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Chapter 1 will discuss The Beginning (eternity - 13.8 billion BCE). These events

The Game of Existence Theory Edit

Some believe that two powerful Gods, Kamik'Shi and Kkia'Sihm, made a dangerous game known as the Game of Existence, which would decide the fate of their creations - the Xhodocto (Xhodocto) and the Obvia'Atra (Ravenrii) respectively. However, they believe that the game grew larger, when the Vyro'Narza and Vi'Navitum joined, on the side of Kkia'Sihm. This Game, what appeared to the universe as a 'war', would eventually pull in the entire omniverse.

However, the believers of this theory say that there are certain rules on this game. The Box, which simulated reality itself (along with the 4 godraces), had set many limits on the Game. Kamik'Shi was more obsessed with bypassing The Box's rules than actually winning the game. He would not do this, however, for dozens and dozens of billions of years.

Omnipotent 4 Edit

The theory later tells of the creation of the Omnipotent Four races, which was at a time that cannot even be accounted for. The Vyro'Narza were an accident, however. In one time, they were just 3D mortals who could travel in time, but they were overzealous in their usage, and thus, managed to weaken time which the Xhodocto destroyed. So Vyro'Nazdea recreated Time, and created the Vyro'Narza at the very beginning of the omniverse. Each godrace was in charge of a different thing; the Ayrai'shikua in charge of Chaos, the Vyro'Narza in charge of Time, the Vi'Navitum in charge of Life, and the Obvia'Atra in charge of creation.

Four of the five deities - Kamik'Shi, Kkia'Sihm, Vyro'Nazdea and Vi'Naherza - had their own 'godrace', but Kraitoss worked alone.

Independent deities Edit

Before the current universe, some believe that there were other universes. Beings such as the Ultraterrestrials, often thought of as deities, are often alleged to come from such a pre-universe. Many members of the later Starmaster Alliance, including the Omega, and the Lost Ones, have also claimed to have lived in universes before this one. The Junction also arose, became masters of science, and grew to a state in which they controlled a vast interdimensional empire.