The Multiverse is composed of countless locations. Notable places on an intergalactic scale are listed here.

The Gigaquadrant Edit

Gigaquadrant Map

Map of the Gigaquadrant within the Local Sheet. Paths of moved galaxies are given with grey arrows. Destroyed galaxies and clusters are shown with faded colours.
Excluded, despite being present in the mapped region, is the M94 Group (between Black Eye and the Nexus Cluster).

The Gigaquadrant (often known as the "First Gigaquadrant") is a political grouping consisting of galaxies in and slightly beyond the Local Sheet, as well as the least-empty regions of intergalactic space known as the Rifts or Endless Space that lie between them, making up a region that is around nine megaparsecs in radius.

Xonexi Cluster (Local Group and neighbours)
Cyrandia Cluster (M83 Group)
Ikiwa Eropsii Cluster (Centaurus A Group and Circinus Galaxy)
Nexus Cluster (M81 Group)
Silver Galaxies and Astral Cluster (IC 342/Maffei Group)
Ungrouped galaxies
  • Black Eye Galaxy (M64) †
Galaxies outside the Local Sheet

s: Spiral galaxies with fewer than 107 stars, many of which are known to have been created and seeded with life by Essentials or Ultraterrestrials.
†: Galaxies destroyed during the "Annihilation".
*Structurally M101 in the real-world place of M83.

Other Universes Edit

Further reading: Omniverse

Except for where noted, the fate of all of these since the Annihilation is unknown; many were presumably destroyed.

  • Clear Type III Universes
  • Dimension 0: the home universe of the Junction; an extremely old universe, it suffered from heat death, forcing the Junction to flee and initiate their multi-universal crusade. It was finished off by the Xhodocto during the Annihilation.
  • Sawblade Cloud Universe: the home universe of the Zazane, ruled by Vaxal Myraad and his Aichatharna. No number is given to the universe, which is more often remembered by the home galaxy of the Zazane, known as the Sawblade Cloud. Much of it was taken by the Junction, and later annihilated by the Xhodocto during the Annihilation.
  • Universes 822912 and 822913: analogous to the Gigaquadrant and Zazane universe respectively. The home universes of the Draconizane, created by Kolossus through time manipulation. Both currently remain existent despite the elimination of their creator.

Most of the Planes of Existence (those that are not clearly "realms of perception") are usually thought of as being separate universes outside the so-called "Realitos Realm".

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