the governor of Alcanti there. His majesty Uriel the Sixteenth offers his deepest condolences to the families who lost their homes and friends in the attack, and congratulates the bravery of the garrison for its efforts to preserve what they could of the city. A memorial for the fallen will be held on Elysion in two months' time.

KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: Supreme Warlord Kitzíntauchon Rāmalánaon
I send my condolences to to the Draconid Imperium, and pray that those responsible are brought to justice, swifty and severely.


On behalf of Rambo Nation, I express our condolences and grave concerns for the situation at Minos'Draken. Our prays are with the people that lost family and friends, with the emergency services treating or finding those in the rubble. We hope those responsible will be swiftly found and brought to justice.
Rambert Ramveral

Political Restructure of the Indoctrinate Collective[]

Greetings to all who it may concern, this is Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective speaking.

For many years, I have believed the old political structure of the Dracogonarious, the hereditary monarchy which serves as the basis of the Indoctrinate Collective, to be archaic. While it served its purpose during the time of the old Dracogonarious Empire, it no longer fits the goals and ideologies of the nation we now call home. I have many efforts to rectify this with the aid of the Supreme Advisor board, who has supported the notion following many discussions of how the continued existence of the monarchy system is detrimental to our cultural advancement.

Starting at 2820, the Indoctrinate Collective will no longer function as a hereditary monarchy led by an emperor, but as a democratic republic led by an elected president, who shall rule with the aid of the Supreme Advisory board for ten years. To ease our people through this change, I will remain as the first president of the Collective when the reform takes place, but following that, the seat of the government will finally be open to all the races who have helped us build this nation, not just the virtually-extinct royal line of the Dracogonarious.

Our international relations will remain unchanged through the reform. In fact, we believe this will serve as a way to improve our bonds with our allies and show the Gigaquadrant we are an open and negotiable power.

I thank you for your attention. Maryah out.

An interesting development. The Polar Crystal Alliance trusts on the judgement of the Collective, for it has proven itself one of our closest allies. Whatever happens, we believe you will make the best out of it.
replacin a king (or king-ish type) wiv a PRESIDENT?!?!?!? OH MA DAYZ YOO GUISE IS UNBELIEVABLY STOOPID
KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: Councillor Kitmnataza Thekaznnunon
A logical decision. We have followed a similar template ourselves, and we determine it to be fairer in function than a hereditary monarchy.
Her Gracious Majesty paragavess Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
On behalf of the Indoctrinate Collective's proudest supporters here in our subline Draconid Imperium, I congratulate the collective on a smooth reformation. This transformation was no small feat, and while my thoughts are that this direction was ultimately the decision of its own society, I wish the best for a stable sustained future for its many inhabitants.

Our best wishes are on the Collective and its continued dedication to its allies and the course of peace and stability. And it is in our trust that this change will bring great prosperity for centuries to come. Whether it be an autocracy or a nation of the peoples' will; Should the collective call the Imperium will answer.
As one of our closest friends and partners, I congratulate the people and the government of the Indoctrinate Collective on their decision to take this bold leap. The Collective has been one of our most steadfast allies since the dark days of the Great Cyrannus War, being one of the few to stand by the Republic Remnant against the forces of the Empire and the Neraida, and travelling vast distances to protect our nascent democracy against the Gigamatrix's renewed invasion. It was through their intellect and bravery that our final victory was assured. As such, while Queen Maryah's leadership has always been benevolent and in keeping with the honour and resolve of her forebears, I look forward to this bright new future for the Collective and hope that our alliance will continue to flourish.

The Moros-Class Supercarrier: Policy Shift[]

KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan

The Kicathian Republic States are forthcoming with our announcement of the completion of three Supercarrier vessels, designated 59717-00800-0000-class. Under the Foreign Administration, the official colloquialism that we as the Kicathian Republic have accepted is the Moros-class Supercarrier. These three vessels, constructed at our Plazithian Shipworks site, have been named and stationed at the following locations:

  • 59717-00800-0001 Divine Resolution, stationed within the Andromeda Galaxy
  • 59717-00800-0002 Divine Anger, stationed within the Milky Way
  • 59717-00800-0003 Divine Might, stationed within the Borealis Galaxy

This marks the first of three stages that the Kicathian Republic has authorised to increase security measures across the First Gigaquadrant, and in conjuction with the Polar Crystal Alliance and Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, will benefit with our three-stage plan of our military expansion. Our intention to complete Stage One of this expansion by 2819 will conclude with the stationing of one Moros-class Supercarrier in each of our galactic territories, with one more Moros-class Supercarrier to be stationed within the Mirus Galaxy.

It is within our intention to implement a presence throughout the First Gigaquadrant equal to that of our contemporaries; the Draconid Imperium, French Empire and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in our increased efforts to maintain galactic security.

This also marks the implementation of the deconstruction of our armed neutrality policy. In recent light of events that have transpired within the Xonexi Cluster, we as the Kicathian Republic no longer deem neutrality as within our best interests. We hereby stand to politically move within our means to support our allies in contrast to our preference to remain neutral.

KRepSigil.png President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan of the Kicathian Republic States

dunno wat ya on bout m8. da oonivers is TOTALLY safe alredi


Imperessive and magnificent design! A true prestige and reflection of Kicathian power! Though military expansion throughout the First Gigaquadrant? That sounds supiciously like a Xonexi thing to do. Very impressive and all but prefer to keep them out of the Quadrants please. We have enought problems there at the moment without super carriers flying around. Rambert Ramveral

His Esteemed Majoesty, Paragavatus Maxios I of the Draconid Imperium
The Imperial senate and I applaud the Kicathian Republic States for taking measures in a more proactive approach to ensuring peace in known space. And in the Xonexi cluster the Talon Aetheral Body, and the Unified Andromedan Navy welcomes further joint operations with the Republic's forces.

However that does not mean we entirely approve of a few of these stratagems. The current political situations in Mirus and the Quadrant Galaxies might make deployment of supercarriers in these regions controversial. As a compromise I formally invite the Republic States into the Xonexi-based coalitions with the hope the Republic's military can operate in cooperation, so that the republic and the Xonexi board can ensure peace and tact with synergy.

The great Andromedan Ecumene was built on a foundation of trust and reliance. We approve of the Republic's ventures but merely ask they proceed with regard to the wishes of their allies.
KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
We accept the invitation in regards to discussions as to how Stage One will transgress as peacefully as possible. We are aware of the situation within Mirus, and Xonexian collaboration is perhaps the most logical decision in order to allow our plan to become a reality without hindrance.


KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
We have little to say on the matter as to what the response is. If such oppose us, let them do so. But it is not wise.
Representing the Indoctrinate Collective is: Jerkon (Communications)
I would watch your words very carefully, president. The Indoctrinate Collective does not wish to involve itself in this, but to claim it is "not wise" to disagree with your actions can be seen as a threat to your loyalty. Something which has already been strained by your pact with the Cyrannian Empire.
KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
The Cyrannian Empire is aware of the discontent that we have shown in light of the Avalôtur Covenant. Our stratagem dictates that a violation of the Avalôtur Covenant cannot result in a harmless outcome; so it is out of deterrent and potential economic viability that we retain our agreements as was the original terms.

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

High Lord of the Mendel Pact, Ugandalore the Un-touchable
Do not expect them to listen, Exarch. They have no reason to listen to us, so why would they heed a word? And for good reason, for we cannot even run things in our own galaxy anymore, not without Xonexi interference. I did not voice my disapproval, not because I fear the Kicath, but that angry words won't accomplish anything anymore.

Why would anyone heed a third-rate power, afterall?

Ministre des affaires étrangères
Liberté · égalité · fraternité

The French Empire intends to honor its alliances with states of the Covenant of Mirus should any of its members suffer an attack or unjust interference. This has been French policy since the signing of the Treaty of Viel in 2805 and will continue to be so long as the Covenant persists as a treaty body.

France welcomes increased Kicathian security presence in Andromeda and the Milky Way, as it is there that the Kicathian Republic has productively and reliably contributed to galactic society, prosperity, and security. The strength of the institutions there, more than capable of accommodating an increased Kicathian military presence, is due in part to their efforts and their sacrifice. We have been honored to work alongside them on more than one occasion towards the goal of a more peaceful and just Gigaquadrant, and look forward to doing so again.

However, France is cautious as to the need for Kicathian projection to Mirus where few Kicathian interests – let alone threats to intergalactic security – exist. It is the concern of the Imperial Government of the French Empire that increased foreign military presence in Mirus after years of détente might reignite uncertainty, tension, and hostility in a region too heavily affected by war. It should be noted that the Grand Navy does not maintain a supercarrier in Mirus on a permanent basis. Circumstances permitting, our own deployments to French Mirus are set to be revised down by 2820 given the persistence of peace and stability in the galaxy.

The territorial order of West Mirus is defined and sanctioned by the Covenant of Mirus by agreement of all involved, and defended by the combined forces of all major free Mirusian powers – foreign or native. The French Empire looks forward to working with the Kicath in developing a Mirusian policy amendable to the Covenant, its states, and galactic security.

1er place de l'Odyssée
République Française

KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
One seems to be under the impression that we speak as a power of only Xonexi. The Kicathian Republic is a power of both the Xonexi and Ikiwa Eropsii Clusters; something that has been in place for nearly twenty seven thousand years. It is true that we are of Plazithian descent and origin; but to undermine our efforts of communication as aggressive expansion is not something we receive as words of peace.

To assume that we are within Mirus to control Mirusian politics is an affront to what we are there for; to respond to us as such is perhaps predictable and as unbecoming as the Mirus Galaxy has been to us so far. We would accept an opportunity of negotiation in order for such negative dialogue to cease and to cite the requirements for any action that need be undertaken; but we are a culture of limited patience, and a refusal to communicate with us on an open basis will cause more harm than good to both Xonexi and Mirus.

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Pounam'elo
I would like to stress that the Vanara Houses, the Mendel Pact and the Zarbania Powers do not speak for all Mirusian native powers, and a claim to do so on their part is a violation of their legistrative boundaries. Though they express open hatred for the Covenant of Mirus and the Avalôtur Covenant alike, they are but the minority, if an outspoken one.
Indeed, most of Mirus would be open to negotiation, though why a supercarrier needs to be placed in a peaceful galaxy like Mirus is currently beyond the Parliament of Life too. Perhaps a more concrete explanation is in order here. President, if you would so please?

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

High Lord of the Mendel Pact, Ugandalore the Un-touchable
Oh, "unbecoming"? Sorry I hurt your delicate feelings, President. I thought you Kicath where made of sterner stuff. I guess I was wrong. You try having to deal with the shame of losing a war and your peoples' respect, see how "Cheerful" and nice you are to foreign powers through their weight around wherever they wish then. Then you can tell me how negative my attitude is. Until then, shove it.

With respect, Waptoria, I think I do. Have we actually been shown any respect outside of the wider Gigaquadrant? Outside of the Persan and New Rpeublic, no extra-galactic has done. We are always called "natives", as though we some unruly barbarians that need to be taught by our colonial masters the "proper way" of doing things. We get no respect, because you keep acting as though we must constantly accept this thinly veiled Imperialism and take it! We will never be anything more then a galaxy of animals so long as let them treat us as such.
KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
I see perfectly clear as to why your people have no respect for you. Perhaps the rest of Mirus will leave you in the dust of time as they move past your primitive mindset.
High Lord of the Mendel Pact, Ugandalore the Un-touchable
Do not make me laugh! As though Mirus would be weak enough to accept your thinly veiled imperialism. Mirus has survived countless wars, and the spirit of independence within it can never be crushed. Call it "primitive", like the rest of your Xonexi allies, but it will never be culled. After all, as you said "it is not wise" to disagree with you. You wish to speak in thinly veiled threats, go on then, but I and the Clans will not be dogged by it, nor will my allies, those that have strength, that is.

Ministre des affaires étrangères
Liberté · égalité · fraternité

With all due respect, the Mendel Pact is recognized by most of the Gigaquadrant as a sovereign and independent state under the jurisdiction of none other but itself. It has a voice exactly equal to that of France in the Covenant of Mirus. Our diplomatic efforts have always endeavored to treat the Mendel Pact as a sovereign equal and our armed services meet on the field to train as equals yearly. If there is further respect or recognition that the Mendel Pact desires, we would very much like to know what it is.

As for the term "native," it is used in order to denote a strong claim to ownership of the galaxy and its governing institutions, one based on the right of the inhabitants of a galaxy to determine their own destiny free from foreign domination. This is a principle with broad recognition and legitimacy within the French Empire, and which we hope to continue to aspire to as we work to reform the Covenant of Mirus. If the Mendel Pact wishes, the imperial government of the French Empire may discontinue the use of the term in its official communications in the future.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' recent release on this subject mentioned, France shares the concerns of the Mirus galaxy as to the Kicathian deployment and will stand by its Mirusian allies if an attack or unjust meddling occurs. No Franco-Kicath alliance exists at present.

Karlotta Galarneau
Consul at the French Embassy to the Mendel Empire

1er place de l'Odyssée
République Française

KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
It is unwise to disagree with us for the precise reason that one would be unwise to disagree in the first place. Such a discussion is explanatory of our predicate.


Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: Leader Zr'Ahgloth
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Kal'kuir (Da comms channel)

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
A highly impressive ship, marking a new era for the Kicath on the intergalactic stage. We send our toast to the Divine Resolution, Divine Anger and Divine Might.

It has come to our attention[]

MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel

Message from Emperor Lunarai

It has come to the attention of the Delpha Coalition of Planets that in recent times there have been waves of dis-settlement across the far reaches of the Gigaquadrant. Since the Great Reestablishment, we have committed ourselves to preventing the great mistakes that led to the Great Xonexian Schism from ever happening again. Namely the proxy wars in the name of imperialism; infiltration and manipulation of sovereign governments by malicious elements of the Technoosphere; and to regulate the use of hyperspatial weaponry. We have invested much time and cost in observing the patterns of ordered chaos and chaotic order that ebb and organise civilised space, and we can see a resemblance of conditions that could attract the Gigaquadrant back into intergalactic war.

Namely we think these forces at work speak for themselves. We can see the rise of tensions in the Plazith Rim and the Quadrants, and we are greatly concerned about the mobilisation and buildup of Talven forces in the Plazith Rim. We have no reason to trust the intentions of Balbus Marinus, of whom like we in the past, are not based on fear. Fear of galactic institutions that provide and promote growth and peace while respecting sovereignty. This is not just a problem for France and the Board of Seven. It becomes our problem too. We do however trust that our allies across the universe should perceive plainly that disruption to these mostly civilian and universal institutions would be detrimental to both ordered and peaceful civilisation, and that our concerns in protecting the galaxy are respected.

We ask of High Councillor Balbus Marinus to explain his actions to us. We see a little bit of ourselves in the strong peoples of the Talven Empire, and believe a productive relationship that will extend their recognition is possible. We both strive for Order and strength, after all. We are willing to address the concerns of the Talva, just as we are expressing ours publicly.

But make no mistake that just because we focused on rebuilding the Plazith Rim, we are complacent to what happens elsewhere. If the Talva or any other state were to attack in connection to the buildup of fleets and armour here, we are prepared to act quickly anywhere in the universe to achieve the aims of protecting our allies, our infrastructure, sovereignty and peace in the name of Order.

We will act with our fullest might.

Gargantuan formation.png

KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
The Kicathian Republic will be the first to support the Delpha Coalition of Planets in its campaign to acquire information in regards to the suspicions surrounding the Talven Empire. Plazith is our home galaxy and thus all motions within and or against it must be accounted for and answered to.

Drodo Empire Flag.png Representing the Drodo Empire, Premier-elect Favarni KiverkalDrodo Empire Flag.png
As Premier-elect of the Drodo Empire, I, Favarni Kiverkal believes to represent the Drodo people and electorate when I say with certainty that we will stand by the Delpha Coalition of Planets. The self-determination and sovereignty of all peoples and groups is a cornerstone of the current Gigaquadrantic order, and the Empire will look with suspicion upon any who would seek to disrupt this order, either with malicious intent or otherwise. In the interests of defending this order, the Empire offers the full support of its intelligence services, and will keep its armies on-guard.

While the Empire isn't inclined to believe that His Excellency is acting with ill intent, we must ask the Talven High Councillor the very same question the Right Honourable Emperor Lunerai posed-- what are your true intentions? Do you desire power and riches for your people? Personal prestige? All can be gained without bringing the universe to the brink of war, and potentially visiting great harm on your people and ours in the event of it.
Think wisely, High Councillor.

The Right Honourable Premier-elect Favarni Kiverkal the Tall, Duke of Galantia, Priest of the Tyur Order (fmr.)
Rambo Emblem 2.png

We are pleased to be informed that the powerful Delpha Coalition of Planets is aware of the events and is realizing that peace within various galaxies is splintering. By this message the Rambo condemn the increased hostilities and presence of military forces instead of opting to solve the matter with the Talven by diplomacy. With this message, at behalf of the Rambo Government I extend an invitation to the High Chancellor Balbus Marinus to meet in person and discuss the current situation.
Rambert Ramveral, High King of Rambo Nation

Emperor Lunarai I,

Following our integration into galactic politics, the Talva have strived to protect peace and sovereignty. It is for this reason that we, like you, are concerned by the growing tensions throughout the gigaquadrant; tensions that have encouraged a greater demand for security. We find ourselves surrounded by hyperpowers building up their forces to defend against potential threats in galaxies such as Mirus and the Quadrants. Our actions are thus indeed provoked by fear, though this fear is of nothing but war.

I understand your concern, and appreciate your willingness to resolve this matter peacefully. In this light, I would gladly speak with representatives of the Delpha Coalition of Planets on Votum, as well as those of other nations that are willing to negotiate a solution to this issue, including Rambo Nation.

Yours sincerely,
Balbus Marinus

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
High Councilor Balbus Marinus,
We thank you for your swift response. The galactic institutions built by the Board of Seven were designed to be open to newly integrated powers, while making sure that space is safe from the myriad of dangerous forces at work in the Gigaquadrant. The hyperpowers of the galaxy are strong, but no longer strive to protect their standards at all cost. We will arrange for a negotiation on Votum, to discuss the goals of the Board of Seven, the scope under which they can act and to hopefully bridge a mutual understanding.

Opening Eastern Mirus[]

DrakGenericMini01.png Black Star Energy Rep. of the Draconid Imperium
The Black Star Energy Concern wishes to announce that after several years of development and with the cooperation of several native Mirusian groups, a sector of the Mirus Galaxy opposite in the galactic south to the Draodominatus space and the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment is now fully established. With both sides of the void star bridge accommodating Black Star Senvinnus engines.

In celebration of this completed project, Black Star is happy to sell any excess accretion energy output on the open markets, with tariff-free energy exports offered to members of the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organisation and Covenant of Mirus.

Black Star hopes this new sector - which has been declared a free colonisation zone - can be lifted of its veil.

For any users of either end, vessles holding GITO and-or Covenant visas and registrations will be allowed to pass toll-free. While the gateway to this new sector is in colonial space just outside the Draconid Imperium, and while the region around it can be considered neutral space, I wish to remind visitors that the gate is administered by Imperial Gateway Command. In complaince with the Orbispira Embargo Act of ID.219508 vessels that bear credentials, registrations, callsigns or cargo originating from the United Lanat or Orbispiran empires will be denied access and subject to boarding if they ignore requests to turn around as permitted in the Trade Lane Security Act of ID.172520.

Black Star Energy Concern wishes the very best fortune to all those seeking life, fortune and prosperity in the Mirusian frontier. And a brighter future.

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

Viceroy Arala Amanosos Voxis of Mirus of the Draconid Imperium
The concerns of the Vanara Houses are noted. The Imperial Government has no interest in run-amok exploitation, nor does it have much interest in subverting foreign religious practices. If these star beings are of such a concern to you, then you are free to provide the administration with a chart as to their locations and the sites of any major zones of concern, so that such sites can be marked by the Imperial Transit Authority and Talon Aetheral Body for civilian no-travel zones.

As viceroy of the Draconid Imperium of Mirus, you have my solemn word that our efforts in eastern Mirus are not to undermine native authority. If that is such a concern, our administration is open to accepting a liaison from the region's local government to maintain the balance between what you so desire and our developments.

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

We, for once, are open to the ideals that the Xonexi hold. There is potential for a great many things to be found in the Eastern Sphere. New races to trade and collaborate with, new technologies and resources to discover, and many more mysteries. It is true the Eastern Sphere has been a source of uncomfortable rumors and superstition among my people, but the potential there cannot be ignored. Many of our member species have traveled to there through their advanced technology, but now, the path lies open for all to partake in.

Imperial Election Results of 2819: Narrow win by The Free Drodo Party[]

Right-Wing Party will form a Minority Government in the Imperial Parliament, promises a Conservative, Broadly-Nationalist Agenda
Amid much controversy and even outright violence, this highly-extended and divisive election season is at last over, seeing a narrow victory by The Free Drodo Party, and a scheduled dissolution of Cesterity's National Revival Party. The nationalist party won 38% of the popular vote, with their closest runner-up, the centrist Imperial Liberal Party, taking 25%. The other centrist option, the Aristocratic Party, took 24%. The remainder of the vote went to independents, with the Socialists winning no seats this election.

Fighting through fierce criticism from rival parties, and the efforts of both left and right wing radicals to destroy their campaign- either politically or physically- The Free Drodo party, and Premier-Elect Favarni Kiverkal, are expected to assume office later in the year. In his acceptance speech, Kiverkal restated his ideas of "Imperial Nationalism", a form of civic nationalism that the Premier-elect summarised as the following;
"Through making our Empire strong as one, we make our peoples as many strong."
The novel idea proved popular with voters, and while not without its skeptics has proven to be an effective message, much more so than similar appeals to Drodo unity in the past. While a nationalist party, Kiverkal, who is often seen by analysts as an important figure in moderating the once far-right party into a group that is electable, was sure to also stress the importance of international cooperation, though firmly "on Imperial terms", and to pay the proper respect entitled to the international institutions of the Gigaquadrant. What practical effect The Free Drodo will have on foreign and trade policy is as yet uncertain.

News from Borealis, Year 2820[]

Borealis Allied News MiniPCA.png
  • BREAKING: The war with Zarkhator ends! The Polar Crystal Council has declared the threat of Zarkhator, which had lasted since 2794, finally ended after the galactic offensive of the Alliance, its extragalactic collaborators, and the Kormacvar Legacy destroyed the last of their Worldships, bringing the race of mindless slaves to extinction. Councillor Semirian expressed some pity over the Zarkhator clones, claiming "it was unfortunate that they could not be reasoned with, for were it possible, we would definitely had gone for a less destructive route". The war with Zarkhator lasted for 26 years and caused the deaths of dozens of billions of individuals across the entire galaxy.
  • The Indoctrinate Collective's monarchy is declared defunct as Maryah Cardoni, former Queen, has taken the title of first President. She will continue leading her people until 2830 as a way for the nation to get used to being a democratic republic. She has declared that, when the first elections begin, she will no longer participate in any political position beyond being an advisor.
  • Ganthorea have been reported to be lurking across the borders of the Rovegar Matriarchy. Councillor Nayanur of the Rovegar urges the rest of the Council to act against them, but the war against Zarkhator has left the Alliance tired and in need of rebuilding.
  • BREAKING: Aentaeus, a former Legate of the Paladian State and member of the Penumbra Unit, has disappeared without a trace. The Polar Crystal Council has put an extremely high bounty for any lead on his whereabouts. "Aentaeus is one of our best, we can't afford to lose him." claims Councillor Xeron.


Representing the Indoctrinate Collective is: Koluap's Vengeful Ghost (Communications)
Shut up, pest.
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Brag'klogga (Da comms channel)
URO Emblem.png Representing the Union Republic of Ottzello is: President Tuolog
Congratulations on a war well won. Throughout history of the galaxy, Borealis seen many harsh and terrible wars with high death tolls, but this war definitely up there with the worst. In future, while it is difficult to see as there so many possibilities, it may be that a similarly catastrophic war be seen in future. The Union Republic will closely watch Ganthorea and aid in all reconstruction efforts, as well as keep a lookout for Aentaeus. We pleased to report, however, that crime rates, still in spite of criminal organisations being more powerful than before, are still dropping. This allows us to refocus our efforts on the reconstruction with less fear of piracy.
The end of the Zarkhator War is welcome news in these dark times. We should all take a moment to remember the sacrifice of the billions killed in this destructive conflict. It is my hope that Borealis can rebuild, as it always has, and emerge stronger for it. Indeed, if the Council requires aid from the Cyrannian Republic, they need only ask. As such, Republica Heleanor—our colonial sector in Borealis—will share any information it has on this Aentaeus fellow, if he is spotted in our space. I would also like to congratulate Maryah Cardoni on her new position as President of the Indoctrinate Collective. Throughout her years as leader of the Collective, she has proven to be a wise and bold leader, an ideal figure to lead the people of the Collective into this bold new era for her people.
His Esteemed Majesty Maxios I Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
As paragon I congratulate all Allied forces in their defiance against the Zarkhator menace who threatened the stability of the galaxy of Borealis. The billions whose lives were taken - be it in defense of their homes or families, or by the violence of the Alliance's aggressors - shall not be forgotten. In their memory, I have requested a memorial to the fallen and the defiant be constructed in the centre of Praetoria's capital, and offer a similar construct should the Council wish for one to be installed on Hyperborea.

As a gesture of goodwill the hands of the Ecumene offer themselves to rebuild what was devastated in this long war. At the council's word the very engines of our industry offer to restore what was ruined as the denizens of Borealis did not deserve such devastation, nor do they deserve to suffer the wreckage left behind. Should they be identified by our patrols, we will not hesitate to provide information on Aentaeus, our eyes will be ever vigilant.

Glory to the Alliance and its defenders. And may its majesty shine for a thousand years more.
All that death, and for what? Is it not meaningless to claim such ownership of a galaxy?

BREAKING: Cesterity Isordon severely wounded amid fighting[]

Former Premier Cesterity Isordon suffered multiple severe wounds after a cavalry battle on his homeworld, reports say
Drodo War hero, former Premier, and one-time French Marshal Cesterity Isordon has been severely wounded in recent fighting during the current conflict on Cesterity's homeworld of Hinai. Cesterity, who acted as Fyr, or Marshal for his clan's forces, has suffered multiple deep sabre wounds, at least three gun-inflicted flesh wounds, and a completely-crushed right leg after a cavalry skirmish resulted in his detachment of militia cavalry being routed and his own personal mount collapsing with him still on it. As of the time of writing, it has been confirmed that he had been taken behind Ouvin lines, but current condition besides is unknown.

Isordon's emergency happens in the midst of an interclan war, fought between Cesterity's Isordon Clan and its allies and the aristocratic House of Ouvin, which began in mid 2816. While the immediate causes of the war include a land dispute and an Isordon demand for a return of dowry after a marriage between an Isordon and Ouvin ended in divorce, the roots go far deeper. The ongoing pitched battle, where Cesterity was wounded, is the second of the war (the first being a crushing Isordon victory, brought by Cesterity) and represents a severe escalation of violence. Planetary authorities have been pressuring the two sides towards peace and the IDMP as well as local police have established a perimetre around the areas ruled by the Isordons and Ouvins, respectively, in an attempt to contain the combat.
Well-wishes and even financial support have come in from others in the Empire in a response to the travesty, and the Isordons have released a statement hoping for Cesterity's good health and return, appealing to the Ouvin's sense of honour to keep him safe. Nonetheless, morale in the Isordon camp has hit a low, and many fear that the tide has turned against them.

her royal majesty Alessa Vossus Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
It is a terrible shame to hear of this unfortunate incident to such a war hero as the former Premier was. As such I and the paragon convey our deepest hopes in a smooth recovery. I speak for many among the Imperial Draconid aristocracy in the hope that clan Ouvin treat him with the hospitality and respect he deserves as an officer and a leader within his family. And we hope that the clan's leaders keep him comfortable. The infractions that led to this war surely do not warrant foregoing a sense of out-of-combat chivlary between the two clans involved.

Once again, the Royal house Ultanos wishes the best to the noble Cesterity for a smooth recovery.
shoulda rolled an abused invincibiliti frames

The Collapse of Peace[]

Our languages lack the requisite words to describe the level of destruction that has been visited upon us. Today, as I relay this information to the Gigaquadrant, the cinders of Mou'Cyran burn and scatter across the stars, while our great democracy lies decapitated. Our very way of life has been attacked, our hopes for the future, our freedoms and liberties, by a despicable enemy capable of unquantifiable depths of evil. Here, at the edge of known space, information is hard to come by. Indeed, I confess to all those listening that I cannot be sure [INTERFERENCE] the Republic still exists. We believed that our power would deter the Empire from engaging in a war with the potential to ravage known space and in our hubris, we stood idle as they struck and with a single blow, undone all of that which we have accomplished, both within Cyrannus and beyond.

President Valkistair, the Proconsul, the Vice President, the Cabinet, Republic High Command, the Assembly of the Accords and the Senate are gone. I am one of a few who survived, though for how long? I cannot say. Such an act of barbarity will not be an isolated case. The [INTERFERENCE] of Mou'Cyran may have been the opening salvo of a [INTERFERENCE] which will consume the [INTERFERENCE], for the Second Great Cyrannus War has begun. But I promise you all this, as long as the idea of the Republic endures, we will never be defeated. The memory of those we have lost will light our way in the dark times to come, and though it may be hard to see, we will never abandon the Republic to collapse. We will fight for it with all of our remaining strength and we will bring those responsible to justice. Kalos mercu, Gigaquadrant.
This is an outrage! Commandant Gavakar has reported the destruction of Mou'Cyran to us, and this is an offense to the Accords and to our people. The Empire's constant antagonism to the Gigaquadrant has gone too far.

The Indoctrinate Collective condemns the Empire. Since the loss of Shrakéo have you provoked our ire. Today, you have earned it fully. There will be repercussions.
Should the Empire feel itself daring, they will find Borealis in its entirely against them. Damn their Emperor and damn their ideals! The destruction of Mou'Cyran is equivalent to an attack on our own worlds, for we are part of the Accords! They have destroyed a symbol of the Polar Crystal Alliance's attempts to integrate itself in the intergalactic community! This is an affront which will not be accepted, I promise you that!
KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus has betrayed the First Gigaquadrant. What we believed to be order has now shown its true face - a vector of senseless chaos - that burned away a symbol of peace in the face of Gigaquadrantic adversity. The Kicathian Republic will no longer choose our neutrality and will stand aside the New Cyrannian Republic. What humanitarian and military aid is required of us in the Cyrannus Galaxy, we shall deliver accordingly. The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus will know divine retribution when it comes. It seems only violence quells violence when attacks of such barbarism occur. We pray that the Empire will know the error of its ways as the wave of retaliation sweeps overhead.
Let it be known that throughout this conflict, the Holy Empire of the Divinarium and the Uniate League will stand for maintaining peace in the home galaxy, Cyrannus, and the Gigaquadrant. That being said, sacrifices may have to be made to achieve peace in this case.
The wheel turns again. Anarchy and order driven; a culmination of events long since brought to entertain the deviation of futures uncertain. Collapse and collapse again; thus is the will of those who reign. A game of bloody kings reigning over bloody pawns.
I find these communiqués rather distasteful, but since the Gigaquadrant evidently requires written responses to such events, I will, of course oblige. The Emperor, in his wisdom has seen the galaxy dissolve into endless cycles of instability and chaos, with the actions of the self-proclaimed "New Republic" representing the latest iteration of this cycle. We offered them peace, we offered to accept with open arms, to stand hand in hand and rejoice in an age of eternal Cyrannian concordance. They refused and openly attacked us. Thus, as with any enemy of the Empire, when they rise up, we will strike with decapitating vehemence. If that did not suffice, we will continue, we will burn worlds and rend stars until they see the error of their ways. Thus, the cycle will end.

KRepSigil.png Representative of the Kicathian Republic: President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan
The rhetoric that comes from the Galactic Empire is of such brutality that it sounds as if Lord Zhuleshxi himself of the past has spoken. This transgresses past all boundaries of order and common logic, Grand Mandator. Like Zhuleshxi before you, you have begun to spread wildfire in hopes you find you are looking for. Insanity has ruled the minds of the Empire.
TIAF Flag.png TIAF Intergalactic Channel - Commander James Lorrelas
This is... unforgivable! Millions of voices, with barely the time to cry for help, silenced in an instant... Are you satisfied, Caesarius, you unflinching sociopath? Are you satisfied, "Your Majesty" Tyromairon, with the wholesale murder of a planet's worth of innocent civilians? I doubt you are. Because this is only the beginning of your bloody rampage across the universe, trampling any lesser entity underfoot for your twisted sense of "order", isn't it?

Though the Federation has been willing to stay our hand against the Empire for the sake of continued peace and dialogue, it is clear now that cooler minds have failed. Let it be known that the Empire is now a sworn enemy of the Federation. Imperial citizens are no longer welcome in Federation space, and should the Republic request it, we will gladly commit our fleets to fight in the name and memory of Mou'Cyran!!
MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Few things shock us
Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Emperor Lunarai I.png

Let it be known that I declare the Delphan-Imperial alliance torn and stamped in the dirt. Our outlook has changed and we are sure in our position that neutrality in the Cyrannai cluster no longer benefits Order in the region. Yes, in a time not long past we have cheered you on. But to turn a blind eye to the destruction of not only citizen worlds, but our allies that were caught up in the blaze would be a coward's move. Like it or not, an attack on Mou'Cyran is an attack on the Gigaquadrant. Your strike of terror shows your blatant disregard to peace and Order; the war will continue as you have attacked the Gigaquadrant, thus you will continue to burn worlds asunder. Thus it is my belief that you and your attitude incited this new war.

Further use of the superweapon and our vengeance will be as swift.

Emperor Lunarai
Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Finally! Let's kill these bastards and be done with it! Let the Empire hide behind their petty little super weapons and prattle on about their false order. We will stand with the New Republic, and burn the Empire to ashes. They'll learn first hand that "decapitating vehemence" was a poor choice of words soon enough, once our blades find their mark.
His Esteemed majesty Maxios I of the Draconid Imperium
From this atrocious act, the velvet gloves that our Imperium has spent so long using are to be discarded. The unannounced attack on the planet of Mou'Cyran is an act we cannot ignore. If the Empire's plan was to decapitate the republic and sweep up the remains then they have failed to consider the broader picture. Galaxies shall stand before you in defiance and the Ecumene's engine of war shall finally see motion.

For thirty years, the subline Draconid Imperium has done its best to avoid open conflict out of concern for the kind of firestorm that will spread as a result. The use of this "superweapon" on an internationally-recognised planet within the First Gigaquadrant was a strike at every nation that respects the New Republic and the Mou'Cyran Accords, and we can no longer stand idly by. The universe has made its stance on this knife strike clear, and that stance is the abuses the Empire of Orbispira commits can no longer be tolerated. And the consequences will play their course.

Dominicus vinterva, imperatore. Can the same be said for you?
The Black Sun Holding Corporation confesses itself distressed at the unthinking reactionary fervour being levelled at the Cyrannman Empire. Do not misplace your sympathy with a Republic that has been given every opportunity to find a proper place in Cyrannus under the rightful rulers, and yet has spurned them every time. While the enormous death toll of the destruction of Mou'Cyran is regrettable, we must not forget that this must have been a merciful euthanising from their lives under the Republic. The Republic has no concern for the rights of the individual, instead erasing individual rights in favour of a misguided attempt to appease a collective mass. The Empire recognises the true meaning of freedom: the freedom of the individual, the freedom not to give up hard-earned rewards to satisfy unnatural ideas of "equality" and "equity". If we are to care for the people of Cyrannus and their rights as individuals, we must reject the collectivist Republic rabble, and support the legitimacy of the Imperial government by any means necessary.

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Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
We'll see how aroused you are when I jam my sword right up your...!

Wow, that's not helping at all actually...
After a thorough investigation, we can now report on the full degree of aggression directed against the Mou'Cyran Accords and other nations of the Gigaquadrant.

A total of twenty member states of the Mou'Cyran Accords (not counting individual members of the Polar Crystal Alliance), including ourselves, had vessels present in the Pax Infinitus Armada in Mou'Cyran space at the moment of the attack, which were therefore destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. An additional four nations not part of the Accords - the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Draconid Imperium, French Empire, and Talven Empire - had active embassies on the planet at the time.

I would therefore like to congratulate the Cyrannian Empire on committing the greatest number of simultaneous intergalactic acts of war achieved in recorded history outside of Xhodocto influence. I believe your official certificate is being prepared as we speak.
The Talven Empire stands with the intergalactic community in condemning the reckless actions of Galactic Empire. However, I must urge you all to bear in mind that the responsibility for this atrocity lies solely in the hands of the Imperial leadership. We will not overlook actions taken against the Empire's citizens.
DSBNew.png Transmission - Defensive System's Bloc Diplomatic Channel
The Defensive Systems Bloc has been urged to comment on the atrocity. What is there to say? The Empire has shown everyone exactly what they are. The liberation of Cyrannus is long overdue. The Bloc will give full support to the New Republic in reconsolidating and giving the Empire its well deserved proletariat-shaped comeuppance. That is all.

Rambo Emblem 2.png

Rambo Nation condemns the massive destruction wrought upon Mou'Cyran and the New Republic and demands the ones behind it to be brought to justice and stand trail at Court. We hope the Emperor will comply with these requests in hopes of preventing war! We believe war can still be avoided and we should try to this at all costs!
Rambo Nation shall provide humantarian aid to the New Republic and any citizen seeking refuge shall be given shelter!
We wish to remind both the New Republic and the Empire that the Quadrants are not a battleground, and as long as Imperial and Republic find themselves within the Rambo Sphere of Influance, hostilities are not tolerated at risk of comandeering those vessels and placing the ones responsible in custody. This counts to both their allies as well. Rambo Nation shall not tolerate any outbreak of hostilities within the Rambo Sphere of Influance and will remind the allies of both that the Rambo do not tolerate any unwarrented SSA, Onuris, Xonexi or MCA operation within that Sphere of Influance as well.
For those hit by this cataclysm, our prayers are with them, such extreme violence shall not be tolerated and those responsible shall be brought to justice!

Rambert Ramveral, High King of Rambo Nation

MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
We are mobilising our reserve ships in the Cyrannus galaxy and the Quadrants to evacuate citizenry of the New Republic and foreign nations from the opening fronts of the New Cyrannian Republic. Emergency packs and replicator seeds will also be distributed to non-combatants for food, survival and medical supplies. These ships are on a mission of mercy and firing upon them will be seen as an act of war.
UnionFlag.png Representing the Stellar Union: Supreme Marshal Utyana Meirial
This act of senseless violence by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is, at its simplest, utterly horrific. They have soured the image of the "peace" they claim to believe in, and in doing so have provoked the Gigaquadrant's most powerful nations and many of the Stellar Union's trade partners. As such, the Stellar Union will not remain idle in this conflict, and whether it be offering military support, humanitarian aid, or resources, the people of the Stellar Union stand ready to protect the ideals of peace and freedom that so many nations hold dear.

Representing the Dilanian Interstellar Empire: Arktarius
We were attacked by the Empire for trying to aid one of their victims not long ago. And now, without provocation, they destroy an entire world. You say you offered them peace Caesarius? We know you were demanding they accept your tyrannical hegemony! We, as small and weak we may be, will stand up to this empire and fight alongside our allies, the rightful rulers of Cyrannus, the Republic. Today, is a dark day for our galaxy. The tyrannical empire that claims Cyrannus as its own has attacked, without provocation or warning, the very heart of democracy in our galaxy. This was not an act of war, but an act of genocide! We cannot, shall not, and will not stand by and let this tyrant subjugate this gigaquadrant! We must fight him, wherever he stands! We shall fight in space, we shall fight on the ground. We shall fight in the fields, and the streets! We shall never surrender! We must now confront the great specter of the Empire as it looms over this galaxy. But though they may take our lives, they will never take our freedom! People of the Republic. People of Cyrannus. People of this universe. You fought with the republic all those years ago. Will you let that hope, that freedom, that flicker of light, go away? I implore this galaxy to fight on. Remember what those brave souls died for! To the free Gigaquadrant, to the free Gigaquadrant, we call for us to rally around the republic, and avenge Mou'Cyran. We're not fighting over lines in the sand, or beliefs, or money, but for our very liberty. This galaxy must say in one voice they will not be contained! We can stand up to him! All Cyrannus shall be free! But if we fail, then the whole universe, including all "allies" of the empire, will sink into the abyss. People of this universe, this is the time to stand up for your freedom! This is a time, not for fear, but for hope. Empires rise, and fall. But if the free people of this galaxy have anything to say about it, this one will fall. Whether in a day or a century, the Republic shall return. Cyrannus, shall be free once more!

Intelligent Life Search Seeks Life[]

3 images appear: One of a plant-like insect, another of a tropical world, and other of 5 horizontal dots, with the second highlighted in red.

If there are any foreign creatures outside this solar system, heed: The system in these images is ours. We will be friendly and do wish to talk to foreign creatures, but that system is our colony. It is our home. Our scientists want to know what types of creatures exist outside our colony, and how powerful they may be. Send communications, not colony ships. That is all.
Levisala Flag.png Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Kavende Jaysmoth
Ooh, ooh, is no one gonna take this? No one? Really? Looks like I'll have to take it.

*ahem* Greetings, young aliens! Is this your first encounter with another intelligent species? Excellent! I mean, welcome! My name is Kavende and I represent the Levisala, the greatest species outside of your colonies. All of the other species are either warmongers, savages, or have poor taste in television programs, so don't talk to them ever. Trust me on this. We're the only ones worth talking to around here.

The others will try to convince you otherwise, but believe me, they're only out to get you. After all, why would I lie to you? We're friends now, aren't we? Of course, of course, we're the best of friends! And that's technically true whichever way you cut it, because we're the only ones you should be talking to, and if we're the only ones you have relations with, that makes us your closest friend! Yes, yes, you completely agree, right? Good. So, this time next week? I know a great restaurant on Paris with creme brulee that's to die for. Oh, but as usual, don't talk to the locals. I hear they eat snails.
Technically speaking, I'm not a species, so along with being neither a warmonger nor a savage, my taste in television is impeccable.
Scientists of Tierrano, Aldephi Empire
So there is alien life out there, and very much like us too, it seems. We will be alert of all life that approaches us, you first. What is this Paris you speak of, is that a planet?

Borealis' Declaration of War[]

The Polar Crystal Alliance has a message for whom it may concern.

The safety of the people of Borealis is once again under threat. Lurking through the stars of the Karstul Sector is a deadly force known as the Ganthorea. For those still unaware of their nature, Ganthorea is a conglomerate of plant aliens who have no other goal but the assimilation of other lifeforms, reducing them to slaves in their hives. The Ganthorea has threatened the Rovegar race for over 1,000,000 years, and they seek to extend their vile tendrils through inhabited space in the near future.

This is not merely a threat to the Polar Crystal Alliance. It is a threat to all extragalactics who colonized Borealis. The Ganthorea have no interest in diplomacy and will not show any mercy. The Alliance seeks to purge our galaxy from this evil, and we call for the aid of our extragalactic neighbours in making this a reality. Those who pledge their support in the eradication of the Ganthorea will be helping make Borealis a better place to live, and will show us our trust is well placed.

Good tidings to all. Councillor Nayanur out.

Alien locusts have threatened us many times, and they have always failed. The Indoctrinate Collective will not stand idle to the looming threat of the Ganthorea, and will be providing the Alliance with any requested aid. There is no place in our home for mindless beasts.
man yor dum if yor gettin attaked by plants JUS USE A LAWN MOWER MAN
MiniTukNijusi.png Representative of the Nijusi Syndicate: President Tuk Nijusi
The Borealis Galaxy appears to be as wild and as vicious as our own. How worrisome. Democracy only seems to work when it is threatened by multiple rows of teeth.

Though the New Republic is embattled in the war against the Empire, we will not abandon our ally. I have deployed our fleets in Borealis to aid the Alliance in defeating these monsters.

Discontent of the Gods[]

KrathSigil (2).png Krathazhrukhal, God of Order
KrathSigil (2).png

All souls are weighed in equal measure within this continuity. But you have now taken a soul in which you have now earned my discontent.

Maknagrius is a soul that belongs to us. In spending his soul in your material plane, we now demand that we take something from you as recompense for such a crime against us. A crime against me. Let not this be to disallow The Corruptus to enact such a vengeance; but you will know that my resolve is not to be tested. You have robbed me of a vessel; I will do the same to you. Surrender your costs to me; and I will take accordingly. Allow the sundering of lives as repayment for the life you have cost me; and I shall look favourably upon you.

And how many lives is this cost supposed to be? What valuation of souls do you use to decide the quantity that balances the price of Maknagrius?
Krathazhrukhal, God of Order
A befitting sum to amount to the same inconvenience that you have caused me.

MiniCorruptedArsac.png Arsac, black queen of the Devourer's Inquisition
Blood for blood, like for like. For the Lord-Padre's demise, the true inquisition pledge to collect the payment due on his soul. Those whose hand played in his cessation will pay their tribute, or our agents will collect it themselves. Those who defy the will of the Devourer and the lords above Him the shall be marked as the damned, condemned for their impudence and sentenced to purgatory in His eternal realm.

Penitance is no sanctuary, as He wills it, the toll of the Lord Padre's soul must be paid.