Imperial Rebellion[]

Greetings nations of the Gigaquadrant. I am Imperator Tyermaillin of the Cyrannian Imperial State, reporting from the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband. As you are no doubt aware, the events at Station Halcyon have thrown much of the universe into war. At the centre of this conflict is the machinations of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, a failed and corrupted state that has brought chaos and misery wherever it travels. It supported a Vartekian uprising in Andromeda, a Heleanorian uprising in Borealis and has conquered thousands upon thousands of species all in the name of "order". This is a farce.

The Imperial State of Cyrannus promises to rid the universe of the Empire's imperialistic warmongering. When we are finished, the Gigaquadrant will be free from the insidious machinations of the Libertus and their puppet emperor. If you stand with us against this threat in the conflict to come, I assure you that civilised Cyrannians will never infringe upon the galactic sovereignty of its gigaquadrantic neighbours.

Today marks the beginning of the end of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Will you join us in bringing true peace and order to Cyrannus?

We don't quite understand your argumentation. We aren't great fans of the Empire either, but this is just screwed. The Empire might not be the perfect solution, but it is a base that can be worked on. What you suggest is to create a new empire, like the old one, but based on a genocide of Libertus.

Though we can't speak for the Imperial Libertus, the Libertus we came to know are quite the opposite of what you try to tell us.

the Troodontid Empre will not follow your call.
CometFlagV2.png From Mardvaeli is...
This is the President Marton Grauscae speaking.
Here you are claiming to be the liberators of people under control over a corrupted and imperialistic state yet you continue to behave in a xenophobic manner to the Libertus. If you were more tolerant then maybe something can be sorted but at the moment we just see you as another clone of the Empire. These are not the ideals of liberty or freedom I see here but instead ideals of xenophobia and hatred. We wish you could look to the truth of freedom like us and learn that everyone must stand together to defeat a common foe. Remember, you aren't the only ones you wish to see the defeat of the Empire.
The Represenative of the Cyrannian Imperial State
Imperator Tyermaillin

I do not hate the Libertus people, for they will live peacefully under the new regime. However, their imperialistic government bent on forcing its will on all species will fall. Join us or do not, but don't stand in the way.
From Mardvaeli is...
President Marton Grauscae speaking.
Pah, it's all pish posh to our ears. Maybe you don't hate the Libertus then but you seem like another tyrant in the making. And I especially distrust that Zillum dinosaur man or whatever he is, he's not an honourable character himself and the same goes for you. We would rather stand in the way of a dictator than let them oppress others. If it needs to be war so be it but by no means are we helping the Empire either. You will look back on this day with regret.
MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
What have we taught you all? The peoples of the Gigaquadrant were striving to order, to peace, to progress, to the hyperspatial revolution. Together, despite our differences. Has the Seven Starr Alliance, been forgotten? Has the drums of the Deathmarch, whom we can only stand against together been forgotten? Has the heavy hand of the Delpha Coalition of Planets been forgotten? It shall fall on anyone who dares trespass our sphere of influence, our empire, our zones, the cooperative; it shall fall on those who undermine our strongest alliances, which shall go beyond failed politics from now on. Don't you see the manipulations? The exclusion zone, and our order-protectorates shall expand. We will be watching.
The Represenative of the Cyrannian Imperial State

Threaten all you wish, insects. You are no longer the benevolent galactic police like you were during the Intergalactic War. It has long been my desire to once again face you in combat after so long. May it be glorious.
Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Then war it is. We have no desire for your existence now you have left the Libertus. We will always be in our debt to them.
I care very little, really. However, if there is anything in it for us, we are happy to help. We support your ideals more.
The Represenative of the Cyrannian Imperial State
Imperator Tyermaillin

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
We regret that you have taken this move. We had good alliances with the Ottzellian members, but as for you Kralgon. We think of nothing.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Kralgon Emperor (Communications)
Hmph. The past is irrelevant, Delpha Coalition. We think nothing of you now either, you may match us, but as far as we are concerned, you are either below us or irrelevant to us, in the grand scheme of things.
MiniMarJuun.png Representing the Corruptus is: Mar-Júun
Heheheheh. This should be fun. Good luck, you will need it.

This is intolerable. Any civilisation that supports this band of extremist rebels against the Cyrannian Empire will be shown no pity. Remember that as we hunt these thugs down.

Naakjian Confederation
Councillor of Foreign Affairs - Ejiik Riikisan
We don't know what you both are getting on. Your perspectives and stories are different. We can't really get in any side unless we are acknowledged why and convinced doing so. We are not going to stand in the way. But your declarations of war puts negative reputation on you.

You know that if anyone helps one, it will give a huge impact on the output, what it will give. So that's what it's going to be about convincing us. We don't really care if it gives an huge impact on the relationship between us and you. Unless if you ask and convince to avoid helping said empire, superpower and etc.

Convince us good, or you will meet your enemy's new ally, if they succeed doing so.
The Empire is one of the most expansive and powerful civilisations in the Gigaquadrant with colonies in every major galaxy. Ask yourself, whose side do you want to be on when the fighting concludes? The side of the reigning hyperpower? Or the side of the executed terrorists?

The Represenative of the Cyrannian Imperial State
Imperator Tyermaillin

The Empire does not have true alliances. Their very civilisation is built on deceit and the manipulation of sovereign species and empires. We honour those who fight with us.
This is unacceptable. Under normal circumstances, I would remain uninvolved in such discussions, but with your actions, you have caused the death of multiple diplomats, Draconis and Shellious. Regardless of what I think about the Cyrannian Empire, the attack on Station Halcyon is an act of terrorism.

Sadly I have to take measures now. Information kindly provided by the Apalos forces me to suspend all studies of AI Netspace constructs around our borders by the Royal Academy. All foreign travel is now banned to those without level 4 passports. Non-citizens are to be taken to planets in the outer colonies. Acsess to the Andromeda and Bunsen colonies is now banned.

I also ask that the Draconid Imperium respond. This attack in addition to a formal deceleration of war by the Cyrannian Imperial State have you are bound by the Pax Draconica agreements with the Shellious of 2785 to take military action. If not, I can and will exercise my authority as Emperor of the Shellious Imperium and place all Shellious territories and Mathist-15 under full crown control of Shellis.
Senator Valius Galvatorum of the Draconid Imperium
Speaking for the Draconid Imperium's esteemed grand senate, this ultimatum will not be condoned nor does the emperor represent the consensus of the Grand Senate. We do however question the policy of isolation the government has enacted.
Representing the Fordan Empire is Hel'Bre'K, Blademaster of the Fordanta.
That sounds awfully close to the threat of rebellion, Emperor Edoshai. Be very sure of yourself before pursuing this path.
MiniNu2.png Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Agent Nu (Communicate)
...Does this mean a free holiday to Cyrannus?
Imminent political upheaval? Tearing down of the established order? This is the best thing that ever happened to this galaxy. You little idiots just can't keep your lasers off each other can you? You may want to rehire your diplomatic staff (yes even that guy) because this sure isn't the Arcane Databank's description of peace.
MiniAnaxarchus.png Representing the Askelian Collective is:Advisor Anaxarchus
The Collective will assist the Galactic Empire in this imminent war. We recognise the Galactic Empire as the true galactic state of Cyrannus, despite some internal disapproval. As such, we will take the side of the reigning hyperpower.
The Iron Bloc has prospered in the past year as a protectorate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Our economy has healed, the Zarni raids have ceased completely, and the Epidemic situation resolved. Our entire nation and people are in debt to the Cyrannian Empire. Under their direction, this universe can find order and prosperity; something that barely existed before they arrived. They have faithfully protected us from all that threatens us, and have allowed us to prosper into the fully functional nation we were before the catastrophe.
Since they have protected us so faithfully, we must return the favour. Our military shall co-operate with the Imperial Cyrannian Navy in the quest of quelling this terrorist uprising. If the Cyrannian Empire falls, then order and prosperity itself will fall.
TIAF Flag.png TIAF Intergalactic Channel - Lieutenant Samenor
We are in the process of mobilizing fleets in Cyrannus and the Quadrants for war, but as it currently stands the Grand Assembly is still weighing its options. What I can say though, is that it is highly likely we will be intervening in this conflict and that both parties ought to seriously consider the possibility of the Federation being its ally or its enemy.
Hah. You are expecting us to take that into consideration, Caesarius? USO have chosen their side. And USO shows less pity than you. We have unlimited resources and no sense of morality. I wish you good luck in defeating us, maggots, for we shall eventually wear you down in an unending war if we chose to not outright destroy all your planets immediately.
Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Agent Nu (Communicate)
You're still a vicious idiot?
Speak of unlimited resources when you control a galactic Empire, Ottzelloan scum. You are not our match.

Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion of the Draconid Imperium
Those who proudly cast aside the basic virtes of rationality and moral principle are no more supreme than any animal. Go ahead and revel in the upcoming consequences of this, for I shall enjoy observing.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Kralgon Emperor (Communications)
Galactic?...Galactic?...Galactic?! PHAHAHAHA! You are all beneath me, welps. I will not reply any further, in order to keep myself sane.

MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
It is only fair we lay down the conditions of war:

The Ottzelloan Grimbolsaurians who shared dual nationalities with the previous United Nations of Ottzello have approximately one Norostagnian day to decide on their patriotic home. Should the USO begin aggressive actions in this time, they will no longer be able to return. Their choice is final. Those who choose to stay in the USO will be regarded as separatist. Any USO-orchestrated attacks on the Ottzelloan Grimbolsaurians who choose to return will be met with immediate retaliation. The re-patriotised Ottzelloan Grimbolsaurians will be sent to quarantine worlds to have all links back to the USO purged.

Our interests are still to respect the alliance with the Libertus; and indeed, their allies. Any attacks on the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, or New Cyrannian Republic will be met with swift action from us. This does not include internal disputes of the Libertus.

Attacks on Station Halcyon or the The Cooperative, in any galaxy, will mean all-out war. Any disruptions to The Cooperative's projects shall dent relations with us, and we will impose appropriate sanctions and punishments.

The Imperial Senate thanks the Delpha Coalition for their strong show of support for the Empire. In the past, our predecessor governments aided the Coalition in their times of need and we are thankful that they are returning the favour. However, we would like to stress our concern over the potentially rogue elements in the Milky Way Cooperative that evidence suggests was behind the destruction of Halcyon-B. We recommend that our allies purge these shameful elements.

Bah! You think we care for your threats, Delpha Coalition of Prats? None of the Norosaurians shall shall 'return'. Why? Because none of the have a CHOICE TO RETURN! Their autonomy has been stripped of them. Oh boohoo, we lost a small subspecies of our empire that have been gone for decades and were hardly ours to begin with! Suckers! Go whine somewhere else, or act on your threats, or I will not take them seriously.
Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Then you are just a tool, as the rest.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
This'd make for a great drama, wouldn't it? What a story this would be! The pathetic Delpha Coalition of Nothing try to take the 'separatists' from USO when it is none of their business, and the great USO in turn CRUSHES THEM! Oh, I see it clearly now, I can't wait to come to your planets and ANNIHILATE THEM! Hahahahaha!
Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
It is wise to know your enemy, clown. You clearly have no idea in predicting our actions. But when blow comes to blow, we know you will be hiding behind your unreliable chrono-technology more and more. Your fate will be that of the Dominatus. And by the way, our people will have no problem in killing the Ottzelloan Grimbolsaurians should need arises. They are no longer Grimbolsaurian, they are rebel. You think you are humiliating us? It only goes to prove our point.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
Oh, this is SO exciting! The dialogue is great! I cannot WAIT for this turn of events! And they even know of the chrontech. The tension rises, and so does my EXCITEMENT! I'll see you on your worlds when I'm destroying them!
Our forces are mobilizing to protect the Galactic Empire's worlds. As well our oath of cooperation with the Cooperative, we move out to protect stations and projects of the Cooperative.

Any attacks and harm to GEC's worlds and Cooperative's stations and projects will result in a full-scale war. By any means will we destroy, neutralize and disarm any threats to us, GEC and Cooperative until they won't even able get back up by any means. This may dent relations with us, but oath is oath. And in our perspectives of the destruction of Halcyon-B, we see the Cyrannian Imperial State as the main plotters. But due to lack of proper evidences, we stay on our positions and hold ceasefire until any aggression from the State and their military company.

Our oath with the Cooperative is also to assist and protect the members from any threats with means to harm and destroy them. The also apply to DCP's oath to protect the New Cyrannian Republic.

Due to the USO's attitude and nature, actions will be taken to destroy or disactivate any ship of USO by any means. And to you, USO, we know that you are "super-powerful" with an "endless" supply of resources. But you'll be wasting your time and your manpower at us. Begone.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
Correct. We will be wasting our time destroying you. What is the fun in destruction if no one worth caring about is destroyed?
Naakjian Confederation
Sub-Commander - Raavii Ciihen

Well, it's up to you. See ya later in the battlefield. Also... do you want some tea while you watch your army thinning down until it's only you and your high "horse" remaining?
Oh look, another melodramatic slag-sucker wanting to take on the entire universe at once. Word of advice: it doesn't work. Honestly, I don't think much of established governments as it is, but if everyone with any position of power over in the USO is as batshit stupid as you? This is already over, you're just waiting to lose.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
Ah, brilliant! Just brilliant! They ALL underestimate us! AHAHAHAHA! Oh but this will be SO dramatic when THEY ALL DIE! I can't contain my excitement any longer! In fact, I'M GOING TO GO DESTROY A FEW WORLDS NOW TO PROVE IT!!
From the bridge of the Star Reaver, the legendary Admiral Kaios.
Are you actually that stupid? No, no, don't answer that. I can already feel the waves of idiocy radiating from my comms every time you open your mouth.

You know what you remind me of? The slightly bigger kid in the yard who acts like they're in charge of everything, right up until the moment someone else walks up and kicks them in the balls. Let me tell you what's going to happen: You get up in everyone's face, they decide they're tired of you wagging your tongue, you die. Oh, and the rest of us get to laugh while you do.

On another topic, you really think blowing up a few planets actually means anything to these people? Fuck me you actually are dumber than a slag-rat.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
For heaven's sake Imelia, turn off Caps Lock.

Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
I have sympathy sister. It's my time of month too.

We officially condemn the actions of the Sovereignty of Ottzello. Our war will be fought and won with honour.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Yogtam (Communications)
USO respects your decision to make this call, as it is understandably detrimental to your image. However, we still have interest in fighting for your side in this potential war.
Space Stage Unlocked.png Representing The Harc Alliance is Vice President Tandy
I see no reason to go to war with anyone This most likely won't make a difference BUT this is coming from a member of a very warlike species so remember that me and my comrades don't like the empire much either we do prefer The republic more but they are a strong power in Cyrannus which is where we are based in it is true most of use are diplomats but that dosent mean we aren't willing to fight tell you when you first look at us you think we are weak but the truth is we have a very powerful military so if any empire attacks in Cyrannus or anywhere near us then we will be ready to fight for what we want
Plazith League.png
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
High Inquisitor Dreza'Dero (Comms Channel)
Vice President Tandy, these transmissions were from a long time ago, so you are really talking to a brick wall in regards to this. Also, the reason for this war (Which has been going on for a decade at least by now) is differing views. The Cyrannian Imperial State and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus all hate each other for a reason. Don't ask about USO though. Those lunk-heads think that they can take on the galaxy and at the very least, survive. Idiots.
Space Stage Unlocked.png Representing The Harc Alliance is Vice President Tandy
ah yes thank you High Inqusitor Dreza'Dero I was worrying about that When I posted that Message I must say i am terrible at telling time actally the entire Harc alliance time system is bad we can barely Tell what year it is but still we will aid any of the superpowers in war if it's the republic or empire
Plazith League.png
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
Emin'Keres (Comms Channel)
Not republic. But Empire. I'd recommend not getting in the war as if you are situated in Cyrannus, you quite possibly could be destroyed. The Empire and the Cyrannian Imperial State are incredibly powerful factions. Why am I even saying this? This isn't my galaxy.
As Emin'Keres said, it would be wise not to enter the war. But we do not command your empire, and as such, it is your choice.

Call for Help[]

Representing the Yank Empire is Captain Xor Ansulgrid (Yank Communications)
Hello? Is... is this working? Well, hopefully it is.

To any living, sentient creature who might be receiving this call: My name is Xor Ansulgrid of the Yank.

I need help from an external race of creatures to make my people fix their ways of wrongdoing. My High Minister wants me to destroy anyone I might happen to meet; I disagree. I wish to make a revolution, to rebel against the brutal Ministry and make a successful, strong and liked Empire. If you wish to help, please do. We are in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Xor Ansulgrid, to anyone who might listen.

Representing the Fordan Empire is Hel'Bre'K, Blademaster of the Fordanta.
If you seek change, win it for yourself. Otherwise, your rebellion will be naught but a victory for others, with only you to bear the cost. Se'ka'ra Ma'tor'es.
Representing the Drodo Empire, Premier Harponis
Requesting help from totally foreign powers is rarely a way to get things done; I should also note that the UDB is open to everyone. Anyway, assuming your government hasn't already tracked you down, I'd suggest, if you're that adamant about a regime change that you do it yourself via guerilla war, not by hoping for help from strangers that could just as easily report you to your government.
Representing the Yank Empire is Captain Xor Ansulgrid (Yank Communications)
Okay, first of all- I'm really excited to see that there indeed are other space-faring Empires, and even more that they actually answered my call.

Secondly, I appreciate your answers. I understand that simply calling for help and hoping someone would agree isn't that much of a good idea, especially if it comes from a tiny, unknown new Empire. But I do know that if there are other Empires, they probably have been through wars or are part of alliances. I want my Empire to understand the importance of such alliances, and the only way they will understand is power. If you can, can you at least give me ideas?

I have sixteen colonies against four, but the Ministry has weapons. Strong ones. I will start training my soldiers for now, and tell you if I succeed.

I hope to meet you again later, as part of a more peaceful and powerful Empire.

By the way, my Ministry cannot track these signals down. My spaceship is currently the only one who can send/receive interstellar signals, and I am the only person aboard while sending these messages. I already made up a cover story, and soon I will act.
Waptoria Alliance.png Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: {{{char}}}
If this could get really hard, and your species is busy destroying itself or something, then we'll evacuate them. Each species and bioform is unique, and it's a shame if even one is lost.

If you have sixteen colonies against four, then indeed guerilla warfare in the way you should go. Your foe has weapons: steal them, then use them against you. If the men and women under your command are loyal, then all the better. Have them go undercover. Kick up civil unrest, breach their security networks, cause deflections. The following is not really our style of batteling, but hey, since you say your race only understands power, and you have stolen enough weaponry, give them a taste of it. Don't start misseling them, as they will ten say you are the agressor. But once they start to act all agressive, show them you've got the bigger missiles. However, do not nuke cities or cause civilian losses, that's the worst mistake that can be made. Grief can be turned into hate, and hate easily into vengeance. So don't do that. But if everything goes all right, you've sabotaged them, there is unrest, and you've shown them you're the strongest of the two, then they'll realize its sixteen against four, alas, an hopeless battle for such priitive empires, and will give in.

Oh, and tell if you did suceed, if not, we ourselves will learn from it.

Native Uprising in Drodo Colonies![]

Colonial News Network

Today there is breaking news coming out of the Capital World of the Drodo Colonies, New Arcadia; The local natives, a primitive bronze-age people, have recently attacked several villages and looted them for supplies and weapons.

"Aye, they where savage!" Says one colonist, Verikar Grissin.

"There musta been hundreds of'em, armed with swords, knives, even the occasional gun. I would of been a goner had it not have been for my hunting rifle."

Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated incident, there seems to be many border strikes conducted by several different native nations. Satellite images as well tell us that the natives, apparently numbering in the thousands, also intend to march upon major cities next.

"The military's taking the situation very seriously." Says Fleet Captain Cesterity, on a recent statement.

"We're taking every procaution to evacuate nearby villages to larger cities and further fortifying them with militias as well as cavalry and armoured vehicles. This uprising should be wiped out soon."

However, many are concerned about the larger implications this incident could have on relations between the two peoples in the future; Some have even considered the scenario in which the capital will have to be relocated due to stability issues.

This has been the Colonial News Network, signing off.

Supreme Crimelord Zarveltyr
Damnit, I should have been there. The recordings would make wonderful home entertainment!
Representing the Drodo Colonies, Fleet Captain Cesterity
Ah yes, because torrential rainfall, thousands upon thousands of stinking corpses for miles around, land soaked and overflowing with blood and the screams and cries of the dying are all primetime entertainment. Great for the kids.
Supreme Crimelord Zarveltyr
Clearly you've never babysat Avilian. The little guys are vicious when they're young.
We were once allies, so I am obligated to offer you help. We could help you solving that conflict, but we leave it to you whether or not you want our help. We could send you at least an android strike team to support your military and take down the savages. In case that is not enough there also would be the possibility of sending you mobile android factories to supply you with a constant supply of troops in the numbers you need.
Colonial News Network

We have received news that, after several days of fighting, the native uprising has been demolished. Drodo military and civilian casualties are 250, compared to the native casualties of around 20 000. The natives where halted at several major bridges where there was heavy fighting. After they managed to break though they arrived at the walls of Gallonia where the uprising was at last crushed by artillery, machine gun nests, and aircraft.

However, after this incident, governors, military leaders, and experts are divided on what the next course of action should be, with suggestions ranging from negotiations, to assimalation, to, most disturbingly of all, extermination.

This has been the Colonial News Network.

War is good for business[]

Lacrimosae tribe emblem.png Representing the Heer Stekeevel Confederation, Yustus Maritonius
I have been instructed by my master to make purchases of weapons, materiel, and starships to replenish our losses during the last war. Tell me, what does the market have to offer?

MiniNu2.png Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Agent Nu (Communicate)
You'd have to make a special itsy bitsy appointment at good ol' Kicathian Armaments if you want anything. It'll probably cost 'ya a few planets to buy these weapons, but hey. I need a playground.
Oh, but there are plenty! Plenty of weapons, indeed! Plenty of available items that can certainly replenish any losses you sustained! One slight problem. You have overlooked a major flaw. There are plenty of weapons available on the market. Plenty of weapons available on the market TO KILL YOU WITH!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Representing the Drodo Empire, Premier Harponis
And here we see the USO's elegant and subtle foreign policy at work; Beautiful, is it not?
Representing the Heer Stekeevel Confederation, Yustus Maritonius
Rest assured, Supreme Leader Xaltsa, that my people will remember the grace and good sense with which you treated us during this exchange, should we ever meet again.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
Gerden Kole
I don't think its very good for business to tell your trade partner you will destroy them one day.
Naakjian Confederation
Agent - Z'jep

A fine example of a unfortunate victim those brain is reduced into the size of a pea as a side-effect of USO technology.
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
And I will reduce you to ash when I destroy your planet!
Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Agent Nu (Communicate)
I love open theatre!


Representing the Heer Stekeevel Confederation, Yustus Maritonius
Omnidrones, hm? These are more than impressive, but far out of our price range. Do the Tokzalan have anything more... mundane for sale?


Aralon Sengal, Tantalius mfg. representetive of the Draconid Imperium
I represent Tantalius Manufacturing and on behalf of the board of directors I would like to put forward an offer for a variety of Draconid-craft small arms and starfighters for sale. Considering your cordial relations with the French Colonial Empire, the board is willing to offer you a generous 15% discount on all purchases over the next three years. If you are inclined, of course.
Tantalius also has agreements with other Andromeda and Quadrants-based industries who can provide all the industrial material you require.
Representing the Heer Stekeevel Confederation, Yustus Maritonius
Fighters and weapons, you say––and at a discount? Sir, the Quadrants will know of your generosity! I would be interested in looking at your wares––if you accept the Drodoian Colonial Dollar, of course.
Aralon Sengal, Tantalius mfg. representetive of the Draconid Imperium
Our business can happily accept the Drodoian Colonial Dollar. Therefore this is excellent news! Tantalius Manufacturing has an office in the capital of Aramis Prime, one of the colonies of the Draconid Imperium, perhaps we can show you our wares and discuss further arrangements there?

Offer of Asylum[]

The United Hegemony of the Andromeda galaxy would like to formally announce the new policy of asylum for refugees of the current turmoil engulfing the Gigaquadrant. Simply put, our borders are open to those fleeing from destruction at the hands of the empires that are currentley carving up territory and re drawing the map of the Gigaquadrant. This offer is extended to everyone regardless of race or allegiance. However, there is a set of rules and expectations.

1. You will obey the laws of our nation. There fairly straight forward. No murdering, no robbery etc. One particular note is that we have a massive ban on certain addictive narcotics. Better leave those behind just to be safe.

2. You will work. We will provide shelter and pay if you are willing to work. Any job is fine, but we really would like to get the refugees back on their feet.

3.All religions and beleifs are accepted within our borders provided that they do not violate basic laws (no sacrifice of sentient beings). You may practice what you will.

4.Any attempt by a foreign power to remove refugees without our consent will be viewed as a hostile incursion. That's not to say that we will let war criminals hide within our borders. You must notify us first so that we may effectivily collaborate.

5.Refugees may become Hegemony citizens provided they spend at least two years in the country and that they obey the basic rules of the Hegemony. Similarily, refugees may fight in the military if they want to. This will greatly reduce the time needed to become a citizen.

We hope that peace may soon be restored to the Gigaquadrant. Until then, we will take in the yearning masses who seek a safe isle from the storm.

UDB France.png Laurene Maxime, President of the French Republic Élysée blason.png
Commander Marius, this initiative is more than commendable––it is heroic. Those who have lost everything––their families, their homes, even their governments to this conflict, will surely join me in expressing the deepest gratitude for your efforts.

Drodoian Residential Schools cause Controversy[]

Drodo Colonial Flag.pngColonial News NetworkDrodo Colonial Flag.png
Thank you, viewer, for tuning into the Colonial News Network.

Today's top story comes from the recently-conquered Heer-Stevekel territories in the Quadrant Galaxies, after the decisively-won Heer-Stevekel War. The story itself centres around the controversial decision from the colonial government to instate Residential Schooling within the newly-aquired territory. Residential Schooling would entail students living within the school during the year, and the government states its purpose is to "Introduce pupils to the proper Drodo way of life", and to "make there goals and culture more compatible". Even with the plan in its early stages, many from inside the country and outside have already launched criticisms, including the illustrous Fleet Captain Cesterity.

"Hey, I had nothing to do with the descision, I'm the guy that directs troop movements." He stated when asked if he where a possible collaberator with the plan. He added;

"With that said, I disagree with the whole idea because its unnecessary; I've been to a lot of places and seen a lot of cultures weirder and more violent then the Heer-Stevekelese within my own country, what's so unique here?"

Despite the criticism, however, the plan has gained enough traction to be passed into law. The Residental Schools are expected to open in-full by next year.

This has been the Colonial News Network, signing off.

Farengeto Flag 3D.png On behalf of the Farengeto Republic, Diviak Rovnitov (Comms Channel)
This is unnecessarily drastic measures by the Drodo. Why you must strip the Heer-Stevekel of there culture in addition to their sovereignty is beyond me. Of course, given my government's recent anti-Spodist policy in the Gargator territory I suppose I can't really say much.

But regardless, unless they're acting with open hostility against the government I see no reason for such archaic measures. The Farengeto Quadrant Colonies will not actively oppose the policy at this time, however.

Unknown aggressors![]

An unidentified aggressor has laid down an unprecedented attack on our worlds, include five sanctuaries of endangered sentients and non-sentients! They have been able to sustain a campaign of massive casualties upon us. They are not the Neraida. We are not a warlike people, they have swept through our steed fleet and we require all the assistance we can to flee and save our reserves.


Kindred Coalition
We too are under attack [scenes like this are shown but with more swarming and advanced technology]. Our fleets were preparing for the Neraida onslaught, not this. The enemy materialises in realspace in giant asteroids and dwarf planets *frightening visuals are shown of looming rocks and swarming creatures*, and seems to attack with no discrimination. Whatever they are, they are like an animal. On the ground even our best warriors and soldiers dropped down are immediately swallowed! Could they be the Neraida, or something-else? We have intercepted reports the Jovar are under attack as well.

Waptoria Alliance.png Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: {{{char}}}
We will come to the Ectobiomality's aid immediately. Hermicee, Botana, Scelus, the Krill Swarm...we've got our share of swarms to fight. Yet, they all are diiferent, and all dangerous in their own way. We'll protect your Seed Ships. As fellow servants of mother nature, you have our oath on that.
30px Iron Systems Federation General Communique
Intriguing, a bioform apparently capable of interstellar travel without reliance upon technology. This merits further study, which may as well include assisting in defence against this apparent threat.
We will aid you with orbital defense platforms to stop them from even reaching your worlds. If you wish we could also establish self-sufficient android factories nearby to grant you a constant supply of defenders. In return we would like the permission to analyze the aggressors and their technologies.
I don't know who it is either!

Kindred Coalition
While a couple of our members disagree they need aid, we have reached a consensus that we will need the help in both defence and studying the creatures. ISF and Troodontid support is welcome.

Official Release from the Government of the Greater Hal'Sk Empire[]

Flag of Hal'Sk.png High Chancellor of the GHE, Tivor Giliak Flag of Hal'Sk.png

Greetings nations of the Gigaquadrant at large, I am the new leader of the Greater Hal'Sk Empire, High Chancellor Tivor Giliak.

As you may or may not know, a week ago Emperor Rihak Hisan resigned from his position as Emperor, and also reformed our government, officially making us a democratic republic, shedding the last remnants of our horrible and authoritarian past.

All agreements the former government of the Greater Hal'Sk Empire had with nations are still in effect, although if you wish to revaluate them due to the changes made, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The travel restrictions previously enacted due to the change have been lifted, our borders are now reopened to outsiders.

May we have warm relations with all who desire so, and continue to walk the path of peace and prosperity, the path of liberty and freedom for all.

Drodo Empire Flag.pngRepresenting the Drodo Empire, Premier HarponisDrodo Empire Flag.png
It is good to hear of your Emperor's peaceful abdication, and your final turn away from dynastic rule. I only hope the best for your newly-democratic nation.

We welcome you and are glad to hear of your new found freedom. Feel free to establish trade routes with our Milky Way territories if you wish. We are always open to benign foreign relations.

The house we will be meeting in

Greetings from the Monoculus Empire![]

This is Captain Qutex speaking, and I am here to announce the first ever MEETING OF ZEALOTS! This meeting only allows Zealots, but viewers are Welcome. 9 Zealots will be chosen to represent 9 Ideologies, each being a Break-off of the Main-stream Spode beliefs. The main Ideologies are the same as the other Archetypes, which are:



-Scientist (Me, captian Qutex)






-and Ecologist

(We are ZEALOT'S, so we can't have a 10th Ideology.)


1. Subscribe to my Sporecast, called "Entries for the Meeting", by Paladinluke

2. Make a Adventure explaning why you want a certian seat in the Meeting (Ex: Fight some Raiders if you are a Warrior, Plant trees for Ecologist, ect.)

3. Post it to the Sporecast

4. Wait

All members will be announced, and they will be Emailed. Everyone who enters will have their captain in the Mission, but will not have a Speaking part.\ The winners will get the Main seat The 3 runnerups will get a "Division Seat", reperesenting their Ideology and may have a Speaking part.

Yes, you can be my Division.

Allright, sign up today!

Drodo Empire Flag.pngRepresenting the Drodo Empire, Fleet Captain Cesterity IsordonDrodo Colonial Flag.png
Yes, let us take nine religious fanatics of conflicting and differing beliefs and put them into a small room together. Sounds like the perfect setting for a lively, orderly debate, yes?
Independent - Nar'karaex
Unless we are wearing the same hat. A-heh.

Breaking News: Massacre at Galavasius[]

Drodo Colonial Flag.pngColonial News NetworkDrodo Colonial Flag.png
Thank you, viewer, for tuning into the Colonial News Network.

Just hours ago, there was a bloody incident people are starting to describe as nothing short of a massacre. At the Drodoian Provincial capital of Galavasius; Capital of the former Heer Stevekel territories in Drodoian space, a protest, organized mainly by Heer Stevekel intellectuals where peacefully protesting for independence after their annexation by the Drodo Empire several years ago in the plaza in front of the Governor's palace. The governor of the planet, Tyatar Gitterun called in military units several weeks into the protest to violently disperse the protesters. The army sent was divided about the inhumane orders given to them, and many mutinied, causing shootouts in the streets amongst mutineers and those loyal to the Gitterun regime, along with the mass-murders of panicked civilians by those loyal to Gitterun on their way to the plaza and main body of protesters.

Partway through the massacre, the Imperial Drodo Mounted Police stationed inside of the palace organized themselves and arrested the the governor under charges of Crimes against Sapient Life, mass murder, and severe abuses of power. These charges have yet to be processed.

Later, at the plaza, the remaining mutineers in the city made a valiant defense, but where killed to a man by the swarms of opponents facing them. From here, Gitterun's men opened fire on the body of protesters, who maintained their peaceful demeanor to the last. The troops would later stand down under the orders of the Colonial Government.

The estimated death toll of the disaster is 10 750, 750 of which are military casualties. Statements have already been released on the incident, including a statement by the ruling Premier of the Drodo Empire, Furrak Harponis, strongly denouncing Governor Gitterun's actions, and wishing the best for the Heer-Stevekel people, promising aid to them within the next month.

As it stands, this has been the bloodiest crackdown in the Drodo Empire's history.

This has been the Colonial News Network, signing off.

Heer Stekeveel Confederation.png Druscus Caecina, High King of the Heer Stekeveel Confederation Heer Stekeveel Confederation.png
Words cannot express the rage I feel at these events, yet another atrocity in a long line of Drodoian injustices which are being inflicted upon my people. This is not the first massacre, and this most certainly will not be the last. It is a disgrace, a blight on the honor of the Gigaquadrant's great powers that this unlawful occupation be allowed to continue. I want to see it ended immediately. Or I swear on the blood of my fallen kin that there will be consequences.
Drodo Empire Flag.pngRepresenting the Drodo Empire, Premier Furrak HarponisDrodo Empire Flag.png

High King Caecina, I would wish to make clear that me, nor does any of the Empire endorse any of the actions of this disaster, nor any of the perceived "injustices" taking place within the territories. As for the handover of territory, I would be open to such an offer but I do not hold absolute power, nor direct control over the colonies. The matter will be brought up in parliament.
Drodo Colonial Flag.pngColonial News NetworkDrodo Colonial Flag.png
Thank you, viewer, for tuning into the Colonial News Network.

This is a news update.

We have just recieved word that former Governor Gitterun, along with the regimental and divisional commanders that followed the horrific orders of that fateful day, have been sentenced. Gitterun was seen guilty of all charges and is sentenced to death by hanging, which will be carried out tomorrow.

The other commanders of the massacre have been charged with mass murder and crimes against sapient life and have all been dishonourably discharged and sentenced either with life imprisonments or death by firing squad; The executions will be carried out throughout the week.

This has been the Colonial News Network, signing off.


This is the Lavacat Grand Council Speaking.

Sorry if there is a bad connection. We've only recently established advanced communication as well as space travel, so if any connections are bad, it's probably us.

Hey there! We are new to this Empire game. We hope to find many allies out there. We love peace, but don't get us wrong; if you attack us, your ship will be space junk in a split second!

But hopefully this won't happen. We like allies, and there's a whole universe for them, right?

We're in the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. If you want to contact or even visit us, go there. Feel free to stop by!

End transmisson

The Farubaida o Caroha welcomes you to the Galactic Community.


Incoming Message[]

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are all standing in a row, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Give them a twist a flick of the wrist, that’s what the showman said; I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts - every ball you throw will make me rich!

no un asked anyfin shuddup
Levisala Flag.png Communications Channel of the Glorious Levisala Confederacy - Admiral Jaysmoth
Well, that depends. Which planet did the coconuts come from? Which grocery store were they bought at? Or did you get them straight from the source? And what fertilizer was used to grow them? Were they free-range, no growth hormone coconuts? Was the soil properly irrigated and heated to the precise temperature at which coconut growth is ideal? And who was the farmer? Where does he live? Does he have a wife and kids? Does his planetary government protect him from me killing him if I were to discover that he didn't produce the best damn coconuts in the galaxy and somehow his inferior trash excuse for a coconut ended up in my hands?

Important questions.
Santorakh, God of Madness
To be honest, I'm surprised you know what a coconut is considering you're not from Earth. I'm even more surprised that you know what a coconut is considering you're from A DIFFERENT GALAXY ALTOGETHER.

Four new species join the Farubaida[]

Four new species have officially joined the Farubaida. The first, the Bozishnarod, are a race of dark yellow-skinned humanoids. They worship the Luonnontar, a non-interventionist God who views all sapients with disdain for their arrogance (according to their myths, all races were cast out of heaven for their arrogance). Their joining has sparked a large increase in polyamorous relationships that are the most common form among the Bozishnarod. The Council of the Outward Expanse has taken advantage of this event by helping these new polycules to colonize asteroids for the Farubaida.

The other three species, the Echmer, Hyu-ket, and Moru have a closely related history, shown in more detail here(this scholar explains these races better than we could come up with). http://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/comments/2m76jl/the_uutak_mythos_an_introductory_report_and/

The Farubaida officially welcomes these new species, especially since sapient life seems uncommon in this section of the galaxy.

Anyone got a good deal?[]

I got lots of stuff up for buy or trade. What have you got? What do you want for it? You have cold weather gear? How about cloaking devices? Holoprojectors? Tell me what you got, and I can make you the perfect deal! Tell me, tell me, what do you have in that cargo hold? And how much money do you want for it?

Agent X-30 of the Agency
Well that depends. I can grant you an ultra-deathlaser of doom. Or I can give you 3 vials of experimental deathlight to augment yourself with. Whaddya say?!
Jeam'Kikea'Eachi, military adviser to the Plazith League
Shut up X-30. We won't give away Deathlight to the populace and you should know that.

Federal Election Results for Empire; Change of Government[]

Drodo Empire Flag.pngThe Imperial News NetworkDrodo Empire Flag.png
Thank you, viewer, for logging into the Imperial News Network.

In a landslide vote, the Aristocratic Party has won the federal election in the Drodo Empire. Headed by the Archduke Fiihar Jivirik III, this new conservative government plans to fulfill its earlier promises of stablizing the economy, cutting ties with the French, and restoring dignity to the Empire after its embarrassing defeat in the Xonexi war.

"I cannot stand to see my people be humiliated in such a way, to be exploited, by our newfound foe, France!" He passionately said in a previous speech.

"This foolish war with the Delpha Coalition puts the entire Drodo race on the brink of extinction, and it would not have happened had it not been for France. We as a people must look after ourselves, and look after our own." He continued.

Such a campaign platform, which would've been inconceivable just months before, finds its footing in the Empire's current situation; Economically destitute, with a disillusioned, exhausted populace. Such big promises and fundemental changes the Archduke implies have worried some political experts, but results remain to be seen.

This has been the Imperial News Network.

Borealis open for colonization[]

Greetings, people of the First Gigaquadrant.

The councillors of the Polar Crystal Alliance would like to inform that we would like to offer the chance of new extragalactic colonization in the Borealis Galaxy. In the first decade of our new age, previous threats to colonization such as space pirates have been eradicated and the galaxy is experiencing a new age of peace and prosperity. We are always looking for new allies and would be more than glad to help you settle in, and likewise, if you have no ill intentions, you are more than welcome to enter the Alliance's borders and visit the galactic capital of Hyperborea.

Borealis is still taking baby steps to interact with extragalactics, but we assure, we have no intention of remain isolated. For a prosperous future for all of us.

Colonising Borealis? I'm engorged with arousal. I'll take your entire alliance, stat!

Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Hagto'Zhl (Da comms channel)
Representing the New Cyrannian Republic is: Proconsul Apollo
We would be happy to lay a claim at a small area of space near the newly discovered Beta Wormhole linking Cyrannus and Borealis. We hope for future interaction with the members of the PCA as per our mutual alliance in the Mou'Cyran Accords.
Representing the Polar Crystal Alliance is: Councillor Semirian (Communications)
The Republic is more than welcome to take residence in our galaxy. Feel free.
UNO will welcome anyone with open arms and welcome any trading possibility. So long as t hey stay in line with Borealis' rules, they can be under the protection of the Kormacvar Legacy, ourselves, and enjoy the benefits of the Grid.
The Mendel Pact hopes to colonize a small zone of the galaxy, with your permission.
Representing the Polar Crystal Alliance is: Councillor Semirian (Communications)
Go ahead. Welcome to the galaxy.
High Lord of the Mendel Pact, Ugandalore the Un-touchable
Thank you. We hope to be of use to your galactic kin.

Template:Msg/Vanara Houses

And Thus Resumes the Fuck You Portion of Our Program[]

High Priest Riffrex of the Cult of Spore
Hello everyone! You may have noticed that the entire sphere of empires related to the Aeoneonatrix empire hasn't done anything in years. It's almost like a user left the wiki, but that's just ridiculous talk from some nut-job white lizard who makes art out of dead bodies. Couldn't possibly mean anything.

Anyways, he's at least partially back now, so everyone thank your lucky stars that the magical version of the borg is once again winning souls as property for a glowy fuck all while secretly plotting to vaguely someday overthrow the Draconis Imperium for that and no other reason and despite its every other property. Oops, did I say that out loud? No. No I did not. I typed it.

Anyways, unless I've been looking at the wrong parts of the wiki and getting old news, it seems that the DCP is at war with a bunch of other people. I love how the page on that says oblivion will meet whoever fails, as though the DCP or most of the empires opposing them are ever actually going to be killed off.

In other news, most of the major empires seem exactly the same, save for a few who have gotten worse. Because we're dealing with a bunch of teenagers and when you're a teenager, grimdark=good. I can feel the edge leaking out from every drop of innocent blood. I think that's why they're bleeding in the first place. They cut themselves on all that edge.

Anyways, it's good to be back. Anticipate my snark for the rest of the university semester and then re-activation of the Aeoneonatrix starting around May irl time, accompanied by extensive retcons to both common practices and backstory. People complaining that any and all new changes to the Aeoneonatrix make them unsuitable allies for the fictions that the old version fought along with may submit all complaints to someone who gives a shit.

(AN: Remember that all disparaging comments made about the community by Riffrex are part of his character. The staff here are impressive for tolerating me long enough for me to leave of my own accord, though my creative differences with AB will still probably lead me to move to another sector. No hard feelings, I just prefer the way I do things to the way he does.)

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: {{{char}}}
Hello there imagined in-game avatar of a user who cannot possibly exist. I'm uncertain whatever I'm supposed to reply on this or not, but whatever, I'll do it anyways. It's not like we're insulting anybody here.

For some reason, Rifflex, are you sure you haven't got a split personality disorder? In that case, you should see a doctor. Half of the time you seem to think you are someone else, one that our groupmind catagorizes as "Aeoneonatrix". The fact that one names him- or herself after a species is quite ridiculous. It's almost as bad as someone naming mih- or herself "Ecoraptor". I mean, what's that suppodes to mean? Someone who steals nature? That's against everthing we of the Waptoria strive for!

Now for some reason, I feel like I need to defend someone - or two - from certain charges. People I don't really know...wait. I should see a doctor too.

So..."Grimdark". Is that meant to stand in opposition to "noblebright" or what? Doesn't make any sense. "Grim-Dark". It's like even more dark than dark. Ah...Whatever. What was I going to do again? Defending...someone? Ah, yes, that. There seems to be an increase in grimdarkness indeed. But those are mainly newcomers, and it's not like there always has been some grimdarkness around here. So, then, who am I trying to defend? I myself have no idea. Well, then, why in the Mirus Galaxy am I writing his? No idea. There must be greater forces at work here. Wait...That stupid. Ugh...Anyhow, those few that seem to have gotten worse...pretty certain it doesn't include the empire I am part of. We're still trying to safe nature and all though we're getting a greater focus on communism...wich always have been there. Wait...that's a paradox. But on to the Imperium of War. The Imperium of War? Do you seriousely expect those warmongers to ever change? No, their simple, all-driving motive is much to loved for that. And - Wait a minute, everyone hates them! So why would eveyone love the fact they spread random war everywhere? Can anybody explain how that is possible!? Am I starting to see things or what!?

Ok, calm down...calm down. You're not going mad. So...Do you perhaps mean the UAE? If so, you don't seem to know the word "grimdark". You see the UAE massacring helpless civilians and wiping out alien races just because? No! Grimdrk is bad! Grimdark is ugly! Grimdark is everything we of teh UAE fight against! The Drakodominatus Tyranny, that is one hell of a grimdark empire! Whetever "Grimdark" elements ther are in the UAE will never play a role that is too large. After all, the UAE is a shared alliance, and we'll always put our own empires before something shared, right? And that's loathsome! If we ever want to get things in this universe to get right, we have to work together! Ahem- sorry for my little outburst. I'm also not sure where exactly you got that "teenager" thing from. You must have your age categories wrong.

Heh. This was entertaining. And the snark was good as always.

We'll see what happens to the Aeoneonatrix. Their increased zealotry also made us more increasingly worried wenever or not we should stay allied. Then they suddenly returned and we were a bit ecstatic. We'll see where it goes and revise any eventual changes in relationships then. Just don't keep your hope up that the Imperium of War will siddenly get a liking for you. They'll probaly use it as an euse to renew theit war with you - if they haven't already after your return - wich was quite unexpected, I must say.

You will also have noticed my type of writing has changed. Probably because I have changed as well...matured, you could say. And also bacause my autocorrect doesn't seem to work anymore, so blame that. I try to fix what I can. See...nearly wrote "fiw". And of course, as I'm over a hundred years old, I don't see why a few years would matter. For humans, though, it could mean a lot in terms of change. This...AB you speak of also has changed in the same way. Like me, became far less bossy. don't expect the things that happened to happen now. We moved on beyond that. Things changed, I always stayed supportive about you even after you left even though that feeling could have been not mutual because I'm generally bad when it comes to knowing who likes me and who does not, I deeply regretted Ameius becoming non-canon and hope he won't be soon, Mirus is open to everyone and we would love to have you aboard, AB is now known as Charles Murray, no I have no idea if that's hs true name or not, and whatever else I can come up with.

Have a good day, Rifflex, and happy snarking.

AN: Likewise.)

Victory in the Quadrants![]

Drodo Empire Flag.pngThe Imperial News NetworkDrodo Empire Flag.png
Thank you, viewer, for logging into the Imperial News Network.

Victory in the Quadrants!

After a hard-fought war, our brave men, under the masterful command of our new Premier, Archduke Fiihar Jivirik III, has vanquished our foes, the Heer Stekeveel once and for all!

Press coverage was heavy in the event, capturing every victory Imperial forces made against the foe. While the war lasted several months, starting with a revolt of Heer Stekeveel peasants, the Drodoian counterattack took only 48 hours to completely destroy both the upstart rebellion and the nation that dared to support them.

The former territories are now ruled by a newly-established autonomous zone, under the command of the Premier's youngest son, Margrave Kirvan Jivirik. We at the Imperial News Network would like to personally congradulate all involved, and wish the young Margrave the best of luck in running his new nation.

This has been the Imperial News Network.

Lord Iron Chancellor Bisarko Vun Milaros.
Oh, if only I cared about such an incompetent nation, I might have actually wanted to hear your little imperialistic shenanigans. I could put forth a scathing criticism of the stupidity behind throwing your whole military force into one rebellion and how your leader's son is the one actually making things work, not him, but, I will refrain. You might send a nasty reply that would leave me shell-shocked for about two seconds, before I gained a good laugh. But, I shall remain silent, it's not fair to bully one smaller then yourself, now is it?

Oh wait, this is after you got down bullying a group of freedom fighters who wanted to gain freedom from an imperialist nation that was destroying their culture. Wow, I actually was rather hoping they'd gain their freedom. But, living under an uncaring blue-blood from another race is just as good. At least the margrave shows signs of intelligence and care towards them, if only so they remain under your thumb.

An Exciting Offer From the Imperium of Rael'nos[]

The Enlightened Imperium of Rael'nos
Greetings, citizens of the Milky Way, Andromeda, Mirus and beyond. We at the Imperium of Rael’nos have a wonderful, exciting offer for you all. The Imperium has recently acquired technology from the Shiyozai republic, allowing us to unveil our whole new Shiyonoid Line of Sapient Laborers.

Shiyonoids are genetically engineered by advanced Andromedan technology unmatched by anyone else in the gigaquadrant, designed by advanced scientists to perform, and love to perform any and all functions you desire. Need a house servant? This green-feathered gal will wait on your every whim. Need someone cheaper than a wage worker for that boring office work? This short little guy will perform perfectly to your data-entry needs, and love it as much as your workers hate it. Want someone strong to run your factories? This black-feathered powerhouse will obediently and competently lift up to 600 kilograms! Want someone sexy to warm your bed at night? This blue boy here is dying to be that someone.

Because all Shiyonoids are lab-grown with preselected characteristics, they come pre-programmed with all the knowledge, skill, and obedience they’ll need to perform as your obedient servants. Shiyonoids need no training, no discipline, and no punishment. They will never disobey. They will never rebel against you.

Even better, those with ethical objections to the slave trade, all Shiyonoids are designed to be ideally suited not only to contentment, but to genuine fulfillment with a life working for you! Don’t believe us? Feel free to scan their brains while performing their work, and watch the pleasure centers light up! Even the KSRO, abolitionists if there ever were any, is on record approving of the use of the Shiyozai’s technology.

But wait, there’s more! Order in the next 100 hours and get one free Shiyonoidizer brain machine for every three Shiyoni you order! Instill the wondrous properties of the Shiyonoids on every slave you own! Plus, if you buy in bulk, you’ll get an extra 100 Shiyonoids of any preset model free for every 1,000 you buy! The best deal in the gigaquadrant on the best slaves in the gigaquadrant!

Don’t delay. Call us now to order up to one-hundred-million of any of our level one default model Shiyonoids for the low low price of just 250 Credits a unit! That’s right! Just 250!

And that’s not all. We’re so confident in our product that if you find any defect in any of our Shiyonoids, we’ll send you your money back along with three similarly priced Shiyonoid or non-Shiyonoid units on offer! Don’t delay! Buy now and own one of the best products in the gigaquadrant.

Must be 18 or older or older. Prices will vary based on model.

Hmm... This does sound interesting. Would it be possible for you to make Masochistic Shiyozoids who would enjoy being tortured? I don't know if the KSA would let us do this, but it might be possible to convince them to.
The Enlightened Imperium of Rael'nos
Absolutely! We'll be able to ship any quantity over as soon as you acquired the necessary legal approval. We would like to assure the KSA, if they are reading this, that we are more than capable of creating organisms who would not be at all bothered by the Mardor's recreational activities, and, if the ownership of laborers is too unsettling, you could allow the Mardor to set up a system of voluntary contracts similar to the one the Shiyozai Republic originally used. Under such a system, they would be able to choose their employers and leave their service constrained only by whatever restrictions you choose to put in place.
Federation Council of the Farengeto Trade Coalition (Diplomatic Frequency)
I'm afraid we're going to have to cancel that order on behalf of our Federation's member state. Your order stands in violation of at least half a dozen international agreements, from the Treaty on Artificial Intelligences and Organisms to the Declaration on the Universal Rights of Sentients, as well as KSA Security Council Resolution #102B: Resolution on the Recognition of the Transfer of the Occupation of the Mardor Empire Mandate. All of which were signed by High King Razorscare himself of his own free will.

Should you choose to ignore our laws, your transporters must past through some of our most heavily patrolled space. Should they be caught within the space of the Farengeto Trade Coalition's Trade Council they face numerous charges including but not limited to: smuggling, possession of illegal artificial entities, sentient trafficking, slavery, illegal immigration, illegal entry, and sedition.

If you have not been sufficiently dissuaded, this covers only the the territory of the Farengeto Trade Coalition Trade Council, and should you wish to visit our sector the only safe and prqctical routes under 50,000 light years involve passing through fortified Katarian wormholes and the heart of FTC and KSA space.

And to those in Rael'nos who stopped listening after my first sentence, if you attempt to deliver your slaves you will be arrested and imprisoned, with all ships and cargo fined and confiscated with no compensation the moment you violate trade council space.
The Enlightened Imperium of Rael'nos
Well, you are quite the melodramatic one. All he did was ask for your approval. Also, of his own free will? As if you would have just let them be if he hadn't signed it. I'm willing to bet he signed it with a gun to his head, perhaps metaphorical, perhaps not.
The Mardor Empire (Mardor Channel)
As the Son of the Great High King you mentioned, I beg you to reconsider. Imagine if you were starving, absolutely starving. Someone had, through bionics, arranged that you could live as long as you wanted without food, but ensured that the hunger would hurt you just as much as it otherwise would. Now imagine that you went from being surrounded by plenty to having nothing. For ten years, we have not eaten. It pains us. We need to do what we do, not physically, but psychologically. Barring your laws, made without knowledge of this possibility and worded broadly as a result, what real objection could be had to allowing us to finally eat... just a little bit? Please?
TIAF Flag.png TIAF Intergalactic Channel - Ambassador Olivia Lorrelas
The Federation condemns this illegal slave trade and any entity associated with its operation. Even if these "servants," as you call them, derive pleasure from their servitude, it is slavery nonetheless no matter how much you sugarcoat it with infomercials. In some ways, I find it even worse that you brainwash them from birth to accept abuse.

The Federation will not permit vessels that are participating in the trade or transport of Shiyonoid slaves to travel through TIAF space or utilize TIAF hyperlanes, and any vessel caught violating this ban will be subject to search, seizure, and detainment, regardless of nationality. This order extends not only to TIAF Andromeda and the Bunsen Galaxy but also to all territories in the TIAF intergalactic commonwealth. While we will respect free trade in international space and limit our embargo to our own territory, do not expect your trade to be welcome within our borders.
The Enlightened Imperium of Rael'nos
Ah, but it is not slavery if you do not want it to be. You pay us and we send them to you. If you want us to free them, then ask them to go to you, where they will be legally equal citizens, you may. Because they obey, it will work out, they will go to you, and they will, of their own free will, work for your citizenry under whatever circumstances you request, or, if you do not request any, under whatever circumstances you seem to them to desire. If that means what the Shiyozai Republic, from whom we acquired this technology, did, that is, buy and sell licences to their labor and not them themselves, that is fine. If it means them simply finding people willing to feed or pay them in exchange for whatever they want to do, fine. It can be as moral as you want to make it.
Imperium of War.png Representing the Imperium of War is: {{{char}}}
Though we would be interested under normal circumstances, your name offends us. So nope.
We note that that citation of us refers to a discussion of the Shiyozai Republic's practice of creating beings to desire certain not inherently rights-violating conditions and allowing them to accept them. What we said does not in any way condone using the fact that you made such an organism as justification for forcing them to do whatever you designed them to do, and it certainly does not condone selling them off to you-don't-know-or-care-who for just whatever to be done to them. You've taken what is essentially an employment contract with a sustenance wage and turned it into slavery founded in mind control.
Drodo Empire Flag.pngImperial Ministry of CommerceDrodo Empire Flag.png
On behalf of the Drodo Empire and its Parliament, the Imperial Ministry of Commerce hereby forbids the shipping, distribution, purchasing, ownership or use of any such lifeforms by any government, corporate, or private entity in not only the Drodo Empire proper but in all of Her colonies, vassals, and any and all holdings held by the Jivirik dynasty or others under the Sapient Rights act of 2699, more specifically any and all sections banning the use of slaves.

In the view of the Imperial Parliament, the Ministry of Commerce and most importantly the Sapient Rights Act these lifeforms are considered slaves; As they are sapient lifeforms who are forced to serve a master without pay or with pay below the minimum wage.

Furthermore, Parliament finds the concept of genetically-engineering sapient life to do your bidding morally objectionable.

Any persons who are caught shipping or distributing such lifeforms into or out of the empire will have their ships, cargo, and assets seized and be imprisoned for up to twenty years.

Any persons who are caught owning or using such a lifeform will have said lifeform seized from their possession, and be sentenced up to twenty years.

Any such person who is seen to have assaulted, abused, or murdered such a lifeform will be charged with a sentence that can include the death penalty by hanging.

Any such lifeforms that are seized in such ways will be granted Drodoian citizenship and be allowed to live within its borders.

Be warned that foreigners caught performing these acts will be sentenced just as a Drodo citizen would be, and will not be returned to their homeland until they have served the duration of their sentence.

Consider all who would attempt to bring this trade into Imperial borders duly warned.
Representative of the Kingdom of Agethime
The Mother Sector Council of our Kingdom agrees with the Drodo Empire's views on this - sans the death penalty. Whether the servants are willing or unwilling, such act counts as slave trade under our law, thus being illegal and we vehemently condemn this ideal.

Any personnel caught owning such servants within any sector of the Kingdom of Agethime will be forcefully ejected from our territory, and will even suffer imprisonment should they commit acts of violence against their respective servants.

And besides, 250 credits for each servant? We don't exactly understand currency, but that seems insultingly low.

Declaration of independence![]

January 4, 2803

Eight hundred and sixty-four years ago, France faced a dark period in its history. Defeated, occupied, it was brought low by a cruel enemy. Foreign soldiers were in our homes, in our government buildings, making our laws and dictating our fate. This is not unlike the crisis we face today.

In this dark time of eight hundred and sixty-four years ago, a man named General Charles de Gaulle was ordered to stand down, to surrender to the enemy. He didn’t. He could have gone into hiding, waited for the war to end, but Charles de Gaulle was a great man. From the city of London across the water, he spoke to the French people. “France is not alone,” he swore to them. “France is not alone! Has the last word been said? Must hope disappear? Is defeat final? No!”

Today, the iron hand of the DCP is dictating our destiny. Today, France is not free, France is not safe –– but she is not alone. Do you hear me? FRANCE IS NOT ALONE!

France still has allies and an empire which has lain dormant for months, conserving its strength. No more! Now is the time to act. Now is the time to undo the damage that has been done, do the things which have been deemed impossible, and win the war which has been deemed unwinnable.

As of this moment, I declare the French colonies of Andromeda, the Quadrants, Mirus, and Bunsen free of any obligation to our occupiers. As of this moment, we are free, and we are coming back. One day, our soldiers will set foot again in the Milky Way, and that day will sound the death knell of the evil which has ruled our galaxy for so long. On that day, we will return to our homes and families, our wives and mothers, our sisters and brothers. This, in the name of the French people, I solemnly swear.

To the Gigaquadrant, our friends and foes alike, our message is simple.

FCE banner.png

High Priest Riffrex of the Cult of Spore
The Council of Representatives from the Coalition of United Kerbin Nations attempts to weigh in...
First Minister of the Allied Provices of Cerima: Yes, let's mock a rising superpower that possibly has the power to kill us all with an Earthian comic book. Nothing could ever possibly go wrong.

Representative of Kelpogart: Brogurt, you're also doin' the same to that folk. Your argument is invalid.

His Kingness King Omork from the Kingdom of Omork: As much as I hate saying this, I agree with Kelpogart.

*A violent argument starts and the Vice Representative from the Ussarian Federation shuts down the feed*
High Priest Riffrex of the Cult of Spore
Alright, I'm being serious here, so I'm going to say this as politely as possible. You need to darken either your background color or your text color. As of now, they are so bright that they physically hurt to look at and cannot possibly be read.

A brief tip regarding visual design: very bright colors touching each other are usually bad. With text in particular, the color of the text and the background should be at very different levels of brightness. If they're both too dark, you won't be able to see one from the other, and if they're both too bright, it will be hard to read the specific shapes of the letters and the text will be painful to look at.

The Council of Representatives from the Coalition of United Kerbin Nations attempts to weigh in...
Representative of Kelpogart: Aw, but gold text is fun!... Fine, changed.
Murika!! F*ck yeah!! It makes me wish I was actually American.
Agent X-30 of the Agency
Oh quiet down. America hasn't even reached beyond Sol.
Um, POTATO much? Here, let me spell it out for ya. Lol Linkz. It will get even better after my hostile take over, which is a total secret and so well plotted out, that you would need 10 brains to figure out my magnificent plan. They don't even know I'm after their government yet. It's what happens when your a genius such as I.
Agent X-30 of the Agency
Uh. *Cough*
What are you mortals blabbering about, now?
Revolutions, violent take-overs of the government, anime. The usual.

The Kuipevar Federation seeks to make contact[]

Um.. Hello? If any E.Ts. get this message, we are the Kuipevar Federation, a small empire located in the Andromeda Galaxy. I'm not entirely sure how to operate this transmitter, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Osmann Reuvar signing out.

Agent X-30 of the Agency
Actually I do. What was the point of this, again?

We are a new nation to this universe and decided to contact extraterrestrials instead of waiting for them to contact us. Can you fill us in on the political scene of Andromeda?

Plazith League.png
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
Emin'Keres (Comms Channel)
Well, Andromeda is not our home galaxy but we have colonized it. We cannot say the exact political scene, but contact the AGC for the exact information. AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY STAY AWAY FROM THE DOMINION OF THE XHODOCTO!

I contacted the Commonwealth but they haven't responded. Who are the Xhodocto anyway?

Lady Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
On behalf of the most sublime Draconid Imperium, I welcome the people of the Kuipevar Federation to the universal stage and wish them the very best for the future. We of the galactic community would welcome your Federation into the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth and apologise for any lack of response to a request. We do not mind the modesty of your civilisation, for under the Commonwealth's charity I am sure you will prosper!

In answer yo your question however. The Dominion is a power to be avoided, for there is nothing pleasant to say of the inhabitants or their empire.
Indeed. Listen to Alessa Ultanos. The Dominion of the Xhodocto are the largest empire in the Gigaquadrant. Their leaders, the Xhodocto, have destroyed countless universes and have destroyed this one around 10 times. They are highly dangerous, and you should stay as far away from them as possible.

I may be interested in joining the Commonwealth, but would like to view a "charter" that gives information on the Commonwealth's constitution, laws, and ideologies. Also, may I view a map of the sectors of Andromeda? We already have mapped the galaxy via our radio telescopes, but we know nothing about the regions and politics of Andromeda.

New French colonies take markets by storm[]

Melodie Charron, writer and journalist for Atlantis.fr

ALEXANDRIE, OTZELLO SECTOR — Far from the active fighting in Andromeda and Mirus, French colonial efforts in Borealis are partaking in a wholly different aspect of the Great Xonexian Schism: the war for resources. On both sides of the conflict, andasium is a precious source of fuel which has become especially scarce. The lucratively high price of Andasium is what brought a whole host of Xonexi corporations to Borealis, forming conglomerates which have applied for charter colony status under the constitution of the French Colonial Empire.

One of these, the Outer Ottzello Trading Company, is responsible for the founding of Alexandria, France's second charter colony and its most successful to date. Compared to other industrial capitals, Alexandria's three spaceports, unimpressive skyline, and smoggy exterior do not seem like much, but Valiant Guimond, Chairman of the Outer Ottzello Trading Company's development committee, is very optimistic. The forty-three year old French-South African colonist, veteran of the Galactican colonial experiment, had accepted to be interviewed inside his office inside the Trident Tower, one of Alexiandria's few skyscrapers.

"We're sitting right between two protostellar currents, you see?" he explained. "Andasium is most plentiful on the outskirts of galaxies because that's where the largest currents of this protostellar gas is. Basically, it's the motherload out here."

The French Colonial Empire implemented the system of "charter colonies" in 2803 in order to encourage companies to found resource-gathering operations for it in other galaxies in exchange for diplomatic and military protection.

"It's a good deal for everyone involved," Guimond said, prying open cashews with burly hands as he spoke. "The colony gets mining claims, investors reap the profits, France gets is resources, and we're forced to pay workers a lot because labor is scarce out here."

Indeed, the colony has attracted waves of immigrants, most of them refugees who fled Orion's Spur ahead of DCP armies. However, the influx of labor has not kept pace with demand, and fierce competition between firms inside the colony has resulted in a healthy job market craving for skilled workers. Chairman Guimond eagerly looks forward to the colony's future growth, and many who hold stock in the company in the Araveenian and Galactican stock markets agree with him. There, the company's shares are priced at Mimidian Credit.png57.56 and Drodoian Colonial Dollar.png1054.94 respectively, and the company is preparing to issue more stock next month.

Melodie Charron is a correspondent with Atlantis.fr and a graduate from the Lowell Institute of Economics.

yor bred tastes nice tho
Agent X-30
Not my problem. Don't care.
Plazith League.png
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
The Plazith League Grand Council (Comms Channel)
Couldn't there be more galaxies aside from Borealis, specifically uncolonized satellite galaxies, that could have a large amount of andasium?
Paladin Girine
Representative of the Kingdom of Agethime
Pbbbbbt. Those uncolonized andasium-rich satellite galaxies would cease to be uncolonized and andasium-rich very shortly. My money's on two months, give or take. And it'd be mostly the big guns hoarding it all for themselves without letting the little kids get a bit for themselves.

The main reason Borealis is so rich on andasium is because it's such a fucked up place nobody wants to set their foot there. We, for example, are okay producers of andasium and seek to improve the ammount we mine, but we'd never go to Borealis. I don't fancy becomming Loron dessert, myself.
Though we tolerate your continued presence as we do not have any authority to remove you from the galaxy, be warned that we do not approve of it. We care very little for your cause in the war against our allies, the Delpha Coalition, or any of your policies or values which you fight to defend. Therefore, hear this:

We will not protect you from the Loron, the criminals on the outskirts of Ottzello, or anyone in the Borealis Galaxy. It is a safer place than it was when we found it, but I cannot say that of our sector. We will not trade with you, as it directly contradicts our alliance with the DCP. And we will grant you permission to colonise only a few areas; should we choose a spot to colonise, you will not cross.

Failure to adhere this warnings, and you shall be destroyed. We will not declare war upon you, we will fire without warning, and we will not leave survivors. If you do, however, comply with the above terms, you may help your petty cause all you please, of course.
Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Councillor Kithworto (Communicate)
Regardless of the policies that the Unified Nation of Ottzello have controversially implemented, and something that I as a Councillor does not condone, I do welcome French influence on my own behalf. But the Empeor does speak true words. We cannot offer aid as the Polar Crystal Alliance is not politically acquainted with you.
Agent X-30
Kralgon Emperor, the rumors were right. You are an asshole. But I agree with the trade thing.

Our condolences[]

MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
It is both the wish and the will of the Emperor, his sons and the Undying-Council to send our condolences to Paragon Uriel Ultanos, the Imperial Talon Corps and the People for the death of Lord-Admiral Larnus Analos Vontarion. Although we fight on opposite fronts, we have not forgotten our alliance in peacetime, the kinship and friendship of working with Vontarion. He died with splendours awe, reminding our forces to fight a respectful war, as is our tradition with debt. A skilled and brave man, his monument will be erected in the Hall of Warriors so that his memory and skill is not tainted by opposition. ~~The Emperor

Representing Unified Nation of Ottzello is: Zr'Ahgloth (UNO's message channel)
Her Royal Majesty Alensia Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
The people of the subline Draconid Imperium and yjr ate Lord-Admiral's kin of Grand House Vontarion are grateful for the Emperor's condolences in his passing. And we are grateful for the monument erected in his honour. The Lord-Admiral fight bravely and valiantly on the fields of war in the final months of his life, and the Grand Senate wishes no ill-will on the Delpha Coalition of Planets for his demise.

As consort to His Esteemed Majesty, I swear that through mutual respect for the valiance of our soldiers, and for the courage Lord-Admiral Vontarion displayed in his final hours, the Grand Senate and the house of the royal family shall endeavour to repair what conections may have been frayed at the onset of war. This conflict between us was not of a personal nature. And whatever the outcome, may I hope that the victors are just and rational in the aftermath of this conflict.

Borealis: New Councillors[]

MiniPCA.png Borealis Allied News MiniPCA.png
---Two new empires elevated to Councillor status.---

After much speculation through the ranks of the diplomats who current call the space station of Hyperborea home, the Polar Crystal Council of the Polar Crystal Alliance has finally revealed its two newest members: the Civitas and the Rovegar Matriarchy, represented by diplomats Augustex and Nayanur respectively.

The Civitas are widely popular among the ranks of the Alliance, especially among the likes of the Niaka due to their great presence in the Alliance's conjoined military and the Aegis Guard police force which ensures Hyperborea's protection. Meanwhile, the Rovegar are well known for having spread across Alliance space, sharing their economical, cultural and military power through it as well as making themselves notable for their greatly advanced technology, which may say rivals and in some cases surpasses that of the local powerhouse, the Zoles Imperium.

The voting for the membership of the Civitas in the Council was unanimously positive, with all five councillors agreeing on it. In the case of the Rovegar, however, councillors Xeron and Kithworto displayed negative thoughts on the matter and opposed the idea, but the Matriarchy was eventually accepted due to councillors Semirian, Valzaria and Rhylarien giving them positive votes, leading to a 3 versus 2. While most councillors refused to be interviewed, Councillor Xeron made his argument public on his own irreverent and well known informal manner: "This was a dark day for the Council since they seem to approve of snakes in our board just because they look pretty enough! They can't be trusted, I'm telling you! They're hiding something from us!". While many assumed this would lead to complications between the Matriarchy and the Niaka Special Forces, the Rovegar government shrugged the councillors' words off while claiming to "have since grown used to his mannerisms around our kind".

This was Borealis Allied News, taking the hottest and most important manners to all of the Alliance and its allies.

I trust the Alliance is making the right choice. But those Rovegar? Brr. Remind me too much of Radeon women back at the Theocracy... except more "eager".

Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Councillor Kithworto (Communicate)
Are you quite done yet, Loron?
Representing Da Rogue Boyz is: Fre'kloar (Da comms channel)
Representing Unified Nation of Ottzello is: Zr'Ahgloth (UNO's message channel)
We welcome this as very good news for the Alliance, which continues to flourish. The conditions in Borealis improve by the day, and we are very grateful to be such a huge part in it.
Representing the New Cyrannian Republic is: Proconsul Apollo
We too welcome the appointment of the new Councillors of the Polar Crystal Alliance. The citizens and government of the Republic wish them well in their endeavours to promote order and peace in Borealis and we hope that the spirit of cooperation between our civilisations continues to grow and prosper!

UNOC's Best Wishes[]

Recently, the Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandoes has lost an old and potent member, Count Dalverat. As usual, it is tragic to lose such an important member of the Unified Nation's ranks, and his deeds shall not be forgotten. However, he is not the only member we have lost: through many discussions, and mutual understandings, we have decided to relieve Kalcedia Myran of her duties to the Unified Nation.

This was a process that involved simply the wipe of nanomachines from her body, and a few important, top secret memories, but she is now given the freedom she has been craving for a long while. Kalcedia was loved by her troops, and the loss of her and Dalverat shall prompt us to restructure the Commandos and find those who may only be the best of the best to fill their shoes. But more importantly, we wish Kalcedia the very best on her adventures and we hope that whatever community in the Gigaquadrant she joins will make her feel welcome.

That is... awfully nice of UNO, as far as I know them. Not something you see every day.
yoos... jus lettin her go? like dat?

MiniNu2.png Representing the Kicathian Remnant is: Agent Nu (Communicate)
Well I surely hope some of those top secret memories wasn't me...uh...oh who am I kidding. Everyone knows about that.