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The Omniverse encompasses everything that exists and can be described or located by using the concept of space. In reference to the concept of Chaos, the Omniverse is the set of logical Chaotic expressions equipped with dimensions and metrics. Given that the Omniverse contains fields with spatially-extended quanta (branes), the requirement of logical self-consistency ensures that it is described by a total of eleven dimensions.

Reality can be used synonymously with "Omniverse" or even refer to a wider portion of Chaos, or it can be used in a more limited sense to refer to the Manifoldverse or Multiverse as the Realitos Realm.

Manifoldverse and Multiverse[]

The dimensions of the Omniverse have no objective ordering, but they are usually ordered for reasons of practicality. One of the dimensions, time, is not numbered. Out of the remaining ten, the dimensions of space, the first three are those that describe the universe with stars, planets, and galaxies. The universe therefore exists on a three-dimensional hypersurface, the realspace brane, and this is folded within the fourth dimension to create hyperspace.

Many other universes are part of the realspace brane, but are separated for one of three reasons. Either they exist vast distances from the First Gigaquadrant, they are pocket universes with altered physics inflated out of hyperspace and accessible via connecting wormholes, or they are different timelines. These groups of universes are known as the Type I, Type II, and Type III multiverse respectively, although there can be overlap between them.

The realspace brane is only one brane within the manifoldverse, alongside many other branes that have different geometries and topologies, including different shapes and curvatures, closed timelike curves, and even fractal structures. All of these coexist inside the five-dimensional realm of holospace or Sequencium. Sequencium, as with all higher Planes of Existence, exists only due to Essence and, being non-quantum in nature, beings within it are capable of viewing and editing timelines without being themselves subject to the schema of branching timelines that affects the holospace branes.

The ability to reach beyond the realspace brane and to other branes, if not to Sequencium itself, is a feature that marks a civilisation as being Ultraterrestial. There are rare known cases of entities with such power crafting branes according to their will, with one such example being Accel Space.

Essence Planes[]

Along other dimensions exist the other Essence Planes. As they are beyond not only the branching timelines of the manifoldverse but also Sequencium and the reach of Chronoscopic, it is often said that "time does not flow" within them.

This is not to say that they are static to lower-dimensional beings who visit them. In many planes, mortals observe a four-dimensional realm with two privileged dimensions, a timelike direction and a vertical one, much like the intuition of planet-bound creatures. These planes are usually much larger than the observable universe, even infinite in size, taking form as either literal planar surfaces or as seas of floating islands. Above these solid parts may be a sky in which celestial or supernatural objects are visible, and beneath them is void.

It is rarely clear how accurate these appearances are. Two realms whose true dimensions are known are the fractured realms of Erratsactum and Shard, the Planes of Life and Death Energy respectively, which are known to be nine-dimensional.


Although the SporeWikiverse's cosmology is fictional, created by users such as Wormulon, Ghelæ and Xho, it does have some inspiration from real-world cosmology, where links to Wikipedia articles are provided.

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