The following outlines Media in the Fiction Universe. Many forms of media exist around the First Gigaquadrant, for entertainment, news or propaganda purposes. Using various universal translators, many forms are cross-galactic or international.


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Travel and HyperspaceEdit

Media waves typically travel around the universe at FTL speeds using hyperspace. Waves are sent through hyperspace where they are interpreted by receptors, which allow the travel of text, images and sounds to be picked up. In many cases, this allows media to travel across galaxies, though it is sometimes limited.

Of course, in many cases, local media is travelled through different means. While the most common and generally accepted intergalactic forms of media travel through hyperspace signals, local media can often opt to send its own signals around alternative ways. For instance, in the Borealis Galaxy, media signals are often transferred using the Grid, and in other galaxies, tiny wormholes are used to transfer data. In some cases, these local media outlets opt not to receive intergalactic signals, though this is not always true. While in Cyrannus, both the Imperial and Republic-aligned segments of the HoloDomain are not connected to this universe's space time and as such, it can be accessed from any location at any time.

Visuals and SoundsEdit

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Cyrandian OrganisationsEdit

Imperial HoloDomain News
Imperial HoloDomain News

Affiliation: ImperialFlag Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Parent Organisation: Imperial Ministry of Information

Subsidiaries: Imperial Media Corps

Primary Roles: News service (Propaganda?)

Headquarters: ImperialFlag Orbispira

Areas Served: Gigaquadrant-wide, particularly Cyrannus, the Quadrants and Andromeda

Imperial HoloDomain News! Reporting the news that matters to you!

Imperial HoloDomain News is the premier news agency of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, providing Imperial citizens with information regarding recent events through the omnipresent Imperial Holodomain, a vast network containing a near omniscient connection of information, which functions as the primary provider of news of recent events and entertainment to Imperial citizens. The HoloDomain is not connected to this universe's space time and as such, it can be accessed from any location at any time. However, under the Empire, the HoloDemain has been the subject of invasive surveillance and censorship.

This has resulted in the once independent HoloDomain News organisation falling under the control of the Imperial government and specifically a Minister of Information, who ensures that nothing is reported that could potentially damage Imperial interests. Nevertheless, compared to the official agencies of other autocratic regimes, IHN is not often harsh in its censorship fully aware of the dangers of infringing on the all-important principles of freedom and freedom of thought, ideals strongly espoused by most Cyrannian races. Rather, IHN generally reports the news in a non biased fashion, so long as the Empire is made to look good.

Further Information
  • Sister Organisations: IHN Cyrandia · IHN Xonexi · IHN Ikiwa Eropsii
  • Key People: Imperial Minister of Information

  • The font used in the IHN official image is Aurebesh, originating from the Star Wars franchise.

Republica News
Republica News

Affiliation: NewRepublicNew Cyrannian Republic

Parent Organisation: None; Semi-State Company

Subsidiaries: RN HoloDomain

Primary Roles: News Service

Headquarters: NewRepublic Coruantor

Areas Served: Gigaquadrant-wide, particularly Cyrannus and empires allied to the Mou'Cyran Accords

Before you make up your mind, open it.

Republica News is a semi-state owned news organisation distributed throughout the First Gigaquadrant, noted for being an impartial and informative distributor of recent events even if they paint the New Republic in a less than positive light. Centred on Mou'Cyran, Republica News can be found on the far less intrusive HoloDomain upheld by the New Republic and can often be seen advertised in states which enjoy favourable political and cultural relations with the New Republic, particularly those who signed the Mou'Cyran Accords. Republica News has a major impact on cultural and political thinking in the Republic and beyond and is known for espousing generally progressive viewpoints.

Further Information
  • Sister Organisations: RN Cyrandia · RN Xonexi · RN Ikiwa Eropsii

  • The planet seen in the logo of Republica News is Mou'Cyran, though the organisation itself is headquartered on Coruantor.

Quadrantia HoloNet
Quadrantia HoloNet

Affiliation: Flag Rambo NationRambo Nation

Parent Organisation: 'MataKoro Digital Corporation'

Subsidiaries: none

Primary Roles: Digital and Interactive Platform
News Service

Headquarters: Flag Rambo Nation Matakoro

Areas Served: Gigaquadrant-wide, Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy centered
widely accessible

Quadrantia HoloNet! Your source for television, music, games, news, internet and more!

Quadrantia HoloNet the main HoloNet source throughout the Quadrant Galaxies. As an initiative from the Noble Alliance, the HoloNet was launched around 227 BQF, shorlty after its founding. With one goal, to bring closer and unite the various races within the Quadrant Galaxies, sattelite arrays were constructed around the Quadrants, allowing empires and nations to use the network its channels, but also request their own for it. Its headquarters at Matakoro, the Quadrantia HoloNet was given its own unique logo, became a corporate in hands of Rambo Nation, though representatives of various empires and nations often travel to Matakoro to ensure or expand their local channels and networks.

Military organizations like Rambo Command were forbidden to use the network as an intelligence source, forcing the Corporation to make certain channels and networks private to the designated empires and nations only. Internet pages ending with the .QHN are Quadrantia wide and are accessible by anyone with an open QHoloNet connection.

Over the years, the QHoloNet became the main source of entertainment for the Quadrants, with television channels, internet, communication channels, music hitlists, movie channels, download channels etc.

Further Information
  • Main Branches:: Quadrantia Movie Channels
    Quadrantia Music Hitlist
    Quadrantic Entertainment Center
    Quadrantic Internet
    Quadrantic News Channel
  • Key People: Not yet revealed

  • The Logo was made in the sporepedia

The Observer
The Observer
The Observer

Affiliation: None

Parent Organisation: Independent

Subsidiaries: Independent

Primary Roles: News service
Conspiracy theories

Headquarters: Asgord Head Zime'enes

Areas Served: Gigaquadrant-wide

A coincidence? We think not.

One of the more scandalous media agencies in the Gigaquadrant is the Observer, a Kraw Galaxy-based independent Holonet channel run by media mogul Alo'emonraz. Allegedly a simple media outlet without political allegiances, the Observer posits itself as the "unbiased" view of Gigaquadrantic politics, not warped by political squabblings and propaganda of greater nations. In practice, however, it is a sensationalist channel that offers "shocking revelations" on a daily basis, including conspiracy theories, historical revisionism, dramatic political debates and predictions of future wars - all spiced by the eroticism of the channel's famously attractive hosts, hired from all over the Gigaquadrant. Among its bolder "revelations" were "uncovering" an alleged scandal in Alexandre I's family, "revealing" Emperor Tyromairon's "close connections" with Apollo, and claiming that Humanity actually developed not on Earth but on Paris and that its planetary and early interstellar history were forgeries created by the Orion League to hide the truth.

The wide variety of news and viewpoints provided by the Observer, coupled with Alo'emonraz's own magnetic personality and the occasional good holodrama, mean that the channel's viewers are extremely diverse - from fringe political groups who use the channel's conspiracy theories to validate their own positions to old women looking for thrill and entertainment in stories. It is considered to be a faux pas, however, to reveal in public that one watches it, for obvious reasons. Though most of the Gigaquadrant's elites as well as other global news agencies loathe the Observer and would like to have it closed, its financial independence and location in a relative backwater of the known universe makes it difficult. Besides, few would dare to see the place where it is filmed.

There have been theories, made by the channel's watchers, no less, that the Observer actually follows some secret sinister agenda, having formed public opinion and stirred conflict subtly throughout the years, and that its owner is no mere media mogul looking for profit, but something more. Once Alo'emonraz became aware of this theory, he promptly filmed a story about it, giving no less than ten possible hypotheses about who he really is. None are true, of course.

Further Information
  • Key People: Chairman Alo'emonraz Ipevreia

  • The Observer is based on several real-life channels and websites, which the author would not like to mention.

Xonexi Organizations Edit

L'Hypernaute logo

Affiliation: Flag of France French Republic

Parent Organisation: Dasol Co.; Private Company

Subsidiaries: None

Primary Roles: Digital/interactive News Service

Headquarters: Flag of France Gray

Areas Served: Milky Way, Andromeda, Bunsen, the Quadrants, widely accessible

  • The name "Hypernaute" is a play off of the French term "internaute" which refers to a resident of the world-wide-web.

Opinion, News, Debate.

L'Hypernaute is a rising news giant owned by French billionaire Josephine Dasol, known for its innovative approaches to digital journalism. Founded in 2796, the organization benefited greatly from the resources and technology of its parent, Dasol Co., the leading developer and distributor of French holosuites. Through synthesis between technology and journalism, L'Hypernaute pioneered a number of different forms of delivering news and information interactively, going as far in some programs as to place the viewer in the heart of the action in order to make a point.

In many cases, the resulting media is not only informative, but entertaining to the viewer. In particular, L'Hypernaute cultivated a reputation for explaining complex political, economic, and social problems in the news in a concise and impartial way, drawing a large audience of tech-savvy and politically aware young people throughout Xonexi.

The organization has not made profit since 2797, instead reinvesting all of its available funds into growing the company and its stock, thus satisfying investors. L'Hypernaute has even been allowed to bring in negative income on several occasions with substantial help from its parent corporation on the basis that quality journalism is a civil service rather than a for-profit institution. Billions of online contributors have responded positively to a number of online fundraising campaigns, showing their willingness to pay to keep the service afloat.

By 2803, the organization is not tied to any particular nation or political position, possessing different outlets, departments, and press corps in several galaxies, reporting local as well as intergalactic news in hundreds of languages. However, it has been observed that L'Hypernaute tends to adopt the more liberal views of its audience and the younger generation that works there. Furthermore, it also serves as a gateway into French media, introducing many foreigners to French ideas and culture.

Further Information
  • Sister Organisations: · hypernaute.avn · hypernaute.QHN · hypernaute.dro

Republican Communications
Republican Communications
Republican Communications white logo

Affiliation: Algolurn Popular Republic Algolurn Popular Republic

Parent Organisation: Department Social Affairs of the Popular Republic

Subsidiaries: APR government

Primary Roles: Digital Platform/News Service

Headquarters: Algolurn Popular Republic Kevalve

Areas Served: Milky Way, Andromeda colonies, Bunsen (on demand), accessible through multiple medias.

Republican Communications designates the governmental news network service of the republic.

The mediatic tradition within the APR is quite different from those of more liberal empires. While in these democracies, news agencies are expected to be critics of the institutions, especially the government, it is a bit different in the Popular Republic. Republican Communication's reporters are focusing on descriptive news rather than opinions, debates and critics. Foreign liberal thinkers emitted their fear for this situation, arguing that the lack of critics toward the government might be attributed to censor.

Despite this, Republican Communications is considered a good reliable source of information, in peacetime at least. The organizations constantly releases new scientific breakthrough, new galactic-wide engineering achievements, trustful economic analysis (within and without the Republic) widely accessible, governmental decisions and actions, reliable war coverage Gigaquadrant-wide (when the Popular Republic isn't implicated) and many other services.

Republican Communications is available pretty much everywhere with an antenna in the APR territory. RepCom maintain agents in every major cities of the APR, but also in foreign empire capitals and most highly developed planets. Although this is normally very costly to maintain such a extended network, RepCom benefit of the vast ressources of the Algolurn government supporting it. Republican Communication is also freely accessible in pretty much all interactive networks like the holonet and translation is universal.

Further Information
  • Sister Organisations: ...

Sovereign Media Network
Sovereign Media Network

Affiliation: Nomataremblem Nomatari Sovereignty

Parent Organisation: ...

Subsidiaries: NS government

Primary Roles: Digital Platform/News Service/Multimedia Distribution

Headquarters: Nomataremblem Erdings

Areas Served: Andromeda, accessible through multiple medias.

Sovereign Media Network is a large government-owned multimedia distribution organization based in Nomatari Sovereignty, designated to convey news coverage and entertainment to the Sovereign citizens and viewers, mainly to raise the morale, education and influence among its viewers.

SMN offers a wide range of news channels and entertainment channels from many different countries and other international services, though on regulations from the government; some content are considered as enemy propaganda and therefore is censored, for its viewers. Functioning both as an outlet of domestic multimedia and a controlled second-party node for non-domestic multimedia. The news sources usually only address political, domestic and other noteworthy events and information. Such as scientific breakthroughs, achievements by other nations and itself, credible news such as coverage on non-domestic and Giga-quadrantic politics that shed good light, mainly good news, specially during peacetime. Otherwise it will always at first hand address war events and progression, then continue to more peaceful news to a little extent, with the exception of an third channel that does the opposite; spending little time on more briefer war coverage and then centres on non-war-related news for rest of its airing time.

SMN isn't restricted to distribute to their own designated territory, it is also one of the major sources of multimedia material from the Umbra segmentum of Andromeda to other multimedia organizations, networks and channels. The selection of available material is limited to be unique; Sovereign entertainment, domestic and foreign news and dubbed material, mainly untouched by government regulations to raise credibility. Secondly, as a gesture of respecting others and gaining approval from others, the selection excludes offensive material and propaganda, if it has any.

Further Information
  • News Channels:
    • SNC-1: Sovereign News Channel One, SMN's major news outlet, available for other media outlets
    • SNC-2: Same as SNC-1, but more focused on domestic matters
    • SPN: Sovereign Pacifist News, addresses less war coverage, available for other media outlets

The Pan-Gigaquadrantic Philosophical Society


Parent Organisation:None


Primary Roles:Academic Publisher

Headquarters:Several Universities

Areas Served:Pan-Gigaquadrantic

For the promotion of the cosmic dialog of ideas.

The Pan-Gigaquadrantic Philosophical Society is an archive and distribution network for academic literature all across the gigaquadrant. It focuses primarily on philosophy, as opposed to science. It is an easily accessible database meant to allow anyone to access ideas about ethics, metaphysics and the like.

It was originally founded to help promote the discussion of ideas between schools of thought which would otherwise be unable to communicate with one another due to separation in time and space. It does not directly judge the quality or content of the articles it provides access to. It trusts the original publishers of the material to have made an accurate judgement about its quality. This has caused some controversy, as it means that they have made more accessible materials which constitute hate speech or apologize for various sapient rights violations. However, not only does the society defend itself on the grounds of open academic freedom, but it also points out that it would be impossible for its relatively small staff to sift through all of its materials before archiving them.

The Society does not produce or publish any original work. All of its materials were originally published elsewhere, in journals judged by the Society to be suitably academic. This does not only include peer reviewed publications, but also editorials and periodicals, so long as they are from academic sources.

Further Information
  • Sister Organisations: None


Speckle Audo-Viscorp

Affiliation: BSRB Flag.png BSRB Imperial Republic
Parent Organisation: Private Corporation
Subsidaries: BSRB Government Speckle Auso-Viscorp is a heavily government-funded Broadcasting corporation that broadcasts shows run by Private Citizens and spreads news stories from both private citizens and the government.

SAV offers viewers plenty of diverse programs to choose from, and covers both national and local news.

Being funded in large part by the government, SAV is sometimes considered a puppet organisation used to distract the populous, but any solid evidence has yet to be seen.

Primary Roles: Broadcaster/News Service Further Information
  • Channels:

SPOL: Politics, Political discussion, and Political news.

SFOO: Cooking, food review, basically food network.

SDRA: Dramas, Serious Movies, Sagas, Soap Operas.

SCOM: Comedy Channel, featuring all sorts of comedy from high-brow humour to Jackass on diarrhea-soaked crack.

SLOC: Local news

SNAT: National News, sometimes will interrupt other channels if neccesary.

SMIL: Gun-shows, Military demonstrations, arms review

SHOL: Wholesome movies and shows, sometimes based on a true story.

STUB: User shared stories, upload your own.

Headquarters: Speckalia
Areas Served: Milky Way/Mirus Galaxies



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