Hypercivilizations, refers to civilizations who are either vastly ancient, who created many things that influence the modern era in their past, or incredibly powerful intelligences and civilizations.

Godcivilizations Edit

God-civilizations or godraces are civilizations that are Tier 0, and have technology and knowledge on an unprecedented scale. The universe's age is not enough for the most powerful Tier 0 civilizations to even evolve yet, however, some date back to the early universe or even before it. Wars between the godraces are unlikely, because if they were damaged they could simply go back in time and reconstruct themselves.

While some Tier 0 civilizations still lurk in the dephs of the universe, others explore other dimensions, levels of intelligence and the multiverse. The majority of races in the SporeWikiverse have a sentience quotient of +11 to +15, while what is considered nonsapient could be as low as SQ+3, where the communication gap is too wide for anything meaningful. The gap between SQ+13 and SQ+30 is even wider...

Supernatural races Edit

  • Creators: Many users

There are many races that have godlike capabilities literally due to the supernatural abilities of Essence. The most powerful of these appear to have had a supernatural origin themselves, such as the Xhodocto, Omnipotent Four, and Vyro'Ralza; others, such as the Aerzan and Eola'Nar, were once living creatures that later Ascended. Many of them live in different Planes of Existence, and many of them are able to create their own hypercivilization-level artificial intelligences.

Da'lan Edit

See Da'lan

The Da'lan are digital lifeforms, created by the Vi'Navitum, which can control and spread across various technologies. They are highly advanced, the god-race of the cyberworld, which can take control or animate almost any technology into their being.

Ikhtenul Xharn Edit

A huge AI created by the Xhodocto for Universe 66501, Ikhtenul Xharn has a Sentience Quotient of +48.7. It is easily capable of creating its own Tipler Universes, where it can compute even better. It can warp reality and has awareness across the universe.

Ultraterrestrials Edit

  • Creators: Maxis, shared (Xyanxes, Screebles and Steve); Hydromancerx (Naucean); Um2k9 (Inter-Dimensional Beings and Thirteenth Tribe); Dinoman82 (Atlantica)

Barely anything is known about the race known as the Transapients, Ultraterrestrials, or Inter-Dimensional Beings, but they are believed to have been something similar to an alliance of races who ascended by technological means and became a Tier 0 race some time in the distant past. They are more advanced than the rest of the universe by at least as much as the most advanced non-godraces are than the average pre-spacefaring civilisation, having mastery of spacetime and dimensional engineering and (if rumours are true) are even able to change the laws of physics. They consider less advanced races beneath their notice; their own intelligence, technology and goals are far beyond what they can comprehend.

Ultraterrestrials are often classified based on the galaxy in which they are known from the most. These include the Atlantica of the Quadrant Galaxies, the Oikoumene of the Cyrannus Galaxy, and the Xyanxes of the Milky Way Galaxy and (more significantly) its satellite Girdo.

Steve Edit

Main article: Steve

Steve is a powerful machine that inhabits the supermassive black holes in the centers of many galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. This may indicate that once there was an intergalactic network of cores, probably the creation of the Transapients. Steve only appears to those he deems to be special, and gives them 42 charges of the Staff of Life as a gift. Steve is never seen outside the galactic cores of galaxies, and can only ever be seen once, ignoring cries for help even during the War of Ages. It is possible that Steve in a black hole intelligence, a powerful computer that uses the Galactic Core itself, and that the robot that visitors will contact is Steve's avatar.

Statues alleged to be of Steve can be found around the Milky Way, often millions of years old. It is believed that Steve was once a person, possibly a great hero, who became connected to the Screebles or more likely the Xyanxes. Somehow he ascended to become a massive galactic intelligence. It is unknown what other powers Steve has, but he mentions that he exists on another plane of existence, owing to his superior processing power.

Big Collective Consciousness Edit

The BCC does is not actually bound yet in the Sporewikiverse's prime timeline, it exists in the Unobserved Wavefunction that has yet to be determined (see Destinies in time). They existed in the Manifoldverse, where they could "compute" matter and energy as if it was information, "downloading" and "uploading" it to and from universes, Space-like and Time-like travel (not the same as time travel in its usual sense) and other advanced abilities. They were powerful however, because they existed in a higher dimension with more degrees of freedom. They evolved from the future Delpha Coalition of Planets, as subatomic knots arranged into dimensional hyperspheres, capable of processing the data they gather from the universe.

Elder Races Edit

The Ancients are mostly Tier 1 civilizations, still immensely powerful, whose actions influenced the events of the future. They are often seen as very mysterious and enigmatic, some ignoring less advanced species or act as guides. Some have left behind powerful technologies thast can enpower or destroy a civilization that discovers it. Some of the oldest civilizations began during the earlier eras of the universe; although these eras were only short, it is likely to the denziens of the next era of the universe that this one would appear short, due to different perceptions of time.

Milky Way First Ones Edit

  • Creator: Shared
  • Tier: Tier 1.4 to 1.1, possibly 0 now.

The First Ones are noted for creating various advanced technologies and structures in their millions to billions of years of history, some of which far beyond even the greatest of the modern intergalactic nations. Some guide the young races. Some of the First Ones were responsible for spreading Humans around the universe during their very early history. Other more enigmatic First Ones, live in complete utopias, which do not interact much with lower civilizations.

There were several First One races known in the Milky Way, although shortly after the Imperial Civil War and during the rise of the Technoosphere, the First Ones left the Milky Way perhaps forever, to ascend and possibly become Ultraterretrials. The First Ones included several Human-like beings.

  • Alpha Draconian - The wherabouts of the Draco are vaguelly known throughout Humanity, but they are largely a conspiracy. The Draco originated from a dying Earth 60 to 70 million years ago, but in their history transcended their physical bodies. The Draco are evil First Ones however, seeing the galaxy as rightfully theirs and feed off negative emotions and bad karmic residues of elemental energy. The Alpha Draconians now control the Human Republic.
  • Ashtar (also known as the Lyrans, Space Brothers/Sisters, Nordics, Alterans, Lords of Time, Pleiadians and Andromedans) - The Ashtar, were the first segment of Humanity to leave the Earth, before Homo sapiens even evolved, although the youngest of the First Ones, being no more than a few hundred thousand years old, were the quickest to ascend much like the Naucean, combing their spiritual energies and technology to become beings of light. The Ashtar frequently returned during Humanities history, to influence it, becoming known as the Annunaki, and saw Homo sapiens as a second chance for their genus. The Ashtar left behind famous artifacts in the Milky Way (becoming incorporated into 20th century Earth militaries, Project Timeship, The Epicon and the Technoosphere), including a network of wormholes, zero-point pyramid energy and dimensional shifting tech.
  • Good Greys (also known as Culture, Asgard etc.) - Not all the Greys worked for the Draco, some also reached a similar level of technology as the Ashtar, they are possibly dying out however. It is known that the Greys working for the Draco attempted to enslave Humanity via parasitic symbionts, leading the Ashtar and Good Greys to transplant Humans across the galaxy.
  • Truly Alien silicia-morphs & Energy Cephalods - There are also three much older Truly Alien First Ones, who's true names are unknown and un-pronouncable, on the tip of becoming a Tier 0 civilisation, but held themselves back to guide the Young Races until the end of the Imperial Civil War. Highly enigmatic, they usually appear in Encounter suits and live in utopias away from galactic politics. Two of these frequently warred over how the Young Races should be taught. The only remaining member of these beings are a crystalline based superheated species within a few hundred light years of Earth and guard their space well.

The Junction Edit

The Junction is an ancient, immense and powerful interdimensional empire, composed of a massive variety of both allied and enslaved species, in an eternal mission of gathering all kinds of technology and resources for themselves, not caring for whatever happens to their original owners. The Junction has conquered countless races in the past, and will suppress any species that may try to stop them. They are commanded by a race of artificially-evolved slug-like creatures known as the Junction Mind, and is almost entirely of cyborg creatures, known as "Synths". They are experts in interdimentional teleportation, and it said they can tap in and use dark energy, a major but mostly unexplained force (since it is possibly out the universe, on a shadow brane), which they mostly use for teleportation. But using dark energy they can easily change the fate of the universe, or even pull it inside out, however it is unknown what their real capabilities are, because most of their activities are unseen, because dark energy is almost undetectable.

Dacean Ecumene Edit

The Daceans are a species coming from a whole other Universe, one which they claim to have fully conquered and added it to their expansive "Ecumene". The Daceans are a peaceful and hyper advanced race, but they can be very religious and can turn zealot if someone offends or attacks openly their "Mantle" belief. They have evolved from carbon-based to vacuum based life in order to sustain their high advanced technology. The Ecumene is one of the few organizations known to have resisted the chaotic invasions of the Xhodocto, they have also colonized other Universes. Some say they are capable of even teleporting another Multiverse, though that kind of technology is still experimental even for them. They are capable of porting into any part of the Universe in a matter of minutes thanks to Slipstream manipulation, which they also employ in their weaponry and defensive systems. They are known for their incredible robotic system, their positronic technology is highly advanced and their armies usually consist of androids capable of destroying entire planets on their own.

The Catharsis Edit

The Cartharsis is an omnipotent hierarchal hegemony of militaristic races all advancing toward universal perfection and domination by systematically exterminating civilizations it deems weak and purifying those it deems strong into it's near unstoppable juggernaut. Hailing from another dimension, the Catharsis have for countless billions of years been infecting all life in its path with a biological virus known as Purity, many universes are now completely lifeless, safe for this alien menace.

Omega Edit

See Omega

The Omega are large and ancient life forms, with unique biologies unseen in the rest of the known universe. They are made of a rare material, which means they do not breed very often. However, they do not die of age, nor do they stop growing. The oldest and largest of them, named First Born, is the size of a large earthy planet. The Omega appear as giant dodecahedrons with a single 5 sided opening on each face. They can consume almost anything that fits without gaining mass, and are very hard to destroy. The Omega have a vast yearning to know the answers to all questions, they seek to learn everything there is to know. The Omega are observers and explorers, and have created vast, growing structures made of astroligium to catalogue their knowledge.

The Guardian Edit

The Guardians are a strange and ancient species. They have existed for as long as time itself has existed, and have power that, within certaian distances of themselves, can equal even the Taldar. They are well known for their Xenophobia and easilly changed alligences, as well as for their abilities to control, absorb, and drain almost any form of energy. Only essence energies, like the Xhodocto's Chaos Energy, are beyond their abilities to absorb. They are rare though, as they do not seem to breed. Details to them are scetchy.

Superintelligences Edit

Not all forms of intelligence are similar, and not all form civilizations, although some do. They are often called the Technogods.

AI Netspace Edit

The AI Netspace evolved from various matrioshaka brains, Gaia worlds and Quantum computers that decided to link their massive intelligences together across The Civilisation's power grid of stellar engines, dyson bubbles, megastructures and wormholes. It linked older AI's and the new ones in the Milky Way together, by firing wavelengths of light through wormholes. Their technological framework arises from the Technoosphere.

Eli 88501 the Zeno Non-Turing Edit

Eli 88501 was a hypercomputation node that evolved from less powerful tasking nodes that had evolved to intergrate themselves into spacetime. She achieved the ability to supertask information in their cylindical universe (destined to repeat time for ever in whats called a time-like curve), which meant she could compute and infinite amount of data in a finite time.

SE AI Registery Mark 1 Edit

SE AI Registery Mark 1 was a complex Stellar Engine in the Destinies in time future, that had become self-aware millions of years after its original inhabitants had left it. The Hafvor evolved, and SE AI became their "god". However, one of the stars in its framework was dying, causing glitches which the Havor were able to save their closed in world.

Gaia Worlds Edit

Many "Gaia Worlds" appear to be Living Planets (such as The Core), while many have features of massive supercomputers (such as Fahler), and some appear to be entirely artificial (such as Planet Computers). On the Planet of Whispers, the planet itself isn't alive, but the biosphere is a massive genetic computer, with gene memory installed, so its inhabitants could be immortal.

Grox Meta-Emperor Edit

The Grox Meta-Emperor is a Singularity brain. He was once biological, but at an unknown time he emulated his mind into the mainfame of the black hole computer, vastly increasing his intelligence and power over the Grox. He now seeks to invade the Technoosphere.

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