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Chapter 4 shall explain time from 1,000 years ago to the War of Ages.

Milky Way[]

The Dracogonarious created their empire around 920 years ago. Their empire would expand and become a notable nation in the Milky Way. At the same time, around 615 years ago, the Marinox were created and caused massive destruction around the galaxy, until they were finally defeated in the Battle for Planet Kaizox.

Humanity began to colonize the stars around 800 years ago.

The Delpha Coalition of Planets was formed by the Grimbolsaurian. Made up of several powerful civilizations in the Delpha Sector, the Delpha Coalition sought to create peace not through diplomacy, but through war. This civilization would become one of (if not the) most powerful civilizations in the Gigaquadrant.

Around 430 years ago, the Jovar Empire was formed. A race of human-created beings, the Jovar Empire had no arms, yet had developed a powerful nation.

The Drodo Empire forms about 200 years ago, when the first Drodo starship, the Explorer, is launched. It only ever revealed itself to the rest of the galaxy, however, about 10 years ago.

Girdo Galaxy[]

The Girdo Galactic War ended due to the formation of "the Empire" over 100 years ago. It renamed itself to be the "Empire of the Girdo Galaxy", otherwise known as the Girdo Empire, after conquering every other race in their galaxy (including its native Grox) 80 years later, and then developing intergalactic travel another 20 years afterwards.

Kraw Galaxy[]

The Kraw themselves reached the space stage 400 years ago. The Tahar did around 280 years ago, the Iteok 10 years later and, finally, the Asgord reached the space stage around 250 years ago.


The Capricorn Sector Alliance was formed around 49 years ago, and reformed into the United Republic of Cyrannus 39 years later.


The Mercuris Federation formed around 650 years ago.

War of Ages[]

But it was this time when the War of Ages occurred, a war that would be catastrophic to the entire universe.