To cultures barely spacefaring, these civilizations that roam the universe prove almost undetectable, because they use nearly all of their energy, yet as the universe seems quiet, great civilizations roam the stars, each one with different intelligences, goals, technologies and cultures, many are passive, only concerned with themselves, others are influential throughout the First Gigaquadrant. These civilizations rate from Tier 3 to 1 on the tier scale, they are massive, incorporating thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of systems under their control.

Great Gigaquadrant Nations Edit

These civilizations are some of the most powerful in the First Gigaquadrant (except for the First Ones and up), and have spread across several galactic clusters. They have a lot of wealth, sometimes so much they become post-scarcity societies.

The Host Edit

  • Creator: The Valader
  • Kardashev scale: III+, Very High Energy civilization.
  • Tier: 1.6
  • Type: Xenoarchy, chaotic good.

Led by a powerful group of psionic species and composed of another thousand of members seeking to learn the same path, the Host is a powerful and advanced interdimensional empire, capable of traveling through the several dimensional environments and with technology to support themselves on them. They are aligned with the Chaotic Good, meaning that they will do no matter what to defend the common good in the Universe. Due to this, the Host is always in constant conflict with opposite ideals, which is assured, are many. The Host is, as said before, ruled by three major reptilian strains named the Krassio all together, and these being led by the Civatrons, they administrate the Host's economy, military and territory. As result, the Host is an organization composed of warrior species seeking to perfect their discipline through the Civatrons. They do posses a significant amount of space across four different galaxies: the Tigris Galaxy (where they originated), the Bor'eaa Galaxy, the Bor'iel Galaxy, and the Khondoss Galaxy having an interstellar metropolis named VofValar as capitol, they too have colonized two different Universes under the same dimension. Most of their technology is based on psionic energy and exotic matter, allowing them to create vortexes to travel and transport themselves to any part of their known charts, their technology has one of the most effective weaponry in the Universe, consisting in disruptive energies and inventive personal weapons.

The Host's government is a Xenoarchist council composed of selected elitist members, most of them consisting of Krassio, few of other member races. The Host colonies inhabit around black holes feeding from their gravitational wheels, due to this, the galaxies they colonize often contain more black holes that stars. Actually, the galaxy of Khondoss is a massive black hole attracting space matter. The Host actually holds a territory spanning across 7 million colonized systems and approximately 20 billion stars inside their claimed space (Most of them not colonized). They are also known for founding a powerful Universal Organization called the Onuris Alliance which serves to battle the evil, hyper advanced and godlike species known as the Xhodocto.

Delpha Coalition of Planets Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon
  • Kardashev scale: III+, Very High Energy civilization.
  • Tier: 1.7
  • Type: Totalitarian government, post-scarcity non-economy, lawful neutral.

The DCP is a powerful Tier 1 civilization, one of the largest and most advanced (and feared!) in the First Gigaquadrant. It has is a post-scarcity society and on its way to postsapience. They are aligned with Lawful neutral, meaning they will do both good and bad things to follow their disciplined path of honour, order and efficiency. The DCP is constantly at war with what it considers as chaos, both inside and out and so is strongly militaristic as a consequence. To maintain social control is has a Totalitarian government, but its people see it as a utopia (government propagander). Unforttunately, in an Entropic universe, order is in a constant movement to chaos, and with an unchanging, immortal ans slightly insane government, the DCP is locked in this state. It has at least 1000 members, but its founders are the warrior race known as the Grimbolsaurians, led by their demigod figure Emperor Wormulus II (yet not really a god). They hail from the Milky Way galaxy, but the DCP has since expanded across nearby galaxies holding over 2.5 million inhabited systems, and at least another 5 million autonomous colonies. The DCP's technology is based on exotic matter and tachyons, enabling them to engineer spacetime in ways of constructing wormholes and limited interuniversal gates. Other technological feats include worldlet-sized megastructures. Most of their power sources are derived from stars and even feeding off the virtual particles released by black holes (see the Interstellar grid).

Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Edit

  • Creator: Um2k9
  • Kardashev scale: III+ Civilization
  • Tier: 1.6
  • Type: Constitutional Monarchy (Legally), Authoritarian Empire

The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, also known as the New Era, the Empire or the Cyrannian Empire is the galactic government of Cyrannus set up in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War, after the reorganization of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the absorption of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Other absorbed factions also include the New Basileus Empire and the Great Corthrinusi Empire.

The United Republic of Cyrannus ended, after years of political instability and turmoil swallowed the galaxy in the form of the Cyrannus War, causing much of its populace to lose faith in the democratic process. The Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon took this to his advantage and used it to achieve his master plan, the complete control of the galaxy and perhaps, the entire gigaquadrant.

Nation of Illum Edit

  • Creator: MushrumKing
  • Kardashev scale: IV Civilization.
  • Tier: 0
  • Type: Theocratic Autocracy

The holy nation of Illum, better known as the Empire of the Core, is a reformed version of the Core Federation. A vast empire that covers the whole multiverse known as Artrus, it has its roots in far deeper history dating back to the beginnings of Reality itself. Its founders, the godly race of theObvia'Atra, are in fact one of the Omnipotent Four whose full potential has been forgotten after millenia of Xhodocto dormancy. They have been major participators in recent events, as a nation of high wealth and power that soon became a major Gigaquadrant nation. With billions of stars under its golden sway and godlike power beyond compare of many, it has become one of the most mighty states of the known omniverse.

Rambo Nation Edit

  • Creator: Dinoman82
  • Kardashev scale: III, Very High Energy civilization.
  • Tier: 2.5
  • Type: Neutral good, Constitutional Monarchy

A brave and noble Nation, founded at 450 BQF by the Rambo Serindia. Throughout there long and complex history the Nation has been involved in many Galactic Evens and expanded greatly by the joining of new species to Rambo Nation. Yet there decline has started since the Second Galactic War, and though they have fully recovered from that war and the wars afterwards, Rambo Nation seems to have fallen under a looming shadow.

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance Rambo Nation became the most influential force in the Quadrant Galaxies. The Nation is a members of the SSA, Onuris Alliance, G8 and the Cyrandia Alliance.

The Divinarium Edit

  • Creator: TheImperios
  • Kardashev scale: III, World Builders.
  • Tier: 2.2
  • Type: Semi-constitutional theocratic monarchy, lawful neutral

The Divinarium is one of the oldest forces of the Gigaquadrant, founded by rodent species known as Radeons but incorporating many other species. Millenia old, the Divinarium was born in the apocalyptic flames of devastation, having been destroyed and ressurected many times, always remaining faithful servants of Spode and the Messengers. Formerly ruling worlds in the darkspace between galaxies, now the Divinarium controls Segmentum Crepusculum in Andromeda Galaxy, being one of the most powerful civilisation here.

Intergalactic Edit

Some of these space-faring powers are as strong as the Great Gigaquadrant nations although they have less political influences or ties.

Cult of the Deathmarch Edit

The New Congregation is a massive religious cult devoted to worshipping the Xhodocto. They are powerful force to be reckoned with, as they have been supplied with technology handed down from the Xhodocto themselves.

Draconid Imperium Edit

  • Creator: Monet47
  • Kardashev scale: III
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Constitutional Monarchy, Lawful Neutral

Ruled over by the haughty Draconis. The Imperium is a large and old territory that has grown to become a significant power of the Andromeda Galaxy since the annihilation. When the Vartekian Empire receded they expanded to claim the now-abandoned regions. The Imperium is characterised by considerable defences and fact that most of its territory consists of vassal states (referred to as protectorates) along with maintaining a tradition of mandatory military service for the Draconis. Because of their conservative expansion their systems boast considerable planetary populations along with having an equally sizeable military.

Familiar to those outside the Imperium is the Inquisition of Drakon: An order of warriors indoctorinated to ensure religious stability is maintained within the galaxy, a policy they have been known to follow without regard of borders and claiming no firm allegience to the Imperial government.

Human Republic Edit

Humans have had an unusual history set in the stars. Their ancient history was both affected by other intelligences, and vise versa, they also set in stone events that would change the universe forever, by accidently awakening a Xhodocto monolith in their prehistory. Not long after, humans advanced after the end of the ice age, creating great cities like Lemuria. But these fell victim to slavers. In order to protect the world for reasons unknown, the First Ones spread them to various other worlds around the Milky Way and beyond, which evolve into various offshoots. The Krassio declared Earth the center of the universe.

Humanity advanced again, eventually reaching the stars and becoming a prominant power in the Milky Way, it was only in the last few decades however, they began to explore another galaxy, the Quadrants. Their main quest is to unite all the scattered fragments that lay spread out in the stars.

Joran Planet Alliance & the Jovar Socialist Republic Edit

  • Creator: Jovar1
  • Kardashev scale: III+
  • Tier: 2
  • Type:
    • JPA- Republic, capitalist, Neutral Good
    • JSR- Oligarchy, socialism, Lawful Neutral

Until recently, the Jovar were one species united under one flag, but they have since split. Despite this both remain highly militerstic nations that are beginning to expand from the Milky Way, with a large fleet of ships under their control. Both remail powerful nations that are well respected. The Jovar themselves, were created by Humanity.

Unified Nation of Ottzello Edit

  • Creator: Technobliterator
  • Kardashev scale: III+
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Totalitarian government, lawful good

An advanced Tier 2 empire, the Unified Nation of Ottzello is the unification of all Ottzelloan races after the Third Ottzello Galactic War. Formerly, the races were bitter enemies, but have grown stronger than ever due to experiences, which also gave them a great bond. The speciality of each member race combined in one empire is what makes UNO so strong. That, and their survivability skills.

Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation Edit

  • Creator: CaptainTybusen
  • Kardashev scale: III+
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Federal democratic republic, Lawful Good

A moderately-sized Tier 2 nation, the TIAF is the political leader of the Bunsen Galaxy and is made up of much smaller member races who cooperate together for the common good. They intend to spread peace throughout the universe, and to end division amongst races, but this ideal has ironically drawn the TIAF into many wars and conflicts. Nevertheless, the TIAF frequently creates diplomatic ties with other nations. The TIAF is renowned for its high standards of living and relative domestic tranquility, and its huge armada is respected by its rivals and allies.

Mercuris Federation Edit

See Mercuris Federation

  • Creator: Bio21
  • Kardashev scale: Type III
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Federal Monarchy, Chaotic Neutral

The Mercuris Federation is a large coalition of empires mostly found in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are an extremely advanced intergalactic alliance of many of the most powerful species in some galaxies. In the aftereffects of the Great Cyrannus War, the Federation, led by the Kkrotids, is preparing for war with their archenemies, the Tanovek Alliance.

Tannovek Alliance Edit

See Tannovek Alliance

  • Creator: Bio21
  • Kardashev scale: Type III
  • Tier: 2.1
  • Type: Militocratic Dictatorship

The Tannovek Alliance is a large collection of species form the Milky Way and Hypramedes galaxies. After being forced out of the Milky by the Mercuris Federation long ago, they have since regained a hold in the outermost reaches of the Perseus Sector in the Milky Way. After a small conflict in the Great Cyrannus war, they are preparing to rise up against the Mercuris Federation, and their leaders, the Ilegans, will stop at nothing to have their revenge on the Kkrotids.

Starmaster Alliance Edit

  • Creator: MasterMachine
  • Kardashev scale: III
  • Tier: 1.7
  • Type: Council System, Lawful Good

The mighty Sporemaster Alliance and Darkstar Alliance were both reunited when the Xhodocto attacked, as the Lost Ones forced all people and creatures they saved into their new alliance, effectivly forming the Starmaster Alliance. While they lost all of their territories, they did manage to save most of their population, as the lost moved fast and few were missed. They have since come to the Milky Way Galaxy and, while no longer truly intergalactic, do plan to become so soon again in their future.

Wentals Edit

  • Creator: MasterMachine
  • Kardashev scale: III
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Dictatorship, Lawful Good

The Wentals were once a peaceful, happy, carefree, and idealistic people. Sadly, they have become a hateful, angry, and vengful people. Over the course of their history they have been repeatedly attacked. Currently they exist in the Andromeda Galaxy, where they have suffered yet another blow and were converted into Mecholife. The process destroyed 72% of their entire existence and 100% of their military power. They are currently in a state of recovery and have become somewhat more peaceful.

Light Sector Alliance Edit

  • Creator: Sporeguy33
  • Kardashev scale:III
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Alliance governed by Senate, Lawful Neutral

The Light Sector Alliance is a union of races from the Light Sector of the Milky Way founded after a devastating conflict with energy beings known from inside a black hole. The original four members of the Alliance were the Elliontic Empire, Generia Republic, Workan Regime and Atrikee Republic. Since its founding, the Alliance has struggled with the powerful Taberon Scabro, a mysterious Lord inhabiting an energy realm known as Corrupt-Space.

United Summit Empire Edit

See Summit Empire

  • Creator: Alex19998282
  • Kardashev Scale: II
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Democracy

The Summit Empire is a democratic race who inhabit the Nova Cluster of the Second Gigaquadrant. They are tier 2 and have access to the New Hope Wormhole that leads to the First Gigaquadrant. They own Galaxy 423 and half of galaxy 34, both found in the Nova cluster.

Galactic Edit

The term galactic does not actually refer a galaxy sized empire, but one that has at least got the capabilities to spread its influence on such a scale with some difficulty. They may even have influences on other galaxies. Msay are high energy consumers - powered by the stars themselves. Others retreat to vast megastructures (which includes many Tier 2 and 1 civilizations as well), to simply bask in the glorious heat of their stars protected by shells.

Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets Edit

The Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets or MSP is an empire of the combined seperatist remnant factions left over from the DCP Civil War. It formed shortly after the Emperor defeated the warlords and Titanozor betrayed Eclipsos. They have been in a state of reocurring wars with the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Salsetthe Republic Edit

An unpredictable and incredibly secretive species (who have a group mind). They have incredibly advanced technology for how long their civilization has existed, due partially to their passion for efficiency, and cake. Not including member nations, the Salsetthe Republic controls more than 800 systems. In order to make an alliance with the Salsetthe, one must join it.

United Lanat Empire Edit

The ULE is a powerful warrior empire, born from war and destruction, its members, the Tralor, are still paranoid and will conquer any other empire they can.

Doriaca Kingdom Edit

The Doriaca Kingdom is a large empire that is located in the Noiisqa Galaxy. The Doriaca once lived in the Milky Way galaxy (They call it the Honal Galaxy) but that was before 'the war' which they don't like to talk about.

United Veatrex Federation Edit

The United Veatrex Federation controls most of Veatrex Arm of the galaxy. It owns about 700 planets in Ramvelkys Galaxy. Founded by the Sylits, it has been rather secluded in recent times.

Zazane Empire Edit

See Zazane

The Zazane Empire's home planet lies in the Ottzello Galaxy. They are a race of tyrants from a past Universe that escaped into this one through an Inter-Universal Leak. The planet they inhabit here is just to replace their old planet, which has been lost in time along with the previous Universe. The Zazane Empire have been involved in many wars, most of which they started, and had ended several because of their advanced technology.

Indoctrinate Collective Edit

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Kardashev scale: II
  • Tier: 2
  • Type: Science-centered monarchy, neutral good.

The Indoctrinate Collective is a Tier 2 civilization from the Milky Way Galaxy. They are a species of friendly scientists who desire to discover the universe and its secrets. For many centuries they have been menaced by their rivals, the Marinox, as well as many other enemies. However, they still live on with their lifes, getting more intelligent as time passes.

Naxodan Theocracy Edit

See The Naxodan Empire

A deeply religious loosely aligned Political entity that is making war upon that isolated Rhea 9 Galaxy.

Stratocracy of Karnagtah Edit

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Kardashev scale: II
  • Tier: 3
  • Type: Military monarchy, lawful evil

The Stratocracy of Karnagtah is a Tier 3 civilization composed of genetically engineered Grox clones created by a zealot empire as a superweapon. They have since enslaved their original creators and established their own empire. Grumpy, short-tempered and aggressive, the Gros are one of the less trustworth races of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are known for humiliating other species by enslaving them, which gave them a bad reptutation across the galaxy.

IGA Edit

An alliance of the forces of the Ibis Galaxy. Designed to deflect invading intergalactic civilisations. Note that they technically have the technology to enter intergalactic space, they simply didn´t realize it existed for hundreds of years.

The Council of Blades Edit

Known for their conservative policies and highly diverse viewpoints, the Council of Blades consists of the entire collective races of the Ko'Sa'Va Galaxy. Led indirectly by the Fordanta, the Council functions to preserve what order and peace they can, both within and without the galaxy. Slow to lend aid to a military campaign, the arrival of the Fordanta is known across the galaxy as a sign that this war will have far-reaching consequences.

United Federation of Species Edit

  • Creater:The Buldier
  • Tier: 3/2
  • Type: Democratic and diplomatic low intergalactic society.

The United Federation of Species, USF, or simply the Federation, is an extra-universal society, expelled of its home universe by an ultraterrestrial relic. Currently, the Federation has colonies in thousands of planets on the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies, making it a powerful empire in the Gigaquadrant. Due the diplomatic relations of the Federation, it has lot of allies, but it has lot of enemies too, most of them, evil empires which want the conquest of the universe.

United Nations of Xerxes IV's Constitution Edit

  • Creater: Dinoctrobob11-
  • Tier: 3
  • Type: Democracy, lead by a three-branch government; Lawful Good
  • Leaders: Enim Codlar

The UNXC is a very influential alliance within the Valdyan Quadrant and governs at least twelve sectors (through extended chains of allied empires). The main species, the Shres, control the UNXC from behind the scenes, using several forms of government to keep order within the colonies. The UNXC's primary project is temporal travel, in order to protect the past as discreetly as possible.

The Eldarisian EmpireEdit

Creator: Knight Alien

  • Tier: 3
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Description: A severely religious and honor based Empire, the Eldarisian's are the founders of the The Religion of Cuth and wish to spread him to others. The Eldarisian's are known to be very distant and mysterious at times. Their actions can be fairly natural or drastic, allying them is not very hard and once they are a ally, they will defend their ally to the sword. But betray them and many years of hate and bitterness will be found.

Uncharted locations Edit

Civilizations that mostly unknown and exist outside known space, or are secluded in regions few have explored. The Vartekian's home galaxy and the Tokzhalan empire would also fit into this category.

Grestipar Edit

A relatively unknown empire beyond the tales of spacers, the Grespitar are said to have created Fiammian energy to replace their forgotten gyronic perceptions.

Neanderthal Empire Edit

The Neanderthals control a small but advanced empire in an unknown region within the Milky Way Halo. Extending 180,000 light years around the spiral arms, it is many times more uncharted that the inner spirals. Life however is far rarer in the region, u to low metallicity. The Neanderthals however, were settled there by the Milky Way's forerunning alien races before their extinction.

With no human competition, the Neanderthals slowly developed civilisations. They were not stupider than humans - in fact they were as if not more intelligent, but the development of social ties was slow. Although as logical as humansm they were less creative. But still, they managed to climb to the stars. Advanced, logical and predatory, they seeked the Earth of legend, which they named Ehorlm. It is then, The Dark Purger discovered them. Dissapointed with Homo sapiens, and unintered in the Homo sapien subspecies and gen-engineered mods that populate the galaxy, TDP led to Thals to Earth...

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