Rifts are colored yellow.

In the universe, there are many, many galaxies. Large groups of stars, filled with planets and with life. Upon millions of years, Galaxies were havens of most, if not all, empires and civilizations.

But between them, there is also not complete void. Sparse, cold stars enlighten this almost fully forgotten lands. Intergalactic space is ghostly place, almost completely black, with excpetion of sparse, gloomy lights of the stars. They are forming these strange anomalies, the Intergalaxric Rifts.


Physics here, due to gravitational push of several galaxies far away, are warped. Light travels here much, much faster than in galaxies, allowing for easier travel to compensate extreme distance between stars in the rift. There also strange exotic matter appears, such as absolutely inert Riftmatter.

Stars in intergalactic space were kicked out by the supermassive black holes in the center of galaxies. These "Hyper-velocity stars" are travelling at great speed.


Strangely, there are many large, light-eating creatres even in open space. Matalix is example. It is huge golden creature which can regenerate any damage done to it. Their structures were once used in the Radeon spaceships, but now they are replaced by Riftmatter.


There are many rifts, which connect various galaxies.

Deus Rift[]

World Star, the big galaxy on the left is the Milky Way, the right is the Tigris galaxy, and the galaxy far behind is the Ottzello galaxy.

Deus Rift is probably most used and most populated rift in the universe. It is between Quadrant galaxies and Milky Way. Ships are travelling this place every day, and large space station are used for harvesting Riftmatter. Radeon are native to this rift, as well as many other creatures. Masaari outposts and Spodist colonies are nearly everywhere here, and many of them prefer to tax travelling ships (exception is Masaari (no taxes) and their allies (reduced ones)), angering travelers.

World Star, was created by the DCP. It connects the local group of galaxies together. It is over 5000 miles in diameter. It is used as a space city, but anyone or their cargo who checks in must be scanned for trans-galactic diseases.

Rift Eden[]

Rift Eden, aka the Outer Deus, is not one rift, but a pair. One is named Jannat, this one is between Quadrants and Cyrannus and other is named Firdous, which is between Milky Way, Ramvelkys and Otzello. They are united because they are both located very close to Deus, and both have similar physics and similar culture of the inhabitants. It is too mostly inhabited by Radeon, but not the 75% like in Deus, probably only half. Galot, Capricornian, Sylit, Rambo and Lequian colonists live here too. As such, generally this is quite and peaceful place, a real heaven. Trading and diplomacy thrives. Usually, Radeon who live here prefer to elect their local governers, unlike the inner Radeon colonies.

Rift Seraphus[]

This rift, between Cyrannus Galaxy and Tigris Galaxy, is far away from the Deus, and less inhabited. Seraphus is rich with resources, and inhabited by Radeon Cobaltis. This rift has many unique features, but it is rather dangerous. Ships here are rather rare, as Capricornians usually do not travel to Tigris Galaxy. It is resource harvesting center from Masaari.

Rift Templum[]

Templum is another far rift, connectin Otzello and Tuuros. Radeon Argentis live here, exploring this rift and controlling it. It is dangerous, with huge creatures travelling in space. Yet Radeon Argentis know how to tame them, and use power from them. Templum is main technological center in the Masaari Crusade.

Rift Purgatus[]

Furthest from the deus rift and between Tigris and Tuuros, rift Purgatus is gloomy and shadowy place. Radeon Ferros inhabit this place, and they know how to deal with and live in this place, thing that almost no one could do. Psychic exho from Tigris War is still here, filling Rift with aura of fear.


Spore Empires[]

  • Grox and allies
  • Member races of the Masaari
  • Many, many non-aligned random empires

Sporewiki Empires[]

  • APR's Mining Bases.
  • Masaari Crusade
  • Imperion Pan Empire colonists
  • Wexord
  • Various Seven Starr Alliance colonists
  • Rambo Nation colonists
  • Cianju Alliance colonists
  • Capricorian Sector Alliance colonists
  • Defensive System's Bloc colonists
  • Delpha Coalition of Planets colonists