Most spacefaring civilizations in the universe rate between 5 and 4 on the Tier instruction manual. Although easily overpowered by the largest civilizations, they are still very powerful outright, capable of joining forces to take on larger ones. There may also be Tier 3 empires in this section, due to them not controlling entire galaxies but still having the power and tech they need to be Tier 3.

Between the Stars[]

These civilizations are just starting their time as an interstellar empire.

Large Interstellar Civilizations[]

These peoples and empires are large and control hundreds or thousands of star systems. They are nothing when compared to a galactic power, but still mighty in their own right:

  • Zardalu- An empire of warrior species that wish to take over the entire universe.
  • Skyhor- The Skyhor Empire is a mysterious empire that consists of Scythius, the home world, and several other planets. Many of the colonies are ignorant and are suppressed into believing that they are the only intelligent life in the universe.
  • The Meta- An entirely peaceful species that doesn't like to declare war. Used to ne an agressive species of warmongers and traitorous monsters that used other species as "breeding subjects".
  • Verinobi- A product of Veridini(Meta) experimentation and hybrid breeding projects.
  • Terdiatlans- Empire what controls big area around sol, and it will have more than 1000 systems soon.
  • Cylone Empires- The Cylone are a colony organism that is currently split into the Salchum Empire and the Calonu Empire.
  • Iron Giants- A species in dispare from an old civil war that scattered them across their portion of the Wental Galaxy.
  • United Nations of Ottzello- A large nation in comparison to others, UNO is an organization that suffered through desperation and dystopia worse than it currently is, and survived more than most beings can imagine, but have a huge bond between them.
  • Allandium Directorate - A sprawling empire with nearly six thousand worlds, inhabiting the eastern fringes of the Perseus arm in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Entarite Empire- A small yet thriving empire established in a somewhat uninhabited sector of the Bunsen Galaxy.
  • Dienko Empire - Sprawling empire with thousands of T3 worlds. Constitutes about 3/4 of the Dienko-Actan Confederation.
  • The Kyoto Union- A densely populated union with hundreds of settled worlds and countless industrial outposts. The majority of colonies lie along the edge of the Galactic disk. The Kyoto Union is an emerging industrial powerhouse.
  • Drodo Empire- A rather young empire located in the Katar Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, they control 29 000 systems, including extragalactic colonies.
  • The Aeoneonatrix Empire, A young race that, in the wake of the destruction of the race that had once protected them, inherited that race's empire and expanded it to 500 systems.
  • The Mardor Empire, An extremely sadistic empire with a bitter history with the Aeoneonatrix.
  • The Imperial Confederacy of Independent Systems, A young empire that is eager to expand and ally itself with those who understand honor and morality.
  • The Gargator Empire An empire of Zealous spodists.
  • Miperiors Empire - A Trader empire who's great at inventing. 278 star systems strong, they are slowly growing.
  • Jum'Ari Empire - An extremely territorial empire, habited mostly by the Jummoth race, who are bent on expanding furiously and annihilating anyone who may want to halt said expansion, or are in their way. A militaristic, communistic (yet not dictatoric) interstellar force, controlling a thousand systems.
  • The Tadpole Empire - An Empire of Diplomats composed of the Tadpole specimen. They live in the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • The Regicalain Dominion - A small, highly technological empire based in the Cyrannus Galaxy.
  • Greatosaurian Empire - An empire which is steadily growing among the stars in the Quadrant Galaxies
  • The Medwedian Democratic Federation - A relatively young but quite large, expansionist and somewhat xenophobic dictatorship located in the Lower Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way. The militaristic and stratocratic industrial state that is governed by an ultraconservative elite brutally conquers and enslaves less advanced societies in order to "civilize" them and holds a cold attitude towards its neighbors.
  • The Talven Empire - A militaristic trading empire that is very suspicious of alliances. Located in the Lower Sagittarius Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Stellar Union - A peaceful and idealistic empire located in the Lower Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way. The Stellar Union's main goal to bring order through peaceful means.


These civilizations huddle around their stars to use as powersources (although not over Kardashev II.5, the ability to transport this energy to other systems live or using entire stars).

  • The Avetzan Empire - A Knight archetype civilisation which has 14 star systems under control and is expanding quite fast, they have not been here very long.
  • Aekite Union - A small republic of only a little over a dozen planets, located in the Cyrannus Galaxy.
  • The Monoculian Theocratic Republic (WIP)- A small theocratic nation located in the Mirus galaxy, known for their scientific advancements and an increasingly bureaucratic government. Home to around 11 star systems, each one closely intertwined with the capital in Vulan.
  • The Harc Alliance - a small but powerful empire made up of diplomats Warriors Researchers and Zealots who seek peace in the universe they have 50 colonies
  • Olympian Empire - A compact empire that has advanced technology thanks to a crashed spaceship on their homeworld's surface and have 7 systems under their control

Barely spacefaring[]

Some of these civilizations have only just mastered faster than light travel, many more have to expand across the galaxy far more slowly, using time dilation or sleeper ships to reach their destinations. These civilizations usually have only 1 or 2 planets, if that, under their control.

  • Alphan civilization - they are only starting they destiny in space, and control only two planets.
  • Borlord Republic - they are beginning their space journey, and only control 3 systems.
  • Arkit Council Empire - A rather "low-tech" society, but are advancing rather quickly. They control 4 planets and 2 moons in 3 system
  • Tyrannids - A group of theropod dinosaur-like creatures of low intelligence that mainly borrows or steals other species' technology. They currently control 2 star systems.
  • the Duthidan Empire - a fairly new civilization owns 15 star systems

Relativistic civilization[]

These civilizations explore the stars in time dilation vessels, these ships are not likely to return to their civilization's homeworld. Some short-range Relativistic civilizations may inhabit a small cluster of star systems no more than a 15 light year radius, and can bring some resources home. The colonies are light years out of contact, and any communications take time to reach to and from the homeworld or other colonies. Other long-distance Relativistic civilizations spread across the universe, using time dilation ships close to the speed of light. These ships can reach millions of years, however, its colonists are stranded in the future, these are one-trip societies. There are some benefits of being Relativistic, such as staying low key, or to escape extinction for a better future. Many nations that eventually develop FTL begin as slower than light civilizations, such as the early Grimbolsaurian Empire.

Nivenian Empire[]

  • Kardeshev Scale: 2.2461
  • Tier: Low Tier 2 (tech-limited)
  • Type: Technocratic Dictatorship

The Nivenian Empire is a Tier II civilization that has not yet developed FTL technology due to high amounts of X-ray radiation in their home system. They currently have only three star systems, Nivenia, Paulo Fluctus Beta, and Caeruleo, but have an extremely high population density. Spaceships can be propelled to close to the speed of light via Nicoll-Dyson beam, and can decelerate via bussard ramjet. The Nivenia System itself is home to over a hundred ringworlds, with more than two dozen having more than a hundred thousand times the surface area of the Earth.


  • Kardashev Scale: 0.9, Low Energy civilization.
  • Tier: 5.
  • Type: Democratic government, free trade economy, friendly alignment.

The Elucaphon have expanded to three neighboring star systems, and are planning to make long-range bussard ramjet-powered ships to reach far off worlds. It has been confirmed that their world Clompagnow is in danger from a nearby Wolf-Rayet Star, and the Elucaphon, despite their low tech plan to either flee to a future where Clompagnow will have recovered or or try to shade their world using satellites when the nemesis star becomes unstable.

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