This is the back-story of the fictional universe. To those new to the universe, it is essential that you read them; this is also true for experienced members. See also Ghelæ's Guide to Stuff for some more general information that isn't specific to the SporeWiki universe.

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Universe and the Supernatural Edit

  • Essence - The "supernatural" things on the Wiki.
  • Hyperspace - An in-depth look at hyperspace and hyperspatial technology.
  • Time - How time works for the Wiki's Universe. Contributors: Technobliterator (creator), Ghelae, TimeMaster, Wormulon
  • One God - A force of pure omnipotence, often believed to be pure Essence.
  • Spode
  • Cosmopawn life - A less supernatural and more philosophical approach to the universe. Life springs the universe into existence. Based on Biocentrism.

History Edit

Lore Edit

Other Edit

  • Warfare - A basic introduction into warfare in Sporewiki, and military strategy in general. This page will provide you with the means to conduct wars at any scale on this wiki.
  • Statistics - Optional system to measure character strength.
  • Media - Media around the universe.
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