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This Chapter 2 shall explain the time from 13.8 to 1.48 billion years ago.

Universe' Creation Edit

  • 13.8 billion years ago

The universe came into being at this point. There are many theories on how exactly this occured, including the Big Bang Theory, several alien theories, and the theory that the Obvia'Atra were behind the universe' creation. There are even theories that connect other ideas together, such a the Obvia'Atra causing the Big Bang, but no definite story of the universe's creation is known.

Vida'Rra Edit

  • 11 billion years ago

The ancestors Vida'Rra, the first lifeforms to evolve in this universe, appeared. Over the next three billion years, the Vida'Rra themselves eventually evolved. Their history is shrowded in mystery, and it is unknown if they were related to the Omnipotent Four, besides the fact there are hints they may have worshipped the Vi'Navitum.

  • 9 billion years ago

The First War of Black Fog occurred. In this war, Shu'rimrodir attacked the universe. Shu'rimrodir tried to ascend to a high level of power and consume reality, but Rhigeo Fuerq defeated him. Rhiego transformed all living Vida'Rra into Rainbow Snakes. Shu'rimrodir was imprisoned in the Realm of Dreams, while Rainbow Snakes distributed themselves around the universe, taking the forms of many creatures.

Deities Edit

Powerful entities, such as the Rambo Gods, began creating there own galaxies and Planes of Existence and filled them with life of their own creation. Soon, the First Gigaquadrant was inhabited. The entities were not always aware of each other or just left each other and their creations alone.

Other civilizations Edit

There were several other civilizations that arose across the whole of reality at this point. Across a very distant part of the universe to what would become the First Gigaquadrant, other races such as the Catharsis formed, as well as the Grox Empire. These civilizations conquered weaker empires and colonised many galaxies, growing to high states of power, but were periodically weakened by the Xhodocto in the "Scourges". Many other civilisations were presumably destroyed in these Scourges without leaving a trace, a pattern that continued until the defeat of the Xhodocto in the War of the Ancients.

War of the AncientsEdit

  • Approx. 5.5 billion years ago

In another realm created specifically for combat, the Xhodocto clashed with the Vyro'Narza & Vi'Navitum. Fighting on their lowest possible state of power, they tore each other apart, untl the Xhodocto reached a state of absolution. When the Vi'Navitum reached this too, the war was even. Eventually, Verezuon sealed Kamik'Shi and the Xhodocto away, but sacrificed himself and much of the Verezaph in the progress. Th Taldar also faked to mortals their extinction, while they secretly recovered.