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Chapter 3 shall explain the time from 1.47 billion years to 1,000 years ago.

100 mya - 100 kya Edit

  • "First Ones" - unknown, presumably post-Scourge
  • The Cognatus - 80 million years ago
  • Vartekian Empire - 2 million years ago
    • Over the next million years, the Vartekians conquer most of their home Andromeda Galaxy along with the nearby Bodes Galaxy, defeating the colonies of the Grox Empire within both galaxies.
  • Gablinus-Avis - 1 million years ago

100 kya - 1 kya Edit

  • The Great Temoin Empire are believed to have become extinct. - 100,000 years ago.
  • Shka'Tun Imperium - c. 50,030 years ago
  • The Pyrían Republic is formed in Cyrannus. - 43,500 years ago.
  • Nagith Empire is formed. - 39,000 years ago.
  • Coalition of Balit - 34,000
  • 25,000-20,000: Major universal events relating to Earth occur.
    • 25,000: An unknown civilisation saves the nearly-extinct Neanderthals and and transplants them onto another planet in the galactic halo of the Milky Way Galaxy.
    • c. 20,965: The Kei'Un tribe accidentally awakens the Xhodocto.
    • 20,000: One technological Neanderthal-derived nation, the Dalek Empire, subjects itself to several genetic and cybernetic modifications and soon starts a galactic war against the Milky Way branch of the Grox Empire.
  • Youburt - 12,500
  • Kazaru - 8,000
  • "Grand Galactic Fleet" in the Girdo Galaxy - 7,000-6,500
    • The Fleet are destroyed in a half-millennium-long war against the galaxy's Grox, which leaves the galaxy devoid of non-Grox spacefaring civilisations (and records of the Fleet besides a few derelict ships and ruined cities).
  • 5500: The Grox-Dalek war in the Milky Way ends unexpectedly, resulting in both empires owning only a few hundred systems each.
  • 5000: The Loron Empire rises at this point. While the Loron officially reach the space stage 5,000 years ago, they spend too much of it trying to figure out where the landing button is, so no Loron astronauts make it anywhere. Da Geekz and Da Chikz later help the Loron to achieve the great height of finding the shower room, which makes the Loron confident enough to read the instructions. This is a giant leap in Loron history.
  • Corgel Kingdom - 5,000
  • Confederation of Andromeda (founded by much older Vartekian Empire) - 4,000
  • Bearians - 3,000
  • Twelve Colonies become spacefaring. - 1824 years ago.
  • Fordanta - 2,000