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This page is to establish the mythology, lore and background of the SporeWiki Universe and Spore, so is quite important. This is less based on individual species, and more about intergalactic mythology and background as a whole.

Mythology Edit

Supernatural and Spirituality Edit

Creation of Existence Edit

Almost every culture has its beliefs in what created the universe. Many are religious, others are scientific or philosphical, while some have no care at all. The creation of the universe is still a mystery. The existence of the multiverse, higher dimensions and so on have been proven by advanced civilizations, leading strongly to a natural but random creation, but this is also unproven.

But knowledge of the creation and nature of existence is far harder. The Cephalodians have a belief that existence depends upon their perception, and a strange Cosmospawn lifeform that builds reality. The Xhodocto and the Obvia'Atra believe that reality is just a game of chess, played by two supreme beings; Kamik'Shi and Kkia'Sihm. Various Transapients believe that the entire universe is no more than a computer simulation by overarching AI overlords, or simply a dream altogether. The Delpha Coalition of Planets think that even gods are not truly omnipotent, and that reality in the ominiverse has always existed, and that most universes (save a few) were created by natural means.

Deities Edit

The majority of gods turn out to be no more than myth, but indeed some deities do exist. What their true nature is, or whether are omnipotent or just immortal and extremely powerful is unknown; for example, the Delpha Coalition of Planets believe that they are extradimensional beings themselves, or forces of nature mistaken for gods. Many are marely technologically-advanced civilisations, while others are the result of creatures who have undergone Ascension or Descension.

There are several forces of nature that are god-like in power. There is the One God, a being beyond even deities' comprehension, often associated with "pure Essence", but whether it even exists remains to be discovered. Similar to the One God is the Unseen Entity, which is a completely unknown thing. And then there are "superbrains" and observers, which are less spiritual concepts of gods. If Cosmospawn theory is correct, then even mortal observers can affect the world, and if they join together, then every conscious being in the universe become one "super-entity" (see Wikipedia's article on Boltzmann brain).

Most other godlike entities are grouped together in the group known as the Ultraterrestrials. The majority of these are creatures or consciousnesses of Essence, their creations, or civilisations that have attained high levels of power by their own efforts.

There are also two other lesser-known groups of supernatural beings:

  • The Aerzan created the "Four Synthetic Essences" when they were mortal, and upon Ascension took it upon themselves to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Lone beings, such as Sonhadromerith, which may be divinely-generated thoughtforms.

The Universe Edit

Intergalactic terminology Edit

  • The term empire, in the intergalactic scene, simply means territory.

Ancient races Edit

Ancient technology and relics Edit

  • Uber Turret - It is unknown who designed these defense weapons. It is speculated thet they were built a very long time ago, as they seem to be existent in various galaxies, slowly circulating through trade. They were possibly built to combat the ancient Grox threat, perhaps when they first appeared. Most of the technology is untouched, although Uber turrets in different galaxies vary slightly through tampering. They are powered by a mixture of solar energy and zero-point energy extractors, and appear to be fueled indefinately, have a frictionless surface for extremely fast atmospheric travel and a high powered pulse. While a good method of defense for Tier 5 and 4 empires, more powerful and advanced weapons as well as defenses can easily destroy an Uber turret without relative difficulty, however, they are still a cheap method of defense (depending on the trader, that is). It is unknown if "Uber" was the official name that may have been lost to the ages, or whether its designers had a sense of humour, or it was simply a coincidence.

Lore Edit

This page is also meant to tackle things like what spice is.

Galactic Code Edit

It is unknown why the Galactic Code became a major influence. It is believed to have started as the main laws for a powerful alliance of races. Many races could have joined this alliance. At some point they could have left, but kept the laws. The empires would make new empires follow these laws to avoid the consequences of breaking them. No empire is really bound to the code, but most follow it due to the hate it brings from other empires. Different galaxies have different laws. Common laws include destroying a planet or taking over one and killing all former people.
The Galactic Code is the most powerful law that is still used by empires. The only ones more strict are used by higher beings and do not apply to young races. Breaking the code will often result in a death sentence for the lawbreaker. Many empires such as the Grox will break the code, due to being far more powerful than the orderly empires that follow it.
Despite the lack of influence among some empires, it is one of the only things uniting the galactic community.

Spice Edit

Spice, is valuable biogenic mineral produced from Panspermic organisms that live in the Lithosphere, Asthenosphere and deeper mantle of many worlds (though this structure can vary), some are made of heavy elements and appear like living rock. It is theorised that these organisms were once created by a precursor race billions of years before and have since spread throughout the universe. Long-term survival of these organisms can lead to prolific populations, sometimes changing the geochemical and geophysical processes of planets, even leading to interactions with surface organisms. Such planets have sometimes been called "Gaia worlds", however, they have diversified so much different Spice organisms have evolved different biochemistries, and in some cases spice is very useful and valuable, even to use as spacecraft propulsion fuel. White spice occasionally appears on gas giants.

Galactic Creatures Edit

How creatures like Spoffits were domesticated and brought around the galaxy.

Godspawn Theory Edit

The "Godspawn" (Apalose: "Suhrsegh") Theory, first fully developed by the Girdo Empire, is a biological theory that essentially describes the majority of life in the universe as being "godspawn" (which is a poor translation of the original Apalose term and makes it sound like an insult; "Suhrsegh" more accurately translates as "God's Eggs"). The name "godspawn" comes from the common religious beliefs of all life ultimately being created by a single deity, which was viewed as one possible explanation as to how all life in the universe was so similar.

Godspawn creatures share many physical characteristics, some of which are considered unlikely to occur naturally and independently as often as they do. The most common way of determining whether a creature is godspawn or not is on a microscopic scale. Most carbon-based godspawn have similar cellular structure (usually including a nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, and other organelles, although they vary in appearance and location) and make use of DNA and/or RNA. Even more strangely, there are many non-carbon-based godspawn that have similar structures and nucleic acid-like molecules, although they are based on alternative elements to carbon. Other, large-scale features are also common amongst godspawn life, from the way that tissues are formed and arranged to various details and structures of creatures' external anatomy, all of which are remarkably common across the universe.

One of the key principles of Godspawn Theory is that these features are statistically improbable to have evolved so many times independently, since there are so many other forms of life that are also just as possible. Another anomaly that Godspawn Theory attempts to explain is that life is more common that it should be - although exact figures are only estimates, the minimum suggestions say that three times as many sapient species have evolved than should have naturally occurred, and it should also be noted that godspawn biospheres outnumber "truly alien" (a catch-all term that refers to non-godspawn organisms) biospheres by more than a hundred to one.

The explanation for why godspawn life is so common in the universe is debatable, and no clear answers have emerged. Most scientists believe that they are the result of Ultraterrestrials (or "godraces", hence the theory's name) somehow tampering with nature, either by manipulating events, manipulating probabilities, or seeding the universe with primitive "proto-godspawn" organisms. There are numerous other ideas, but none of them are as popular as the one that gave Godspawn Theory its name.

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