The First Intergalactic Map was the first canon intergalactic map that depicted all of the galaxies and major nebulae in the First Gigaquadrant- the so-far known universe. Many important galaxies are distributed throughout the Gigaquadrant, among them the galaxies of Xanthrus Spiral, Cyrannus, the Plazith Rim/Milky Way, and the Ottzello Galaxy. The map was created by a group of the Core Federation's best cartographers, with the aid of censuses answered by the residents of every included galaxy.

The Map depicts the varipous galaxies in the system, dvided into three layers: the Inner Rim Territories, the galaxies closest to the coordinates 0,0,0 (the center of the Universe); the Mid-Rim Territories, the next layer of galaxies; and the Outer Rim Territories, the last layer of densely filled space. The last layer is composed of great intergigaquadrant Rifts, also known as voids, which are unnaturally large in size and separate the Gigaquadrant from others and possibly other universes. The rift layer is made up of four major Great Rifts; the Great Rift of Xanthra in the north-east and east directions; the Great Rift of Tigris, in the south-east direction; the Great Rift of Galaxon, in the south and south-west directions, and the Great Rift of Tuuros, in the north-west and wast directions.

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