Several decades before the "modern" Gigaquadrant, the Seven Starr Alliance began to make extensive explorations of the Local Gigaquadrant, an expanding political sphere now over 100 million years in diameter. It was there, the Delpha Coalition of Planets and Rambo Nation made a discovery of an ancient and terrible war, which brought many indifferent empires together (because a factor of all life in the universe is to survive). Communication was difficult between civilisations, and universal translators had to be advanced to bridge the gap between often completely alien species, often based on pure mathematics. With the new interspecies organisations set up, various categories were made, such as the Tier Scale. Yet, even now, many alien species fall outside the norm and can't be compared with other civilisations or intelligences. These are the Tier Unconventional, also coined as Truly Alien by the Girdo Empire. However, efforts by Milky Way Cooperative have been made to classify, understand and communicate with such species, to learn new insights for technology and life.

Some "Truly Alien" beings are so strange and different, they were barely recognised as living, the goal of the Cooperative was made to understand such organisms would not be harmed by accident.

Unconventional advancements[]

Not all Xeno-races are "Truly Alien", although their unusual biochemistries often reflect on their culture, society or technology. For example, some civilisations may be highly advanced, yet not too interested in spacefaring, instead colonising virtual worlds, oceans, atmosperes or underground. Others might have evolved on extreme worlds (or worlds with lack of resources) making such trips difficult. Some might devote their entire time to spreading their species in time dilation ships to far flung futures or might construct a dyson sphere and live for billions of years sealed in their star system.

"Tier U" civilisations generally shy away from intergalactic politics, having little interest or even having a gulf of communication. Their minds might work on a different form of intelligence, seeing cities of another empire as a superorganism, or more interested in bacteria of a colonies' biosphere rather than its sentient population, and may even try to communicate as such. Sometimes, "Tier U" civilisations have very different technologies, which more "standard" civilisations struggle to understand (such as trying to detect expected energy signatures, but failing as badly as an ape trying to procreate with a monolith, because they are limited by their own thinking).

Arnudati and the Shothoth[]


The Omega are a species of composite life form that evolved in another universes equivalent of a gas giant. In that universe most life was like them, but here they are a very rare form of life. They move via gravitational manipulation, and like to learn. They seek to find the answer to every question in the universe, and whatever they can do to find those answers they will do. They are almost indestructible, with antimatter being the only physically destructive thing to them. However, getting to close to a planet causes them to lose their ability of movement, and they are easily trapped by riddles. They also require an element that is so rare in this universe it's almost funny in order to reproduce. They do not die of age, and grow infinitely. Their currently leader is Firstborn, the oldest of their species. He is the size of the earths moon. Their capitol is The Great Library, a massive system-sized library of everything they've learned so far.


Exonas Cresalence[]

Tyranite Swarm[]

The Gaurdians of Times Gate[]

The Gaurdians of Times Gate are a strange entity that was wiped out during the Annihilation. They were capable of absorbing all forms of energy except chaos energy, and had drained their home galaxy of energy. They are an omniversal entity, and as such are still found elsewhere in the omniverse. They guard a device that is said to exist beyond the reach of any energy, even Chaos, but whether that is true or not is unknown. Little is known of them, but they consist of an infinite number of species.

Worldforest Mind[]

The Worldforest Mind was a semi-peaceful entity of the Wental Galaxy. They consisted of a species of tree that lived on all Meta planets (and still does). This tree was like an instant messaging system, a supercomputer on a galactic scale. They became mute when the Iteok destroyed the central world of Teron. However, they still exist, and as they grow in number they are beginning to regain their former power.

Earth's creepers[]

Forgetful Races of Sana and Forma[]

Gynash Dragons[]

Mantisorac Swarm[]



Hogomoth Refuge[]

Cephalodian Life Guardians[]

Debatably Tier U


"Truly Alien" physiologies and phsycologies[]

Some organisms and intelligences discovered in the First Gigaquadrant have completely alien biochemistries, and odd biological systems. Others may have carbon or silicon biochemistries but live in extreme environments, such as spaceborne life. They exist in their own consensus realities and it is quite impossible to describe such alien lifeforms.

Unusual biochemistry and environments[]

Life on the Velta gas giant[]

  • Creator: Wormulon

The life found on the Velta Gas Giant, was the first to be extensively studied by the Milky Way Cooperative (although not the first example of gas giant life found), 125 miles deep into the atmosphere, above the stormbelts and superheated gases within. The life was ammonia based, but used gas a solvent and collected large quantities of hydrogen to float or use as jets. They lived in a dangerous existence. If they would float too low, they risked being ripped apart, cooked or poisoned by gases, and if they ventured too high the pressure would make them explode, this they coudn't overindulge or risk sinking. However, life was discovered very deep into the planet, at the deph of 8,827 miles, tiny, flat organisms transversed the strong geomagnetic fields, feeding on the crushed and burned corpses of the organisms in the high atmosphere, each were capable of bioluminescence and seemed to be flashing in rythem to one another as if in song.

Planetary Migrants[]

  • Creator: Wormulon

Giant single-celled organisms living on a planet within a thin atmosphere orbiting a binary of two dead stars, a brown dwarf and a neutron star. The cells collected enough hydrogen to to inflate and float into the high atmosphere of the planet, and used cosmic and solar radiation as a "solar sail" (and to generate a plasma shield) so they could find other planets to replicate on.


  • Creator: Wormulon

These square-plate like beings reside on the surface of a white dwarf star, known as WDC 1184 in the Monoceros Ring (a stream of stars orbiting the Milky Way). There was little in common that could be shared, to the white dwarf civilization, the outside universe was cold, hostile and unchanging, as their perception of time was much quicker than a lifeforms from outside a white dwarf. The white dwarf creatures (no good name was given) preferred chaos to order, as chaotic forms of matter allowed them to reproduce. They floated on electron seas, and were composed of "nuclear chemistry", which is a simple cycle, of electrons flowing up magnetic loops and then settling back as "rain", quickly crystallizing or melting under regions of high magnetic current.

First-Born Vida'Rra[]

See Quark life and Vida'Rra.

  • Creator: OluapPlayer (Vida'Rra), Wormulon (Quark life).

Lagross Rift[]


An electromagnetic life form, the Astrolights hail from a distant universe long dead. They were once a powerful threat to the universe, as they needed to kill stars in order to reproduce. However, recently they have become absorbed with their war against the Electromagnetic Gods over control of the stars of the universe. They still kill stars, but at a slower rate then before. Only an electromagnetic pulse or shield can stop or harm them. They also have an immense grudge against the Lost Ones due to past actions against their species.

Electromagnetic Gods[]

The Electromagnetic Gods are a universal life form that lives inside stars. They cannot exist outside stars, and care not for planets. Even a molten planet is icy cold to them, even a sunspot is a cold and deadly place to live. They are made of electromagnetic energies, and can thus control stars to a degree. Each one is about the size of a rocky planet, and they are exceptionally common. They are currently at war with the destructive Astrolights.



Fahler, and Gaian planets[]




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